Stormshield SAS (Stormshield) offers security solutions for defence organisations, enterprises and government institutions in protecting networks, data and workstations. The firm’s management centre simplifies monitoring of the network security solutions and optimises routine tasks and enables organisations in monitoring the overall information system, such as servers, endpoints, data, networks, and identifies security incidents and significant events. The firm’s enterprise solution integrates with the communication tools and allows them in creating secure systems for collaborative working, irrespective of media, applications and terminals that are used, and protects data on mobile devices and cloud against breach or loss. It protects users’ computers from exploitation of vulnerabilities on the operating systems and third-party apps, secures computers through intrusion detection systems, or firewalls and identifies malicious programs through behavioural analysis and protects the terminals, servers and workstations. The firm also provides training and technical services to clients. Stormshield is headquartered in Paris, France.