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Ground Power Units for Airport Equipment

Hitzinger manufactures power supply systems for airport equipment, alternators, converters and diesel gensets.

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Hitzinger manufactures power supply systems for airport equipment, alternators, converters and diesel gensets.

The company’s production experience, up-to-date knowledge and 24/7 customer service ensures the quality of its products.

Ground power units for airports

Hitzinger has provided reliable and well-designed ground power units for a large number of airports across the world.

D POWER distinguishes itself with optimised economic efficiency and increased alternator efficiency.
The DC POWER 28M contains Hitzinger’s latest 28VDC stack technology.
The E POWER is Hitzinger’s battery driven ground power unit.
JET POWER is as efficient as the D POWER and specially designed for smaller aircrafts.
The Hitzinger PIT POWER System is a user-friendly power supply device which is installed close to the aircraft.
With the combination of S POWER 90B and S POWER C (cable coil), Hitzinger offers a complete system to supply 400Hz.
S POWER is the towable, mobile power solution from Hitzinger.
With its S POWER, Hitzinger presents a new standard of ground power generation for all aircrafts.
The Hitzinger S POWER C is a reliable cable coiler.

The company’s D POWER, JET POWER, S POWER, PIT POWER and COIL POWER products enable safe and cost-efficient flight preparation.

All products are available with 28VDC output for single and simultaneous use on aeroplanes, including the A350, B787 and A380.

Efficient and user-friendly ground power units

The D-POWER ground power unit guarantees maximum efficiency and decreases fuel consumption by reducing rotations per minute to 1,500. The unit is therefore more environmentally friendly and offers a reduced total cost of ownership (TCO).

The control unit features an easy-to-maintain modular design and a weather-resistant touch panel, which can be easily operated with gloved hands.

Hitzinger provides ground power units with the new DEUTZ-engine, which fulfils upcoming TIER 4 environmental requirements in the US, and EU stage V regulations.

The company also offers the JET POWER ground unit for smaller aircraft classes.

Environmentally friendly power supply solutions

The environmentally friendly S POWER unit features Hitzinger’s solid state frequency converter, which runs without any fuel.

Using active power factor correction, the S POWER reaches a power factor close to one with low-input current distortion.

Intermediate direct current (DC) voltage is actively stabilised to decouple the machine’s input from its output. The solution also guarantees excellent output voltage using three-level inverter-technology.

A plug-and-play system simplifies maintenance for individual S POWER stacks, and the unit can still be operated if one stack fails. The unit’s 400Hz converter can generally be repaired in less than ten minutes.

Hitzinger offers a moveable S POWER variant primarily for indoor use, such as in hangars, as well as a towable version that can be attached to all common baggage carts and is mainly used on the apron.

In combination with its CABLE COIL, Hitzinger offers a complete bridge-mounted S POWER system with an output of 400Hz. Due to its modularity, the converter and cable can be individually arranged and combined under passenger boarding bridges.

Hatch and pop-up pits

Hitzinger’s PIT POWER systems provide power in close proximity to the aircraft to reduce operating times and costs.

The company offers hatch and pop-up pits, as well as associated supplies such as water, compressed air, data links, and plugs. The hatch pit offers up to two 400Hz supply cables, while the pop-up pit can be provided with up to four 400Hz supply cables.

Hitzinger hatch and pop-up pits feature an adjustable counterbalance mechanism, which allows for safe and easy opening and closing using force less than 5kg. The force can be modified according to customer requirements and the pit’s features, such as the number of 400Hz cables and additional supplies.

Produced using high-quality components, Hitzinger pits are completely sand-proof and watertight. When closed, the pit is locked and flushed with the apron to reduce the risk of accidents.

The Hitzinger PIT POWER system is resistant to loads up to 90t and is certified according to EN124 F900.

Products & services


    Hitzinger provides a new range of D POWER ground power supplies for aircraft during the preparation phase.


    JET POWER is the new Hitzinger brand of group power supplies for preparing aircraft providing enhanced efficiency.


    S POWER provides high levels of supply security along with its serviceable, simplified power unit operation.

  • S POWER mobile

    Hitzinger maintains its development with the growing mobility of its customers by offering a mobile 400Hz S POWER supply system.


    The Hitzinger PIT POWER is a power supply system which is installed close to the aircraft reducing costs and operating time.

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