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Barcode Reading, Document Scanning and Passenger Handling Services

DESKO specialises in passenger handling, access control, security checks and scanning for the airport sector.

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DESKO is your reliable partner within the fields of passenger handling, access control, security checks, as well as passport and boarding pass scanning.

With more than 25 years of experience in the airline and airport sector, DESKO offers high-quality scanning solutions for every passenger touch point and develops devices that facilitate passenger handling. The product portfolio ranges from simple document readers to complete standalone self-service solutions, tailored to the varying needs of each customer.

Integrated keyboard for check-in applications

DESKO provides solutions for passenger touch-points, and produces devices that facilitate passenger handling.

The company offers the integrated keyboard NEPTUN chrom®, which is equipped with DESKO´s MRZ and MSR technology for passport or ID card reading, as well as magnetic stripe card reading.

DESKO provides a water-resistant keyboard for check-in.
The company offers high-quality boarding gate readers for airlines and airports.
DESKO’s unique document scanner platform is suitable for check-in, security, access control and boarding.
The company produces efficient swipe readers for passports, ID cards and magnetic stripe cards.

The keyboard is completely water and dust resistant according to IP54 regulations, meaning the entire device including swipe slot withstands water spillages without any functional restrictions.

Swipe Reader for ID cards, passports and magnetic stripe cards

DESKO´s IDenty chrom® is the latest addition to the innovative chrom family (see also NEPTUN chrom®). It is a fast, compact and efficient swipe reader equipped with DESKO´s well-proven OCR and MSR functionality for passport or ID card reading, as well as magnetic stripe card reading.

Moreover, the IDenty chrom is completely water and dust resistant according to IP54 standards.

For mobile data capture independent from a fixed workstation, DESKO also provides a flexible solution, the IDenty chrom mobile with Bluetooth® technology and integrated battery pack.

Document scanner for boarding gate applications

DESKO provides the superfast and efficient boarding gate reader BGR 504 pro. A large scanning area ensures user-friendly handling and is optimised for capturing barcode data from paper and electronic boarding tickets.

The device features a large, multicoloured display with two LEDs that gives a clear visible ticket validation feedback to the passenger and agent.

The BGR 504 pro includes a buzzer with adjusted volume control which supports the message acoustically.

Versatile travel document scanners for security and access control

DESKO’s PENTA platform comprises different scanners, including the PENTA Scanner CKI for check-in applications and the PENTA Scanner BGR, a high-class boarding gate reader.

The company also offers the PENTA Scanner ID Terminal that features a touch display for user guidance and is ideal for self-service applications.

The PENTA Scanner Cube Line is especially made for kiosk or eGate integration. All scanners are equipped with the company’s OCR/MRZ and barcode reading technology for passport and ID card reading.

All PENTA scanners can be upgraded with a near-field communication (NFC) module, a magnetic stripe card and a chip card reader. The entire PENTA range guarantees easy and simple integration into a client´s existing systems.


DESKO is a German company located in Bayreuth, Bavaria. The company’s devices involve the knowledge of more than 25 years of experience in OCR and MSR reading. All DESKO products are internal developments manufactured in cooperation with regional partners. “Made in Germany” is a seal of approval standing for quality and reliability, two attributes highly rated by DESKO.

DESKO is a successful international company with a great network of resellers and numerous devices in daily use at airports and airlines all around the globe. With subsidiaries in Singapore and the US, DESKO is eager to consolidate its position as a high-quality product supplier on the airport and airline market, and to continue setting new standards for the industry.

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  • BGR 504 pro: Efficient Barcode Reader for Boarding Gate Applications

    DESKO´s highly efficient boarding gate reader BGR 504 pro provides superfast barcode read rates. The obstacle-free flatbed design is optimised for the user-friendly reading of printed and electronic boarding passes even from smart watches, larger smartphones or tablet displays. Due to its flat and compact housing, the BGR 504 pro is ideal for the integration in counters or self-boarding systems.

  • IDenty chrom®: Versatile Swipe Reader for Check-In Desks

    DESKO´s versatile swipe reader IDenty chrom is the latest addition to the chrom family (see also the NEPTUN chrom keyboard) and the perfect solution for a fast and reliable data capture. Based on its predecessor, the mini MPR, it is equipped with the latest technology in OCR and MSR reading providing accurate read results from ID documents such as passports or ID cards, visas and magnetic stripe cards.

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