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Airport Broadcasting Audio Systems

Modřanská 621/72,
143 01 Praha 4 Praha,
Czech Republic

Modřanská 621/72,
143 01 Praha 4 Praha,
Czech Republic

The 2N NetSpeaker is an IP system used for broadcasting audio streams from a PC in a LAN/WAN network. The 2N NetSpeaker can stream music or other audio, schedule adverts and broadcast pre-recorded or live announcements using a microphone. To create a broadcasting system with 2N NetSpeaker, users simply connect the product to a speaker or amplifier.

User-friendly airport speaker system

The 2N NetSpeaker’s universal infrastructure means that it is extremely user-friendly and can be used in a number of different locations around the airport, from a terminal to a retail facility in a departure lounge.

Central management tool for airport audio speakers

The 2N NetSpeaker’s central management tool allows every component of the system to be available online, including specific user profiles and zone information, which makes across-the-board management become much simpler.

A graphical administration tool provides an accessible way of managing the system. The interface makes tasks that could be considered extremely taxing and complex much more straightforward. Users can easily create zones, set up user rights, schedule announcements and plenty more.

Zone-based airport speaker

Any audio can be played through the 2N NetSpeaker with options to create different zones of communication. For example, in one area of an airport there could be announcements, in another could use radio playback together with scheduled adverts, while elsewhere you could create a music playlist. All of these features can be easily navigated from the central management tool.

Internet radio support

In certain areas of an airport, you may require constant music to be played, perhaps in a café, bar or shop. This demands the creation of playlists so that the same music is not played over and over again. For an effective solution, users can choose to use internet radio. With 2N NetSpeaker, chosen internet radio is redistributed throughout selected zones.

Airport announcement scheduler

Scheduling announcements, safety information, advertising and other messages all being played at the correct time in the right place can be a difficult process. The 2N NetSpeaker’s scheduler is designed to take care of this and ensure that everything is delivered correctly.

Further benefits of the 2N NetSpeaker include:

  • Integration with SIP-VoIP systems
  • Integrated 16W amplifier
  • Cost savings in relation to other broadcast systems
  • Low maintenance
  • High reliability
  • Intuitive operation of the system

As well as airports, the 2N NetSpeaker’s target groups include:

  • Business (shopping centres, offices)
  • Education (universities, campuses, schools, sports areas)
  • Healthcare (hospitals, surgeries)
  • Transportation (bus and train stations)
  • Government (public administration, prisons)
  • Industry (manufacturing and production facilities, warehouses)

About 2N Telekomunikace

Parent company 2N Telekomunikace is a proven exporter of customised solutions, with 80% of its production shipped overseas to more than 125 countries. On top of door and security intercom solutions and IP audio systems, the company also focuses on operator solutions and machine-to-machine (M2M) technology, while making sure effective support to the distribution network and service is also carried out.

As well as manufacturing a number of products, 2N Telekomunikace works hard to develop its goods in a bid to meet market demands and command flexibility. 10% of all revenue is invested straight back into the company’s development team.

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Modřanská 621/72

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