OMARV produces professional maintenance equipment for large public green areas and runways at airports.

The company’s mowers are designed, planned and built in Italy for agricultural use and maintenance of public and private lawns.

Mowers and grass cutting equipment for airports

OMARV offers multipurpose mowers, choppers, loaders, large folding mowers, shredders, and lawnmowers with collectors.

OMARV provides mowers for large public green areas at airports.
The BOLOGNA mower features three cutting heads in an easy-to-deploy, foldable design.
Omarv's VENEZIA mowers are available in 140cm and 190cm variants.
The TORINO mower is equipped with a centralised greaser, an oleopneumatic shock absorber, and an automatic belt tightener.
The VENEZIA 190 XL is a larger version of our standard grass cutting machines.
The VENEZIA 190 XL grass cutting machine has a 15m³ capacity.

The mowers’ cutting heads are equipped with high-speed devices that enable the machines to process areas as large as 10ha per hour.

The company proposes novelties, prototypes and modifications each year in response to the needs of its growing customer base.

Lawnmowers with collectors for airport runway maintenance

OMARV provides VENEZIA lawnmowers and grass cutting equipment for runway maintenance.

The VENEZIA lawn mower is available in 140cm and 190cm dimensions with 135cm and 185cm working widths respectively.

It features tow baskets with a capacity ranging from 3m³ and 7m³, as well as a hydraulic discharging system.

The system is also equipped with an automatic belt tightener, a centralised greaser, lights for road transport, and an electric control system.

Easy-to-transport mowers with foldable cutting heads

Suitable for processing wide green areas, the BOLOGNA mower is available in a number of intermediate size options and offers a maximum working width of 720cm.

The machine comes with three cutting heads that have a foldable construction, which can be deployed within a few minutes for quick transfer from fields to road.

The BOLOGNA’s cutting devices comprise 380 units per machine in the largest dimension (720cm).

It also features an automatic belt tightener, a centralised greaser, and lights for road transport.

Side mowers for grass maintenance at airports

The TORINO side mower is available in dimensions from 160cm up to 260cm.

It is equipped with an automatic belt tightener, a centralised greaser, and an oleopneumatic shock absorber.


OMARV’s machines are used in many parks, sport clubs and airports across Europe. Products are distributed in other countries worldwide, and offer high-efficiency and performance even on moist soil.

OMARV’s long experience in the field, constant desire to improve machinery meet all customer needs, and after-sale services have made the company a well-known and established brand throughout Europe.