Lufthansa Systems provides consulting and IT services for selected industries and has a leading position in the global aviation industry. The wholly-owned subsidiary of the Lufthansa Group employs about 3,000 people and has offices in Germany and 16 other countries. The company’s presence in international target markets enables it to respond quickly and be very close to its customers.

The comprehensive portfolio of Lufthansa Systems covers the entire range of IT services. It includes consulting, development and implementation of customized industry solutions as well as the operation of applications in the company’s own data centers. Lufthansa Systems’ products and services provide added value for its customers in terms of enhanced efficiency, reduced costs or increased profits.

Based on long-term project experience, a deep understanding of complex business processes and strong technological know-how, Lufthansa Systems continuously expands its service offering across many industries. Companies from a wide variety of sectors such as aviation, transport and logistics, industry, media and publishing, energy, healthcare and tourism rely on the expertise of Lufthansa Systems.

Platform solutions for all airline business processes

Lufthansa Systems offers airlines a unique range of products which cover all of an airline’s business processes, including passenger and cargo management, flight operations and aircraft maintenance. The company not only develops individual applications but also provides airlines with integrated platform solutions which optimize their core processes. Its portfolio is focused on meeting the specific requirements of different airline business models. Network airlines, regional airlines and low-cost carriers all benefit from solutions which are customized to their individual needs.

The platforms combine applications into a seamless solution and place information within the context of a particular business process. With this strategy, Lufthansa Systems has a leading role in the airline IT market. Due to the platforms’ modular design, their functionality can be customized to suit each airline’s individual requirements. All modules connect seamlessly with each other, while a standard user interface and a high level of standardization enhance usability and productivity.

Professional services for customized solutions

The portfolio includes consulting, the development and implementation of individual applications or the company’s own industry solutions, the customization of industry-specific software as well as the management of routine application operations. The specialists of Lufthansa Systems draw on many years of project experience, in-depth technology expertise, profound industry knowledge and a wealth of experience in the analysis of complex business processes. This enables them to help customers optimize their processes and IT landscapes by employing tailor-made solutions designed to make them more efficient.

As a certified SAP partner, Lufthansa Systems covers the full range of services from the design, customization, implementation and consolidation to the maintenance of SAP solutions. When it comes to complex consolidation projects, many companies rely on Lufthansa Systems’ know-how to ensure the efficient and reliable migration of their sensitive, business critical data. As trust plays such an important role in IT projects, Lufthansa Systems enjoys a very close working relationship with many of its customers, which often goes back many years.

Infrastructure services for state-of-the-art IT systems

Lufthansa Systems’ Infrastructure Services offer innovative solutions that improve the mobility, flexibility, reliability and security of IT while at the same time reducing costs. These solutions include virtualized IT workspace models, where systems and data are hosted and processed securely in our high availability data center. Staff can access corporate data and applications from anywhere, at any time, on any device. IT systems are much easier to integrate in the event of mergers or takeovers or when new office locations are added. The hardware can be taken over and specific applications can be virtualized and made available via central data center architectures along with the standard software. This kind of solution enables companies to substantially reduce the cost of their hardware, licenses, development, operations and maintenance.

Lufthansa Systems operates a worldwide high-performance data center network with data centers in Kelsterbach near Frankfurt as well as in London, Dallas and Singapore. The Kelsterbach data center is one of the most modern of its kind in Europe. Lufthansa Systems thus offers customers a seamless infrastructure portfolio carefully tailored to suit the needs of their respective industry. The portfolio includes the global provision of high performance networks, Application Service Providing (ASP), cloud computing solutions and IT outsourcing. Companies from other sectors benefit from the high standards of quality, availability and data security that Lufthansa Systems applies to its work with the aviation industry.

Enhanced flexibility and mobility for companies and their customers

In all business sectors addressed by Lufthansa Systems, mobile technologies such as smartphones and tablet PCs are changing business processes and opening up new opportunities. Lufthansa Systems benefits itself from using these kinds of modern technologies and innovations. More importantly, the company helps its customers spot important technological trends early and shows them how to leverage them to the advantage of their own businesses. A case in point is the wireless in-flight entertainment solution, BoardConnect. It streams movies, music, games and other content wirelessly to passengers’ mobile devices or to wireless in-seat screens. Airlines can thus considerably reduce their installation, maintenance and fuel costs. In line with its claim "IT that makes your life easier," Lufthansa Systems also offers IT solutions in the form of apps to enhance customers’ flexibility and mobility.