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Guntermann & Drunck

KVM Solutions for Air Traffic Control Operations

Guntermann & Drunck (G&D) is a German manufacturer of high-end KVM extenders and switches especially designed for demanding applications in the ATC environment.

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Guntermann & Drunck has many years’ experience in producing and installing digital and analogue KVM products for air traffic control rooms at airports throughout the world.

The company is highly experienced in the installation of air traffic control towers, baggage handling systems and other important facilities for airports. G&D’s customers receive optimal benefits through cost-effective solutions.

Remote operation of computers for air traffic controllers

KVM boosts and switches computer signals, enabling remote operation of computers or simultaneous access to multiple devices. G&D KVM solutions have been designed to optimise productivity for both personnel and IT equipment, enhancing operations.

Clients gain the advantage of having a user-friendly workstation that has been specifically designed for comfort, emitting reduced levels of noise and heat. Users are still able to access computers in real-time with full performance assured.

G&D is a respected name in the air traffic control (ATC) sector, with decades of experience working alongside international air navigation service providers.

G&D’s extensive portfolio includes solutions for:

  • ATC failure safety, redundancies and preventive monitoring
  • Dependable 24/7 operations
  • Optimum quality over long operating times and product-life for ATC applications
  • A variety of useful functions that offer greater flexibility

KVM extenders: operate computers remotely from one desk via CAT or fibre-optic cables

KVM extenders enable users to operate computers in real-time from distances up to 10,000m. Systems contain a receiver module and transmitter.

Because all computers operate in air-conditioned equipment rooms, working environments are free from noise and heat. Technicians are able to maintain equipment without causing any disruptions or distractions to air traffic personnel, allowing them to fully concentrate on their jobs.

IT staff can provide simple maintenance to the system through a transmitter module on a local console in the server room.

Systems can be provided with either compressed or uncompressed or data transmission depending on the application, which can be performed through CAT cables, fibre-optics, or IP. The highest video quality resolution of up to 4K allows for optimal hand-eye coordination.

Accessing multiple ATC computers from one console

Digital and analogue switches enable one console to operate and monitor up to 64 computers, capturing everything from keyboards, displays, and mouse movement. This capability is particularly sought-after for air traffic controllers, as there are multiple factors to consider during operations.

In addition, switches allow for the simple set-up of auxiliary systems to ensure that backup computers are deployed to mitigate a systems failure at the push of a button. Technicians can maintain the back-ups systems in the background without any interruption to the primary system to ensure readiness whenever required.

In addition, users can operate numerous computers and consoles at the same time with the KVM matrix systems. The system enables the large-scale and flexible operation of multiple consoles and IT systems. Digital KVM matrix systems are based on digital video signals such DisplayPort and DVI, with connections also supporting analogue sources.

Monitoring and SNMP solutions for mission-critical applications at airports

G&D products feature monitoring and simple network management protocols (SNMP) functions for users to keep a close eye on their system statuses, as well as those of connected devices.

The system’s permanent monitoring function provides users with the capacity to respond to critical issues before they cause potential failures such as over-heating, miscommunication, or backup systems error.

The monitoring and SNMP function allows system failures to be averted and increases operations efficiencies. The solution is ideal for mission-critical tasks such as live events or routine monitoring.


The new DP1.2-Vision extender extends video signals with resolutions up to 4K at 60Hz, either via optical fibers or CAT cables.


DL-Vision extender system uses optical fibres to transmit uncompressed and lossless video signals up to 4K @ 60Hz resolution over distances up to 400m or 10,000m.


KVM switch DP1.2-MUX3-ATC can operate up to three computers from one workspace (e.g. primary, redundancy and fall-back systems).


With DL-MUX you can operate up to four computers via one console with only one set of monitor, keyboard/mouse.


ControlCenter-Digital is a modular digital KVM matrix switch that lets air traffic controllers operate multiple computers over multiple consoles.


ControlCenter-Compact offers high-performance in compact form and is often used for small and mid-sized installations.

Expansion of G&D Portfolio with KVM-over-IP™ matrix at NAB

The extensive KVM portfolio of German manufacturers G&D has so far focused on systems with dedicated transmission. Some time ago, the company introduced major expansions with its specially developed KVM-over-IP™ technology.

DFS relies on KVM systems from G&D

Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH (DFS) and Guntermann & Drunck GmbH (G&D) have partnered to ensure system safety and efficiency.

KVM Expertise and Protfolio for Air Traffic Control Rooms

Air traffic control (ATC) rooms have established KVM products as a key component of their system infrastructure, extending and switching signals to enable remote computer operation or real-time access to multiple computers.

