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Passenger Handling Services for the Airport Industry

Wanzl is one of the world leaders in developing and manufacturing luggage trolleys, passenger guidance systems, high-quality shopfitting systems and logistics solutions. It has been a pioneer in self-service systems for over 60 years and is the shopping trolley world market leader.

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Wanzl airport trolley

Wanzl is one of the world leaders in developing and manufacturing luggage trolleys, passenger guidance systems, high-quality shopfitting systems and logistics solutions. It has been a pioneer in self-service systems for over 60 years and is the shopping trolley world market leader.

It has production plants in Germany, France, the Czech Republic and China, as well as branches and agencies throughout the world. This commitment underlines the company philosophy of a local presence for customers globally.

Landside luggage trolleys and airside duty-free shopping trolleys

Landside trolleys can transport large items of luggage long distances without any problems. They are easy to push, even when heavily loaded, and are available in designs suitable for escalators, if included at the airport facility.

Landside trolleys are capable of transport large items of luggage long distances.
Wanzl trolleys are available in a range of designs, including those suitable for airport escalators.
A well-organised supply of trolleys is essential for trolley management.
Access authoration and security control is essential in any airport.
The Wanzl ACS has a variety of functions, including assisting passengers with reduced mobility or children travellign alone.

Airside trolleys are used to transport hand luggage or duty-free purchases.

Wanzl’s high-quality products continue to function perfectly for years. The company guarantees Wanzl original spare parts quickly via their after-sales service.

Passenger guidance systems

Airport cart services (ACS) take over the whole range of services under concession, including supplying ultra-modern luggage trolleys and innovative systems. All luggage trolley logistics, including cash management, staffing and continuous technical support are then the responsibility of the ACS.

ACS also offers other services on request. ‘Passenger assistance’ is a friendly, effective and above all professional service for persons with reduced mobility, for children travelling alone, or for the provision of support with regard to using machines, valet parking or the porter service.

Airport scooters for trolley management and collection

The constant availability of Wanzl luggage trolleys when required is essential for trolley management.

The well-organised supply of trolleys, the recirculation of trolleys via Wanzl collection points, and the safe return of whole rows of trolleys to collection points using Wanzl Airport Scooters ensures that work processes are carried out efficiently.

Wanzl supplies the required original spare parts to replace worn-out ones. The latest software and modern radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology makes maintenance easy, helping you keep track of costs.

Gate control system with automated boarding card control

In conjunction with Nuremberg Airport, Wanzl has developed an innovative eGate control system with automated boarding card control. Passengers need to place their paper or electronic boarding pass form onto a scanner at the entrance to the eGate to allow their data to be compared and access authorisation to be checked. This is achieved through a boarding card reader and an interface to the airport flight information system.

A recognition sensor system ensures that passengers are separated and as soon as these checks have been passed access is granted and passengers can proceed to the passport and security control points. In the event that the boarding card is invalid or passenger separation is not confirmed, the barrier remains closed. A display pictogram informs the passenger of the actual status.

The eGate control system, which is not only visually attractive but also blends in well with modern airport architecture, protects against misuse such as individuals climbing over or crawling underneath it. The eGate can also be connected to the airport’s building management system to help ensure perfect functioning at all times.

Adaptable airport security solutions

Access authorisation and control is important in airports, including staff access, boarding systems, ticket systems for chargeable areas, and more. Adaptable systems with readers, scanners or vending machines have been reliably used for many years.

Easy separation, simple processes and exemplary service are the objectives aimed for during the development of such systems. The introduction of chargeable areas has created the opportunity to generate increased revenue. Wanzl would be pleased to provide you
with sample calculations for these.

Turnstile system for protecting entries and exits

The EasyGo turnstile sensitively and securely protects entries and exits. It is available in either a two or three-armed version, with its enclosed stainless-steel housing. The space-saving turnstile guarantees that only persons with access authorisation can pass through. It is available in a mechanical version that can be set to turn either right or left. The electromechanical version is equipped with an operating panel as standard, which provides information on the current operating and counting status.

For chargeable access, the EasyGo turnstile can be combined with a ticket machine that accepts any currency required. After the fee is paid, using cash or credit card, access is enabled. Wanzl can also equip the EasyGo turnstile with an anti-panic feature.

Customised passenger handling systems

As a premium supplier, Wanzl guarantees top quality for all aspects of its airport solutions from sourcing raw materials and product processing to delivery and installation. Customised products can be developed on request and completely tailored to customer requirements.

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