ege is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of patterned broadloom carpets. With the use of advanced technology only imagination sets the limits. By choosing ege, the floor surface is your canvas. Like an artist placing his painting brush on a blank canvas, the floor surface holds every possible expression and style at ege. Feel free to give your imagination free rein. 

  • With ege you achieve:
  • Design without limitations
  • No pattern report restrictions
  • All colours of the rainbow
  • Design solutions for spaces of any size

Furthermore, environmental work is an integral part of our corporate philosophy, enabling you to choose responsible carpet design with a clear conscience.

Broadloom carpets for airport interiors

We allow clients total freedom of design when working with them to produce a carpet. This means that any idea, no matter how creative and abstract, can become an aesthetically pleasing textile flooring solution for your airport, uniting unique individuality with high comfort. 

Cost-efficient carpets for airport interiors

At the same time, we are aware of factors, which go beyond creativity and artistic freedom: budgets and deadlines. To ege, it is a question of being innovative, engaging and visionary, without compromising on realism and reliability. We guarantee exceptional guidance through each step in the process; from the first thoughts and ideas to the final installation. Within only three weeks after receipt of order, the final carpet solution is ready for dispatch, meaning minimal downtime for busy airport areas.

When working with ege, the only limit to a carpet design is the imagination.
The carpet in this departure lounge at Aalborg airport lends the room an air of discrete sophistication.
We allow clients total freedom of design when working with them to produce a carpet.
This carpet at Dubai airport mimics the desert sands, setting a unique atmosphere for the airport.

Bespoke airport interior carpets

Our production process incorporates the latest advanced technology and most skilled, dedicated designers. This results in spectacular carpet designs which add sophistication and panache to even the busiest airport.

About ege

We help our clients by providing beautiful and strong flooring solutions creating well-being. Every single thought and every action performed at ege takes it starting point in our mission statement. A central sentence containing everything we wish to offer our clients. Why carpets? Beauty, strength and well-being. These three words describe the perfect airport interior – and they are the essence of everything we wish to accomplish. They are the substance of our work and our carpets.