Impressive KVM Solutions from G&D

Guntermann & Drunck (G&D) will be attending the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2018, AV and system integration show presenting innovative control room KVM equipment.

CABSAT 2018: Chasing Superlatives

From 14-16 January 2018, Guntermann & Drunck's KVM equipment will once again travel to Dubai for CABSAT 2018, where G&D will be presenting high-performance KVM solutions for optimized IT deployment by broadcast professionals.

G&D Intensifies Commitment to Asia

In order to further strengthen their activities in the Asian market and to better meet the needs of customers in the Asian region, Guntermann & Drunck now work with a new sales agent in Taipei (Taiwan).

G&D Rely on Self-Developed Compression Method

When it comes to KVM, the letter V, short for video, plays the most important role because it is the only component that is visible when transmitting and switching signals.

G&D Introduces DisplayPort Extender

In order to meet the ever-increasing distribution of DisplayPort, G&D has developed a new type of KVM extender. The DP-HR-DH series provides users with maximum flexibility for their applications.

Innovative KVM at ISE

In the past, KVM usually was about the simple switching and distribution of computer signals. However, today’s AV industry requires more versatile signals and functions. German manufacturer Guntermann & Drunck fulfils these requirements with many new innovations that will be presented at ISE 2015.

G&D at InfoComm MEA and Gitex Technology Week in Dubai, UAE

With several thousand exhibitors from the ICT industry, the InfoComm MEA and Gitex Technology Week will attract many visitors from the Middle East, Africa and Southern Asia. Together with their partner Omnio Technologies, Guntermann & Drunck will represent the kernel-based virtual machine (KVM) industry.

G&D at Turkish Trade Show ISAF

IASF is Turkey's only and therefore largest event with the focus on security systems. For the first time, Guntermann & Drunck GmbH (G&D) will present their devices at the Turkish trade show.

G&D at SMM 2014: KVM for Ships, Harbours and Offshore Platforms

SMM is considered Europe's biggest trade fair for the maritime industry and takes place across Hamburg's entire trade fair showground, 9-12 September 2014. Here, German KVM manufacturer Guntermann & Drunck will present their KVM portfolio for the maritime industry.

G&D Introduces New Bridge Function

Changing generations of computer signals can lead to high follow-up costs. To guarantee a long operating life of existing systems, G&D developed the Bridge function to bridge the gap between analog and digital worlds.

G&D is Coming to Australia

The KVM equipment of Guntermann & Drunck will soon start its long journey over 16,000km. Its destination: Down Under, the other end of the world. Integrate will be the first time the German products are presented in Australia.

G&D at Brazilian SET EXPO

SET EXPO in São Paulo is considered Latin America's biggest and most important exhibition for the broadcasting and digital media sector. More than 300 exhibitors will bring the latest innovations for broadcasting stations and producers of digital media to Brazil.

G&D at InfoComm 2014

InfoComm in Las Vegas is regarded as one of the industry's biggest exhibitions for professional AV solutions.

Meet G&D at Broadcast Asia 2014

Singapore will host Asia's leading event for the pro-audio, film and TV industries from 17-20 June 2014. Every year, Broadcast Asia surprises visitors with the latest trends within the industry, among them those of German firm Guntermann & Drunck.

G&D Adopts Icron’s Patented USB Technology

Universal Serial Bus (USB) is the most successful interface in the history of computers, with over ten billion USB devices in the global market that currently use the interface for communication.

Guntermann & Drunck Attend Hannover Messe

Five days, five million contacts, 1,500 talks; many reasons why Hannover Messe is regarded as the world's most important industrial fair. It is a meeting place for leading companies from industrial automation, energy engineering, industrial subcontracting and research and development. Following the lead theme 'Integrated Industry, Next Steps', Guntermann & Drunck (G&D) will present the next steps towards the future of KVM.

G&D at NAB Show in Las Vegas

NAB Show will gather visitors under the slogan 'Where content comes to life'. To breathe life into content, the audio-video material has to take a long way with many stops. In almost every case, KVM is one of these stops. Although KVM technology plays its role in the background, often users don't even realise they're working with KVM, both users and computers greatly benefit from its advantages when editing their material.

Uniting KVM and Media Control

Industry, administration, education, traffic control centre or control room - for many users, media equipment can pose almost insurmountable technical challenges. Instead of being technology experts most users are experts in their respective fields. Despite their lack of technical understanding, they still need to be able to manage complex equipment including high-tech computers.

