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Airport Operations and Management Advisory Services

Experts of the Lufthansa Consulting's Airports principal unit provide added value for successful business development to decision makers of airport management companies, government entities, private and public sector investors and international financial institutions.

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Experts of the Lufthansa Consulting’s Airports principal unit provide added value for successful business development to decision makers of airport management companies, government entities, private and public sector investors and international financial institutions.

Advisory by Lufthansa Consulting enables clients worldwide to effectively achieve their business objectives by focusing on the following core areas:

  • Process optimization in key performance areas across all airport operational domains
  • Revenue and cost optimization in the aeronautical and non-aeronautical field
  • Service quality and experience enhancement for customers and users

Our integrated approach to opportunities in airport operations reflects the extensive experience in key competence areas of both, the airline and airport business as well as that of a regulator.

Airport operations and sustainable development

Facing the future trends and challenges in safety, security, capacity and environment airport managers are confronted with increasingly demanding requirements from their clients.

Process re-engineering for Airports Company of South Africa (ACSA) yielded substantial financial benefits through about 80 initiatives in commercial, operations and business domains at O.R. Tambo International Airport.
Lufthansa Consulting provided valuable advice to an airport management company in the Russian Federation in developing a comprehensive airport business and investment strategy.
For government authorities Lufthansa Consulting facilitated tender and bid management for multiple airport concession agreements on development, operation and management of international airports in different regions of the world.
Several airports management companies benefit from Lufthansa Consulting's expertise in airport process optimization, aviation security, ground handling operations as well as landside and airside capacity enhancement.

Taking a processes centered approach Lufthansa Consulting’s diversified airport services portfolio enables multiple synergies in passenger and cargo handling for management companies or authorities of smaller airports or large multimodal hubs.

From strategic planning to process implementation we offer targeted and innovative consulting services to our clients seeking performance excellence in airport operations and management:

  • Airport operations: Applying collaborative decision making concept principles to optimize landside and airside operational processes while freeing latent capacities to achieve productivity and efficiency gains
  • Strategic airport development planning: integrating master and functional planning of infrastructure and facilities with effective compliance with emerging regulatory requirements. Driven by international best-practices  the solutions are tailored to local conditions and the airport’s business environment and strategy
  • Airport service quality management: Introducing effective concepts to monitor and enhance the level of service for various customers at the airport, including key performance areas and indicators approach, quality management instruments and a reward/recognition policy and programs

Airport strategy and management

We offer valuable advice to airport management in developing successful and sustainable business strategies.

  • Air service development: Exploring the potential of additional traffic generation through market environment and potential analysis. Targeted client marketing and pro-active traffic generation enables sustainable airport business growth for hub or spoke scenarios
  • Airport aeronautical and non-aeronautical revenue enhancement: Developing a holistic revenue optimization strategy to identify and expand benefits from profitable air services. Continuous harmonization of business processes combined with the application of advanced reporting and incentive schemes will unfold productivity potential of resources and significant financial benefits
  • Airport public private partnerships: Bringing in the perspective of the complete air transport value chain, Lufthansa Consulting became a recognized strategic advisor for the preparation and implementation of airport public private partnership projects to public sector contracting authorities as well as private sector investors and consortia.

Specialized services and methods support clients in achieving their goals.

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