START PAC, the leader in ground power, is the world’s only manufacturer of a safe lithium ion portable starting unit. START PAC’s passion for patent-pending innovation and commitment to superior products continues to make it number one in the aviation industry in more than 50 countries. Dedicated to environmental awareness, START PAC uses environmentally friendly low VOC powder-coating, recyclable non-toxic batteries and manufactures the cleanest and quietest diesel-electric hybrid GPUs in production.

Lightweight and powerful battery packs for all aircraft

START PAC’s American-made, lightweight, powerful battery packs can be taken aboard all aircraft for use in remote locations. START PAC also offers ground power units (GPUs) for maintenance functions, powering up systems, and repeated starts for turbine, piston, and diesel engines. Custom models are available in 24V and 28V for both civil and military aircraft, mining, and other transportation industries, as well as 76V starting units for the railroad industry.

Portable battery packs, power supplies and ground power units

START PAC’s American-made product line is an extensive one, because it wanted its customers to be able to buy units that would satisfy their individual needs rather than overspending on something that is not required. Since its inception, START PAC has continued to lead the way in innovation and superior customer service, surpassing industry standards and providing affordable superior technology and support. START PAC designs and manufactures patent-pending, portable battery packs, power supplies, and GPUs.

28V battery packs for turbine engines

START PAC is always on the cutting edge of technology for its products. Early on, it realized that a 28V unit was more desirable for starting turbine engines than a 24V unit, due to the fact that a 28V unit delivers 25% more energy to the starter motor. START PAC was the first, by four years, to develop a line of 28V battery packs. At present, all START PACs use the latest technology lithium ion and lead-acid sealed (non-hazardous) recombinant batteries. As a result, the line of 28V START PAC units provides superior engine starts, due to higher engine RPM and more cooling air which extends turbine life.

START PAC's battery packs can be taken aboard all aircraft.
START PAC manufactures the cleanest and quietest diesel-electric hybrid ground power units in production.
START PAC manufactures safe lithium ion portable starting units.

Lithium ion starting units

START PAC’s most recent innovative technologies are the patent-pending lithium ion starting unit line and the patent-pending quick change product line. START PAC offers patent-pending lithium ion starting units that are 42% smaller and 33% lighter with no sulfation issues and twice the battery cycle-life of lead acid units.

It developed the quick change (QC) architecture as previous models required disassembly to replace the batteries, a process which required shop time, maintenance personnel, lead time, and a repair facility. With the new QC models, there is a separate battery pack that is easily detached from the charging unit and replaced with the new battery pack in no more than ten seconds. Remote locations and down time are no longer an issue for any of START PAC’s worldwide customers, especially the military and any emergency-related industry.

Non-toxic recyclable batteries and eco-friendly powder coatings

The START PAC product line satisfies multi-industry needs including the starting, powering and maintenance of fixed wing and rotor aviation, military tanks, trucks, railroad locomotives, mining equipment and buses. After 14 years, it continues to support the efforts against global warming by using non-toxic recyclable batteries and environmentally friendly powder coating for every START PAC that leaves its hands.