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IT Security Solutions and Border Control

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secunet develops and implements high-performance products and state-of-the-art IT security solutions for public authorities, airport operators, international organisations and enterprises.

The company keeps IT infrastructures secure for its clients, as well as achieving intelligent process optimisation and creating sustainable added value. In addition, more than 350 experts at secunet focus on issues such as cryptography (SINA), e-government, eID, business security and automotive security.

IT high security solutions for the airport industry

secunet’s projects comprise the preparation of analyses and concepts, supporting critical software development projects, and the evaluation and the implementation of security solutions.

secunet solutions allow passengers to pass through border control much faster and airports benefit from the automation of another step in the passenger process without having to modify the existing infrastructure.
The eGate document reader compares biometric data from the eID against a live image of the passenger captured with a camera inside the eGate.
secunet easygate thoroughly checks the authenticity of electronic identity documents, including ePassports and electronic identity cards, by both optical and electronic means.
secunet’s automated border control systems significantly reduce the security-related workload of border control agencies.

Furthermore, secunet’s portfolio includes the programming and implementation of various smart card scenarios. The procedures are based on internationally recognised guidelines and standards.

secunet is involved from the planning stages of key projects, when secure communication is required or data and digital identities need to be protected against unauthorised access.

Automated border control platform

Modern identity documents such as electronic passports and national ID cards are far more than evidence of an individual’s personal identity. The holder’s biometric data stored in the chip enables the automation of processes such as border control.

secunet easygate turns border control checks into a simple, intuitive process that any passenger can carry out themselves in just a few seconds. Passenger processing is made significantly more efficient, waiting times are reduced and more passengers can be processed in parallel.

secunet easygate also checks both the electronic and the optical security elements of the identity document in detail. The German Federal Police has depended on it for many years under Project EasyPASS, as do the Czech border police under Project EasyGO.

Comprehensive electronic ID infrastructure

With the eID PKI Suite, secunet designed a specific public key infrastructure (PKI) solution to meet the requirements for issuance, infrastructure and control. The system particularly focuses on the international exchange of certificates and other relevant information.

Introducing electronic identity documents means in most cases the implementation of biometric data in the document. Similar to traditional optical data, this electronic data has to be secured against manipulation and unauthorised access.

Middleware for biometric systems and eID

secunet biomiddle is a flexible and expandable platform for biometrics and eID applications. By implementing internationally standardised interfaces, the platform also enables modular use of biometric technologies in complex application scenarios.

secunet biomiddle communicates with client applications via a service-orientated interface, making the middleware independent of system platforms and programming languages.

As a joint project with the German Federal Office for Information Security, secunet biomiddle is internationally recognised as the reference implementation and preferred architecture for use of biometrics in eID documents.

About secunet

secunet is a long-standing service provider for public authorities, armed forces and government agencies, gaining fundamental knowledge of their requirements. The successful collaboration resulted in a wide-ranging security partnership being agreed between the German Federal Ministry of the Interior and secunet in 2004.

The company also supports the development, evaluation and certification of governmental technology products in accordance with Common Criteria (CC) and Information Technology Security Evaluation Criteria (ITSEC).

In 2011, secunet was certified by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) as one out of two companies for information security consulting and auditing. The joint activities with the BSI include, among others, the development of the SINA product range and solutions in biometrics, eIDs and automated border control.

In Essen, Germany, secunet runs a BSI-approved test laboratory for IT conformity in accordance with ISO 17025 and is experienced in the preparation and implementation of other test procedures.

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