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Wooden Crates, Pallets and Steel Skids for Airport Logistics

K&S Industries provides high-quality wooden crates, export pallets, machinery skids and other cargo handling equipment for the airport industry.


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K&S Industries provides high-quality wooden crates, export pallets, machinery skids and other cargo handling equipment for the airport industry.

Based in Shepparton, Victoria, Australia, the company can supply a range of speciality pallets, crates and produce bins to surrounding areas, including Melbourne.

Speciality casing crates for air cargo handling

Our casing crates are designed to protect large quantities of cargo from damage during shipping or storage. We have a large range of crates and pallets suitable for airport logistics operations, including storage and transportation.

K&S Industries uses high-quality timber from its South Australian sawmill to ensure that our casing crates are produced from the best materials available. With a wide range of items available directly from our online store, we are a trusted local supplier of crates, pallets and storage bins.

K&S Industries’ wooden pallets are certified for international export use.
Our specialist machinery skids can be constructed according to the client’s size specification.
K&S Industries’ crates are produced using sustainable locally sourced timber.

Ideal for transporting heavy items such as vegetables or large machinery, our casing crates are designed to transport products safely across any distance. Our experts at K&S Industries can advise clients on their casing case requirements and discuss what options are available.

Export pallets for airport logistics operations

K&S Industries offers International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures No 15 (ISPM 15) certified export pallets, which are ideal for international transport to countries with stringent import and quarantine regulations for products using wood packaging materials. Non-certified materials can be rejected, resulting in enforced treatment, disposal or refusal of entry.

We are certified to comply with international requirements with the Australian Wood Packaging Certification Scheme (AWPCS) mark, which demonstrates compliance to restricting the spread of wood pests and diseases.

Our clients can be assured that K&S wood packaging materials are globally accepted. Suitable for supporting, protecting or carrying export consignments, our solutions include pallets, dunnage, crating, pallet collars and skids.

Specialist steel machinery skids for air cargo logistics

K&S Industries provides durable and reusable steel skids designed to meet individual customer requirements.

Our skids are constructed using state-of-the-art machinery, which is operated by our experienced team to offer high-quality skids for airport logistics support. The most common range of sizes includes 1.2m × 2.4m, 1.2m × 3m, and 1.2m × 3.6m, but we can produce skids to any other specifications.

We are constantly developing the design of the steel skids to ensure optimal functionality, sturdiness and high mobility with the single-deck platform.

Export pallets for Asian markets

As part of a new programme and the latest ISPM15 certification, K&S is expanding operations with export contracts in China. Other Asian markets are being examined for potential export opportunities.

Our sustainable timber sources allow us to provide a quick turnaround for pallets and timely export delivery through our own supply chain. We can manufacture pallets according to export designs, meeting all export certifications.

We offer used and timber pallets in a variety of sizes.

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