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Fire Protection and Life Safety Services for Airports and Aviation Facilities

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JENSEN HUGHES is a global leader in specialty engineering and consulting services for the aviation industry.

Our engineers, consultants, and scientists evaluate risks and develop the best, most cost-effective safety solutions. We offer extensive, practical experience gained through research, industry innovation and countless projects.

Fire safety and security solutions for airports

JENSEN HUGHES’ consultants and engineers are recognised experts in fire and safety engineering.

We apply in-depth expertise to address fire and safety challenges that are unique to airports and aviation facilities.

JENSEN HUGHES offers computer modelling of smoke movement and control for open spaces in terminals and aviation facilities.
60 buildings on the Logan Airport campus were surveyed to determine the condition of fire alarm systems through inspection and testing, and make recommendations for upgrades.
The company provided fire protection, life safety and code compliance consulting services for the South Terminal Redevelopment Program (STRP) at Denver International Airport.
Fire protection designs for aircraft hangars include water and electrical hi-ex foam generators, and use bladder tank foam proportioning systems.
Terminal 3 at the Toronto Pearson International Airport is undergoing an enhancement program. JENSEN HUGHES is currently providing code consulting and fire protection engineering services for the project.
The Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) was broken down into three main phases: (1) Base egress analysis, (2) Site survey at high volume periods, and (3) High volume egress analysis.
Our Singapore office supplied fire protection engineering services for the addition and alterations of Changi Airport, Terminal 3. Fire safety design and code consulting services were provided for the passenger terminal complex and carparks.
JENSEN HUGHES provides fire protection and life safety support services on a task-order basis to the US Department of Transportation. Specifically, the company supplied services to the Volpe National Transportation Systems Center for its Fire Life Safety Program, which includes nationwide FAA-owned facilities.

Our company’s solutions, which include highly effective emergency communications systems (ECS) and offer comprehensive services for airside operations safety, comply with stringent constraints of airport security.

Fire protection engineering services

JENSEN HUGHES aviation experts routinely work with architects and construction managers to preserve unique architectural design features, while ensuring fire and safety code compliance.

The company also demonstrates the effectiveness of alternative design plans to regulatory authorities.

Our engineers use fire, smoke and egress models and tools to conduct performance-based design and analysis, as well as support your fire protection needs.

Emergency security and communications systems

Airport operators face a wide range of technical challenges in regards to emergency response and evacuation planning, including security requirements.

JENSEN HUGHES has extensive experience in designing systems that protect airport property, and communicate with passengers and employees during emergencies.

Our designs integrate fire alarm and emergency communication systems (ECS), and use the latest notification technologies to elicit effective, controlled responses.

Evacuation design and people movement modelling services

Our engineers model passenger movement and circulation, taking into account a broad variety of factors and behaviours, including code and security limitations.

These comprehensive models allow JENSEN HUGHES and architects to design systems and processes that protect lives and property in the event of fire, smoke hazard, and other emergency scenarios.

Smoke control systems and CFD modelling

Our company performs computer modelling of smoke movement and control for large open spaces in aviation facilities.

Modelling can help refine system requirements, reducing cost and complexity. We typically use both fire dynamics / computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and timed egress models to evaluate solutions.

Airside operations safety solutions

Our experienced engineers help airports to provide airside operations safety by developing aircraft evacuation plans, jet fuel fire suppression plans, and aeronautical foam firefighting training.

All services and consulting address the unique challenges of the airport environment, and JENSEN HUGHES’s systems and procedures are designed to mitigate risk and deliver maximum safety protection.

Fire protection engineering for aircraft hangars

JENSEN HUGHES provides fire protection engineering services for unique aviation infrastructure, including aircraft hangars, production and engine test facilities (hush houses), airports, and related support facilities.

Services include fire protection design, life safety analysis, code consulting, fire detection and alarm design, smoke modelling, and fire hazard analysis.

The company’s consultants are up to date with hangar fire protection design trends and environmental issues.

We conduct research and testing on aircraft hangar suppression and detection system designs. We can also assist with fire suppression and detection system designs and criteria, as well as operation and maintenance procedures, environmental criteria, aqueous film-forming foam (AFFF) containment, and special hazard designs.


Our global clients include a majority of Fortune 500 companies, and cover a wide range of industries, includig corporate real estate, education, energy, government, healthcare, hospitality, industrial, military, and transportation.

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