Fabric building

Sprung Structures (Sprung) is the inventor and manufacturer of the tensioned membrane structure, which is engineered to quickly and economically accommodate the need for enclosed spaces.

Fabric buildings for aviation applications

Sprung structures are ideal for a wide range of airport operations, such as customisable baggage handling operations and temporary building connections.

Fabric buildings are also suitable for storing large pieces of machinery and specialist vehicles. Due to their resistant structure, high R-value insulation system and easy reconfiguration, snow removal equipment and emergency response vehicles are protected from adverse weather conditions and temperatures.

Cost-effective permanent or temporary airport structures

Sprung’s innovative building solution incorporates architectural membrane panels placed under high tension with a corrosion-resistant aluminium substructure.

Sprung Structures specialises in fabric buildings that are customisable for a wide range of applications, such as airport baggage handling.
Fabric construction is highly resistant to high winds and heavy snow.
Sprung fabric structures can be easily incorporated into existing surroundings, and are designed for easy removal and reinstallation.
Structures offer modular designs, as well as fibreglass insulation to ensure maximum heating and cooling performance.
Sprung fabric structures are versatile and easily configurable, making them suitable for air cargo facilities.

An optional high-performance, energy-efficient Johns Manville formaldehyde-free insulation package is available.

Features include:

  • Quick delivery and construction
  • Widths from 9.1m to 60.9m (30ft to 200ft) by any length
  • Large variety of cargo and hangar doors available
  • Energy-efficient insulation package
  • Relocatable clear span design
  • Limited foundation requirements
  • Lightweight and aluminium substructure, reducing transportation costs

Alternative to pre-engineered metal and conventional buildings

A Sprung structure can be shipped and erected at a rate of up to 2,000ft² (186m²) a day, enabling businesses to open ahead of schedule or expand production quickly.

Modular clear span designs ensure structures are relocatable and expandable. They are also easily disassembled, moved and completely reconfigured.

If appropriate soil conditions exist, foundations are not required on structures up to 48.8m (160ft), enabling time and cost-effective solutions.

Sprung structures comprise a virtually airtight membrane building envelope combined with a fully lofted fibreglass insulation package, ensuring maximum heating and cooling performance in any location.

About Sprung

A member of the Sprung Group of Companies, established in 1887, Sprung Structures has been providing internationally recognised fabric structures since the late 1970s.

With more than 12,000 structures installed worldwide, the company ensures exceptional service and support and offers a 30-year guarantee on rustproof aluminium substructures, as well as a guarantee on architectural membranes.