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Travel Protection Solutions for Prams, Wheelchairs and Sports Equipment


Airshells specialises in protective solutions for passengers baggage items during air travel. Solutions are rugged and provide highly effective content protection, as well as being relatively lightweight and easily manageable.

Baggage protection for air passengers

Airshells is a leading innovator of high-quality and affordable baggage protection solutions, and the world’s only provider of in-airport rental solution to protect oversized luggage items.

The company has developed hundreds of protective bag prototypes to continuously improve the protection and convenience for customers. This is achieved by reducing the item’s weight and facilitating its storage.

Airshells provides solutions for a wide variety of items, including:

Airshells supplies baggage protection solutions for airport passengers.
The company’s safety bags are designed to be lightweight and easy to use.
Airshells’ bags accompany prams and umbrella-type strollers.
The firm’s solutions protect a wide range of sports equipment such as skis and golf clubs.
Airshell’s ski bags accommodate one or two sets of skiis and are length-adjustable.
Baby car seats can be carried in Airshells’ protective backpack-style bag.
Wheelchairs and walkers for passengers with mobility issues can be transported without being damaged.
  • Accessibility equipment: wheelchairs and rollators
  • Travel items for infants: prams, strollers and car seats
  • Sports equipment: bikes, golf clubs, skis and snowboards

Security solutions for strollers and twin prams

Airshells’ robust bags for prams are made by flight case specialists.

The outer fabric is a durable material and features a high-quality zipper. The robust bag is also lined with protective foam to withstand shocks and rough handling.

The protective bag measure 105cm (L), 65cm (W) and 50cm (H).

Airshells’ also offers a sturdy mini bag for the ‘umbrella’ style prams, which measures 110 cm (L), 35cm (W) and 50cm (H), as well as twin pram protection bags.

Designed so that the pram folds into several parts by disconnecting the wheel frame, both items fit snugly inside the protective bag. The components are secured by straps inside the bag, so they don’t move during travel.

The company’s twin pram bags weigh 4.5kg and measure 110cm (L), 82cm (W) and 60cm (H).

Protective bags for transporting car seats

Airshells’ car seat safety bags are made of a thick, durable fabric, which protects the seat from dirt, debris and rough handling.

Compatible with most car seats, the child seat bag can be worn similar to a backpack.

The company’s car seat bags weigh 2.3kg and measure 41cm (L), 41cm (W) and 75cm (H).

Safety solutions for foldable wheelchairs and walking frames

Airshells’ robust wheelchair bags are designed to withstand shocks and rough handling so users don’t suffer additional physical pain from damaged equipment, and marked with wheelchair and fragile logos.

The dimensions of the company’s wheelchair safety bag comprise 95cm (L), 35cm (W) and 95cm (H), and weigh 4kg.

Protective bags for transporting sports equipment

Airshells provides flight cases and bags for various sports equipment, which vary from 3.6kg (single pair of skis) to 12kg (bicycles) in weight.

Made of durable plastic, the interior is lined with plastic for robustness.

The company’s ski bags are adjustable depending on the size of the skis, and bicycle flight cases feature handles and wheels for easy transport, and simple to open to facilitate inspections at Customs.

Airshells’ high-quality bicycle flightcases are of and are made of hard plastic with foam inside the flightcase. The bicycle flightcase has handles and wheels so it is easy to transport.

The company provides instructions on how to pack down a bicycle into the flightcase upon request.

No keys are needed to lock the flightcase, enabling Customs to inspect the contents.

The measurements are 108cm (length from bottom of the flightcase), 82cm (length from top of the flightcase); 34cm (width) and 82cm (height), as well as weighs 12kg.

About Airshells

Headquartered in Copenhagen, Airshells was founded in 2005 with the aim of creating solid and durable safety bags for effective and affordable protection of strollers, prams and wheelchairs in-flight.

The company now operates in approximately 300 airports in Europe, America, Middle East and Asia, and more than 450,000 travellers have used its products.

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