With a total of 800 baggage lifters in operation, EBL is by far the biggest supplier of baggage lifters to airports worldwide. EBL is fully focused on development and implementation of equipment for airport baggage handling.

EBL’s products are designed for positive ergonomic and environmental impact for its users.

Ergonomic baggage lifters

Manual, frequent handling of goods, exceeding weights of 5kg, will in the long run cause problems with occupational injuries in operators’ backs, arms and shoulders.

By using EBL equipment, you will avoid serious injuries to your operators and subsequent long-term absences.

EBL baggage lifters mean baggage is comfortably handled by the operator.
All kinds of baggage can be handled with EBL baggage lifters.
Wireless handle with angled hook.
Loading baggage onto the EBL Ergocart.
An EBL baggage cart with ergonomic movable loading deck.

EBL equipment reduces the risk of your employees suffering from long-term injuries and permanent handicaps.

Baggage lifting systems, trolleys and carts

EBL supplies baggage lifting systems, baggage trolleys and baggage carts for airport applications.

Baggage lifting systems

EBL baggage lifters are, according to customers’ preferences, electrically, pneumatically or vacuum operated. The lifting unit is connected to a profiled x / y-movement beam system, normally fitted to the ceiling.

The operator’s handle is connected to lifting unit by a steel wire. By pressing the handle, the operator makes the handle move vertically. The handle is then horizontally directed by the operator, making the lifting unit move within the limits of the beam system connected to the ceiling. Grippers or hooks, often custom-designed, are easily connected to the handle.

Wireless communication between the handle and lifting unit

Signal control connection between the handle and lifting unit is available with wireless communication (Bluetooth®), which is an alternative to the common cable connection.

Electrically operated, low-cost baggage lifters

Whereas possible, EBL recommends installation of direct electrically driven lifters, for the following reasons.

1. Environment:
Energy consumption – by using direct electrically driven lifters you will install 20% of power and consume less than 10% of electrical energy compared with the figures for vacuum driven lifters (which are indirectly electrical driven). This will give an essential contribution to free space for alternative energy consumption within customers’ "Green certificate" consumption limits.

Free floor space – electrical lifters will cause no problem by moving long distances along conveyors. The complete system is moving in its ceiling fittings, leaving all space under the lifting hook free. There is no need for any equipment on the floor or "vacuum socks" in operators’ ways.

Noise – our electrical lifters will create no noise, because no vacuum pumps or compressors are required.

2. Economics:
Ergonomics – by reducing absence caused by injuries, you will, sometimes dramatically, reduce costs for rehabilitation and over-employment.

Investments – the purchase and installation price of electric lifters is less costly, caused by few components and easy installation work. There is no need for investments for vacuum or compressed air.

Operation – low energy consumption and few moving parts ensure dramatically reduced operation and maintenance costs.

Baggage carts

EBL baggage carts, ergonomically designed for airport applications, are aimed for transportation of baggage between conveyors and aircrafts.

Baggage trolleys

EBL baggage trolleys, designed for passengers handling of baggage inside airports, are often customized, in order to meet various customers’ demands on size and flexibility.

Baggage handling systems worldwide

There are around 800 systems EBL baggage handling systems installed at more than 60 airports around Europe and North America.