Cannon Load Banks

Cannon Load Banks manufactures lightweight load banks that are small but powerful. Our portable banks are used around the world at most major airports to accurately replicate the load a power source will experience in a practical application. All of our products weigh less than 60lb.

Portable and digital load banks for accurate power measurement at airports

The L-100D is one of our most popular load banks. Portable and digital, the it weighs just 45lb. This load bank is designed to provide field servicing and testing capabilities for 400Hz, 200VAC ground power units.

With a digital load bank, you can measure volts, amps, frequency, and load (in kilowatts). With the L-100D, you can run an overload through 90kVA ground power units for testing purposes.

The L-100D is one of Cannon Load Banks' most popular models, designed for the service and testing of 400Hz 200VAC ground power units.
The L-72 load bank pulls enough energy to put a full load on 90kVA ground power units, the standard unit worldwide.
Cannon Load Banks' most powerful product, the L-120 is capable of testing ground power units of up to 150kVA.
The automatic L-28DC has a fixed load of 300A, and is used for the testing and maintenance of 28VDC ground power units.
The L-270 weighs 39lb, and is used by the military to test ground power units for jets.

Ground power unit testing using lightweight high-capacity load banks

The L-72 portable load bank is used for testing 90kVA ground power units. It represents the majority of ground power units used worldwide.

Even though this lightweight bank weighs 34lb, the powerful L-72 has the capacity to operate at small 9kW stages to achieve the required load for testing purposes.

Variable loads for accurate ground power unit testing

L-120 banks can provide a temporary load of up to 120kW. The power of this portable bank allows it to test ground power units of up to 150kVA.

This 400Hz load bank weights less than 60lb. The variable load steps on this unit allow you to gather up to 100kW.

The L-120 is Cannon Load Bank’s most powerful product. This maintenance bank can be used to put significant loads on larger ground power units for maintenance purposes.

DC automatic load banks for simulating aeroplane engines

This DC load bank is used to test the starting capability of 28VDC 1,600A ground power units. The load created by the L-28VDC is the same as the turboprop produced when an aeroplane starts its engines.

This automatic bank starts with a load of 1,600A, dropping by 300A until no power is left, after 35 seconds. The L-28DC has a fixed load of 300A for testing and maintenance of ground power units. This is a powerful load bank that weighs only 43lb.

Testing and maintenance of DC ground power units

The L-29 DC is our most powerful DC bank, and can replicate the current of a ground power unit from 2,000A to 0A in 35 seconds. This bank applies a fixed 300A load for the testing and maintenance of DC ground power units. It has a weight of 49lb.

Military-grade load banks for testing of high-power jet engines

The L-270 load bank is our newest unit, which tests up to 72kW at 270VDC, and weighs just 39lb.

It is used by the military to trial new ground power units for jets that require both 400Hz and 270VDC load banks.

About Cannon Load Banks

We build custom load banks for several aircraft manufactures. The boxes are kept to the same size, but we can vary the load steps and total capability of the bank to meet customers’ needs.

We have been serving our customers for almost 30 years. Our reputation for high-quality portable load banks is known throughout the industry.