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    Aircraft Access Stands, MRO Tools, Logistics Services and Intralogistics Equipment

  • MariMils

    Passenger Guidance Systems

  • Marlborough

    Global Executive Search for the Air Transport Sector

  • Materna IPS

    Self-Service, Check-In, Bag Drop, Access and Biometrics Solutions for the Airport Industry

  • MCE

    Aviation Dangerous-Goods Services and Fluid-Management Systems

  • MCM Engineering

    400Hz Ground Support Equipment and Power Systems

  • Megadoor

    Vertical Lifting Fabric Doors for Hangars

  • Mekon Paneel

    Aircraft Hangar Doors

  • MEP

    Voice Communication Systems for Air Traffic Controllers

  • MetraTech

    Billing, Commerce and Settlement Solutions Provider

  • Mexia Interactive

    Passenger Analytics and Reporting Platforms

  • Microsoft Azure

    Cloud Solutions


    A Full Range of PRM Intercoms

  • Mobatime

    Time Systems, Clocks and Time Reference

  • Moderniek

    ULD Automatic Unloading and Transport Systems

  • Moog

    Runway Hazard Management System for Automatic FOD Detection and Enhanced Wildlife Control

  • MorphoTrak

    Biometric Identification Technology for Airport Security

  • Motive Learning

    Online Training and Learning Management for the Aviation Industry

  • Motorola Solutions

    Mobile Communications and Wireless Systems for the Air Transport Industry

  • Motorola Solutions

    White Papers

  • Moventor

    Friction Measurement Systems and Global Runway Reporter Software for Airports

  • Movexx

    Electronic Pulling Aids for Airports




  • PALSupport

    Veristore Record and Replay Solutions for Air Traffic Control

  • Panasonic Business Systems

    Ruggedised Laptops and Tablets for the Aviation Industry

  • Parabit Systems

    Self-Service Information and Security Solutions

  • Parsons

    Aviation IT and Security Services

  • Parsons

    Baggage Handling and Cargo Security

  • Phoenix Agritech

    Pest and Predator Deterrent Equipment for Airports

  • Phoenix Recording Systems

    Voice, Data, and Screen Recording Solutions for Air Traffic Control (ATC)

  • Piller Power Systems

    Energy Conditioning, Power Supply and Frequency Conversion Systems for the Airline Industry

  • Plan Safe

    World-Class Safety Systems, Assurance and Training for Air Traffic Management

  • Plantronics

    Aviation and ATC Audio Devices and Headsets

  • Point FWD

    Aviation Security Advisory and Data Handling Services

  • Portec

    Baggage and Cargo Handling Systems

  • PosiCharge

    Chargers for Electric Ground Support Equipment

  • Power Stow

    Semi-Automatic Loading / Offloading Solutions for Baggage and Cargo Handling Applications

  • Power Systems International

    400Hz (GSE) Frequency Converter Ground Power Units, 50Hz to 60Hz Converters, DC Helicopter Engine Starting and Battery Chargers, Industrial UPS Systems, Aircraft Power Connectors, Cables and Stowage Systems

  • Proxim Wireless

    Indoor and Outdoor Wireless Technology Solutions


  • Qmatic

    Customer Flow Management Queuing Systems for the Airline Industry

  • Quadratica

    Security X-Ray Image Recognition Training

  • QuinTech

    Hassle-Free Baggage Handling Systems

  • Quintiq

    Aviation Resource Planning and Optimization


  • Rapiscan Systems

    Aviation Security Inspection Systems

  • Red Box

    Ground Support Equipment: Portable Ground Power Equipment, Aircraft Moving Equipment and Inspection Camera Systems

  • Redline Communications

    Wireless Broadband Systems for Airport Security

  • Reflex-Rol

    Anti-Glare Roller Blinds

  • Robson

    Baggage-Handling Conveyor and Sortation Systems

  • Roehsler

    Apron and Runway Cleaning, Paint Markings and Rubber Removal

  • Roger Wilde

    Glass Flooring, Walling and Panelling

  • Rostek

    Access Systems for Window Cleaning and Building Maintenance of Airports

  • Rubb Group

    Fabric Aircraft Hangars and Ground Support Buildings for Airports

  • Rucker Equipamentos Industriais

    Ground Support Equipment, Aircraft Refuellers and Terminal Tractors for Airports





  • Vaculex AB

    Vacuum Baggage Lifters and Vacuum Baggage-Handling Lifters

  • VALIS Engineering

    Jet Blast Deflection and Noise Reduction Solutions for Airports

  • Vanderlande

    Airport Check-In Equipment, Baggage Sorting Systems and Hold Baggage Screening

  • Vantage Technology

    Explosionproof Aircraft Hangar Ground Support Plugs, Receptacles and Cable Assemblies

  • Velcon Filters

    Fuel Filters and Separators

  • Vemco Group

    Retail Analytics Software

  • Veovo

    Airport Operational Management Systems

  • vias

    Real-Time Airport Communication Software

  • ViaTech

    Continuous Friction Measuring Equipment for Airports

  • Viessmann

    Airfield Cooling Dollies

  • ViewTag

    Lightweight Electronic Luggage Tags

  • Vindotco

    Runway Rubber Removal and White Line Cleaning by Rubberaser

  • Visiontron

    Crowd Management and Signage Solutions for Airports

  • Vitra International

    Airport Seating Systems

  • Vitrociset

    Flight-Assistance, Turnkey, Communication and Simulation Systems for the Airport Industry

  • VOLKgse

    Diesel, Electric and Hybrid Tow Tractors for Baggage and Cargo Handling


  • Wanzl

    Passenger Handling Services for the Airport Industry

  • WEY Technology

    KVM Products and Solutions for Airport Control Rooms

  • Wipro

    Software Solutions and IT Consulting

  • Workday

    Enterprise Cloud Applications



    Airport Operational Systems and Integration