Guntermann & Drunck has many years’ experience in producing and installing digital and analogue KVM products for air traffic control rooms at airports throughout the world.

The company is highly experienced in the installation of air traffic control towers, baggage handling systems and other important facilities for airports. G&D’s customers receive optimal benefits through cost-effective solutions.

Remote operation of computers for air traffic controllers

KVM boosts and switches computer signals, enabling remote operation of computers or simultaneous access to multiple devices. G&D KVM solutions have been designed to optimise productivity for both personnel and IT equipment, enhancing operations.

Clients gain the advantage of having a user-friendly workstation that has been specifically designed for comfort, emitting reduced levels of noise and heat. Users are still able to access computers in real-time with full performance assured.

DP1.2-VisionXG transmits 8K video signals at 60Hz frame rate, using optical fibres to send uncompressed DisplayPort™ 1.2 signals over distances as great as 10,000m.
The DP1.2-Vision furthers video signals with resolutions up to 4K at 60Hz, either via optical fibres or CAT cables. Compressing systems such as the DP1.2-Vision can be incorporated easily into G&D matrix systems.
DL-Vision extender system transmits uncompressed video signals in resolutions of up to 4K at 60Hz over maximum distances of 10,000m. Devices can display up to four video channels.
Up to three computers can be operated from one console through the KVM switch DP1.2-MUX3-ATC (e.g. primary, redundancy and fall-back systems). The system supports video resolutions of 4K at 60Hz and enables high-speed switching.
DL-MUX4 controllers can operate up to four computers via one console. DL-MUX transmits Dual-Link DVI up to 2,560x1,600@60Hz. The KVM switch enables connecting up to four video channels. can operate up to four computers via one console. DL-MUX transmits Dual-Link DVI up to 2,560x1,600@60Hz. The KVM switch enables connecting up to four video channels.
ControlCenter-Digital 228 has a modular KVM matrix switch. I/O-Cards-CAT and Fiber, I/O-Cards-Multi and the power supply are modular and hot pluggable. ControlCenter-Digital lets air traffic controllers operate multiple computers over multiple consoles.
ControlCenter-Compact enables up to 432 computers to be connected through a high- performance system. The matrix switch supports with up to 80 dynamic ports, with this number increased depending on requirements.

G&D is a respected name in the air traffic control (ATC) sector, with decades of experience working alongside international air navigation service providers.

G&D’s extensive portfolio includes solutions for:

  • ATC failure safety, redundancies and preventive monitoring
  • Dependable 24/7 operations
  • Optimum quality over long operating times and product-life for ATC applications
  • A variety of useful functions that offer greater flexibility

KVM extenders: operate computers remotely from one desk via CAT or fibre-optic cables

KVM extenders enable users to operate computers in real-time from distances up to 10,000m. Systems contain a receiver module and transmitter.

Because all computers operate in air-conditioned equipment rooms, working environments are free from noise and heat. Technicians are able to maintain equipment without causing any disruptions or distractions to air traffic personnel, allowing them to fully concentrate on their jobs.

IT staff can provide simple maintenance to the system through a transmitter module on a local console in the server room.

Systems can be provided with either compressed or uncompressed or data transmission depending on the application, which can be performed through CAT cables, fibre-optics, or IP. The highest video quality resolution of up to 4K allows for optimal hand-eye coordination.

Accessing multiple ATC computers from one console

Digital and analogue switches enable one console to operate and monitor up to 64 computers, capturing everything from keyboards, displays, and mouse movement. This capability is particularly sought-after for air traffic controllers, as there are multiple factors to consider during operations.

In addition, switches allow for the simple set-up of auxiliary systems to ensure that backup computers are deployed to mitigate a systems failure at the push of a button. Technicians can maintain the back-ups systems in the background without any interruption to the primary system to ensure readiness whenever required.

In addition, users can operate numerous computers and consoles at the same time with the KVM matrix systems. The system enables the large-scale and flexible operation of multiple consoles and IT systems. Digital KVM matrix systems are based on digital video signals such DisplayPort and DVI, with connections also supporting analogue sources.

Monitoring and SNMP solutions for mission-critical applications at airports

G&D products feature monitoring and simple network management protocols (SNMP) functions for users to keep a close eye on their system statuses, as well as those of connected devices.

The system’s permanent monitoring function provides users with the capacity to respond to critical issues before they cause potential failures such as over-heating, miscommunication, or backup systems error.

The monitoring and SNMP function allows system failures to be averted and increases operations efficiencies. The solution is ideal for mission-critical tasks such as live events or routine monitoring.