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Comprehensive Deicing Solutions for Airport Runways

Seneca Mineral Company provides a complete range of airside anti-icing and deicing products suitable for airports, private companies, and military bases.

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Seneca Mineral Company provides a complete range of airside anti-icing and deicing products suitable for airports, private companies, and military bases.

Liquid and solid deicing can be supplied along with storage tanks and spray systems to distribute liquid deicer along airside surfaces.

Liquid deicer products for airport runways

To ease the removal of snow and ice on surfaces, Alpine RF-11 50% potassium acetate liquid runway deicer breaks the bond of the snow and ice with the surface. The product is SAE AMS 1435C FAA Compliant.

Where FAA compliance is not an issue, Alpine Ice Melt 50% potassium acetate liquid deicer is available. It is more effective than magnesium chloride, calcium chloride or rock salt, working for a longer period than the alternatives.

Seneca carries a full line of Banjo poly valves, cam lever couplers, fittings and pumps in sizes ranging from 0.5in to 3in for liquid handling.
Spray systems are built according to customer specifications for distributing liquid deicers.
The Alpine RF-11 SAE AMS 1435C FAA Compliant Potassium Acetate Liquid Runway Deicer is used by major airports and military installations across the US and Canada.
Alpine RF-14 SAE AMS 1435C FAA Potassium Formate Compliant Liquid Runway Deicer offers the lowest environmental impact.
Alpine Ice Melt is an environmentally friendly and effective alternative to chlorides for ice and snow melting.
Sodium Formate is an environmentally friendly granular solid deicer designed to maintain friction between tires and surface.

Alpine RF-11 and Ice Melt have a freezing point of -72°F (-58°C), are non-toxic and non-hazardous to plant and animal life.

Environmentally friendly deicing solutions for airports

The most environmentally friendly deicing solution provided by Seneca is the Alpine RF-14 potassium formate deicer. The product is manufactured with pure raw materials in the US. It is SAE AMS 1435C FAA Compliant.

Thanks to its freezing point of -63°F (-53°C), Alpine RF-14 can be used for both anti-icing and as a deicer. It is an alternative to potassium acetate as a liquid runway deicer.

Solid granular deicer for airside surfaces

IceCare is the solid granular sodium formate deicer made with 98% minimum active ingredients. Acceptable for use at airside operational surfaces and landside applications, the deicer meets the strict requirements of AMS 1431D.

The solid deicer and anti-icing solution is fast-acting and environmentally friendly, making it a highly effective substitute for urea, which can be toxic.

Most deicer products can be delivered to customer storage two days after the order has been received.

Deicing liquid storage tanks for airport operations

Seneca stocks the full line of Norwesco poly storage tanks, in both premium and heavy-duty weights. Tanks are suitable for storing liquid deicer products and manufactured by Norwesco across the US. Delivery times can be confirmed at the point of booking an order, with three or four weeks a standard period for poly storage tanks.

Seneca can also supply Captor tanks to meet exact specifications of clients.

Seneca stocks the full line of Banjo liquid handling products. Any valves, fittings or pumps required to keep your deicing liquid flowing can be supplied.

Spray systems for distributing deicer liquids can be customised from the type of tank to the operator controls. Many spray systems can be built in-house.

About Seneca Mineral Company

Seneca Mineral Company is a certified woman-owned, small business based in Erie, Pennsylvania, US.

The business started as a local dust control company in 1957. After using the same products for melting winter ice, the company added the potassium acetate and sodium formate to its offering as deicers.

Airports and military across the US have been customers of Seneca deicing products for more than 25 years.

Seneca Mineral is in a unique position of offering customers poly storage tanks, liquid spray systems along with all the other necessary equipment for providing customers with the most effective deicing solution.

Most Seneca products can be delivered within two days, and the company provides around-the-clock customer service.

The products available alongside deicers enable Seneca to offer a one-stop shop for managing freezing weather conditions at airports.

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    Seneca Mineral Company supplies the Alpine RF-11 liquid de-icing solution to break down ice on runways and make it easier to remove.

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