G&D at BVE 2014

Great Britain's most important tradeshow for broadcast, video and audio is just round the corner. The Broadcast and Production Technology Event, BVE for short, will take place at the ExCel London Exhibition and Convention Centre from 25 to 27 February.

KVM: New Potential for Communication

Digital assets, processes and messages need to be tailored to the needs of target groups instead of being simple advertisement. In every control centre, control station and on every information screen, information needs to be clearly displayed.

Career Day at German High School

Pictures of tropical palm trees, airports, cameras or cruise ships are displayed on Julian's screen, before he lets them dissolve as cryptic signs. What looks like a photo album from his holidays, is the website from German Guntermann & Drunck GmbH. Here, Julian designs and programs the website of the internationally operating company for KVM hardware.

1,800m² of Broadcast on One Day

Broadcast projects are as exciting as they are versatile. However, planning them requires a clear perspective and endurance.

G&D’s solution against spying scandals

Partly in response to recent security scandals, Guntermann & Drunck has decided to intensify fundamental security functions of their ControlCenter-Digital.

Guntermann & Drunck at ISE 2014

There's a huge market for professional AV solutions. But what role does KVM technology play within it? How does it relieve the work of users and IT personnel? These are the main aspects, Guntermann & Drunck will focus on at the upcoming ISE trade show in Amsterdam.

Looking at KVM from a Business Perspective

Usually, KVM is regarded from a technical perspective: transmission distances, the limit of resolutions, or the question of how many users can access how many computers via a KVM matrix.

Beacon of Innovation, International Projects and Authenticity

South Westphalia, Germany, is known for construction projects, mining and stones. But a closer look at the region reveals a large variety of products and industries. As a continually growing region, South Westphalia is also the home of many 'hidden champions' - beacons of innovation, international projects and authenticity.

G&D’s KVM Equipment Travels Around the Globe

Never before has Guntermann & Drunck attended as many trade shows as in 2013. And the month with the most stops at trade shows is still on: In June alone, G&D will exhibit at six of the 15 scheduled trade shows. The KVM equipment and its consultants will tour the entire globe.

KVM Save the Queen’s Day

Known for being one of the most colourful Dutch festivals, Queen's Day took place on 30 April. In 2013 it was the last Queen's Day for Queen Beatrix as she officially abdicates in favour of her son, His Royal Highness the Prince Willem-Alexander and Her Royal Highness Princess Máxima of the Netherlands as the new king and queen.

G&D at 57th International Fair of Technique in Belgrade

"A Step into the Future" - that's the slogan for the 57th International Fair of Technique and Technical Achievements (UFI) in Belgrade, Serbia. Guntermann & Drunck's (G&D) Slovenian partner RAP-ing will present the German KVM solutions at the Serbian trade show taking place 13-17 May 2013.

Canadian Coast Guard Equips Icebreaker with G&D KVM

The Canadian Coast Guard selected KVM from German Guntermann & Drunck GmbH to equip their icebreaker CCGS Griffon. The hardware is used onboard to distribute critical navigation information to various positions on the bridge when breaking the way through ice.

CrossDisplay-Switching: Automatic Switching by Mouse

Applications using the DVICenter TradeSwitch function can now be switched simply by moving the mouse. With the TS function you can create a multi-monitor console from multiple computers connected to the DVICenter, and you need only one keyboard and one mouse to operate all computers.

Small KVM Switch: High Capacity

With the DVICenter DP16, the newest member of the DVICenter family, Guntermann & Drunck now covers all of the size requirements that a KVM switch might encounter. In addition to the large solutions DP32 and DP64, the small KVM matrix switch is the perfect fit for installations up to 15 computers.

G&D Presents KVM Product Line Especially Designed for the ATC Sector

Guntermann & Drunck (G&D) accommodates the importance of crucial safety features in its ATC applications. The company has developed a KVM product line especially designed for the high requirements of the ATC sector. These products as well as many approved ones can be viewed on 8-10 March

Guntermann & Drunck Announces its Participation in the Airport Show Dubai

The German manufacturer Guntermann & Drunck (G&D) has announced its participation in the Airport Show Dubai. The Airport Show is one of the largest airport events for construction, operation, technology and services in the world. G&D experienced success at this year's ATC/Amsterdam in

Guntermann and Drunck Showcases Products at ATC

Guntermann and Drunck (G&D), debutant at this year's ATC in Amsterdam but a well-known manufacturer of high-end KVM solutions, was noticed by many visitors and delegates at the show. G&D showed its complete product range from KVM switches and matrix switches to KVM extenders. T

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