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Wayfinding, Signage and Passenger Experience Solutions

Triagonal is a world-leading route wayfinding, signage and passenger experience specialist based in Copenhagen, Denmark, supplying high-quality advice and solutions to airports, railway stations, universities, hospitals, and shopping centres worldwide.

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Triagonal is a world-leading wayfinding, signage and passenger experience specialist based in Copenhagen, Denmark. It supplies high-quality products to airports, railway stations, universities, hospitals, and shopping centres worldwide.

Focussing on every available information channel, from static and dynamic signs, to app and web strategies, Triagonal covers all aspects of passenger wayfinding. The company recommends making use of all passenger information elements to ensure a balance between all visual areas the user experiences such as signage, advertising and retail.

Wayfinding and signage systems to improve the airport passenger experience

Many design companies working with signage and methods of wayfinding in public spaces focus primarily on branding and visual analysis.

The Triagonal work method revolves around analysis, function and design, ensuring products always add value and enhance the user experience.
In the new Queen Alia International Airport, Amman, Triagonal evaluated signage to identify how it could be optimised for a passenger experience.
In Heathrow Terminal 2, a great emphasis is placed on creating accessible, passenger-friendly and high-quality spaces. Triagonal ensured its wayfinding elements reach these standards.
As a result of a dramatic rise in passengers, Triagonal have developed and designed a new signage system for Keflavik International Airport, introducing new a naming strategy and graphics.
As part of the introduction of more ePassport gates in Heathrow Terminal 5, Triagonal used its wayfinding solution to integrate the new identity of UK Border Force.
As part of the Helsinki Airport expansion project, Triagonal is developing a new system to enhance functionality and passenger experience in the airport.

Triagonal bases their method on passenger flows and behaviour analysis, creating a user-friendly wayfinding system.

Passenger wayfinding and communication evaluation

Triagonal offers a communication evaluation package, which will typically revolve around an existing site.

Based on passenger flow and user behaviour studies, Triagonal delivers a thorough report outlining where the challenges are, and presents a set of prioritised recommendations to amend the identified problems.

Examples of past cases include Queen Alia International Airport in Amman, Jordan, and London Heathrow Terminal 2 in the UK.

Airport wayfinding strategy, naming and design

Triagonal develops an approach to suit all airport information and signage-based needs, including naming strategies, graphic design principles, readability, and identification of information zones, flows and signage types.

This is typically applies to new or refurbished terminals, or airports where the client or operator wants a new, more contemporary system.

Cases include Iceland’s Keflavik International Airport, and Helsinki Airport in Finland.

Customised signage designs for a specific airport space

Triagonal can recommend to clients the most appropriate signage elements and information channels for their requirements, as well as which flows will be most efficient, typically in an existing site with the cooperation of an architect or engineering team.

Usually based on an existing overall strategy, this package delivers a number of options as to how wayfinding could be designed for a given space or set-up.

Cases include London Heathrow Terminal 3, Flight Connection Centre, and preparation for ePassport gates at London Heathrow Terminals 3, 4 and 5.

Terminal signage positioning and implementation

The positioning and implementation of signage is of vital importance. This package will help with the scheduling of information, coordinated with other engineering disciplines, such as power, fire and ventilation.

Advertising signage in transportation terminals can also be included as of the package.

Past instances include the new Muscat International Airport, Oman; London Heathrow Terminal 2; and Keflavik International Airport, Iceland.

Detailed signage design and tender

Triagonal offers a detailed design package that can include graphic design guidelines, and design of interior and exterior signage, including static, or dynamic and interactive elements.

The company can deliver technical specifications, and descriptions of the wayfinding system designed, as well as an evaluation of tender bids, and supervision.

Cases include new Muscat International Airport, Oman, and Keflavik International Airport, Iceland.

About Triagonal

Triagonal’s unique wayfinding expertise has been developed over more than 40 airport projects, and 15 years of dedicated work and research.

The company works in all stages of the wayfinding process, in both interior and exterior areas, from high-level strategies and validation of existing signage systems, to implementation and tendering of fully developed systems.


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