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Crowd Management and Signage Solutions for Airports

Visiontron specialises in the provision of crowd control and signage equipment optimised for ensuring passenger flow at airports.

720 Old Willets Path,
11788 New York,
United States of America

Visiontron specialises in the provision of crowd control and signage equipment optimised for ensuring passenger flow at airports.

We are committed to continuous improvement and pride ourselves on our efficient shipping performance record, low incidents of manufacturing defects, and excellent communications through a dedicated customer service team.

Passenger management systems for airport terminals

Visiontron’s comprehensive product portfolio includes a full line of Retracta-Belt stanchions, which can be equipped with belts that extend 10ft, 15ft, 30ft or 65ft depending on the customer’s operational requirements.

We provide a wide variety of mounting base options for our crowd control posts, including 14in-diameter portable versions, as well as magnetic, mini-socket, fixed and removable variants to address a wide variety of project applications.

Our product catalogue includes queuing line post and panel barriers, swing gates, retracting wall-mount units, 6in-tall signposts, pylon and tower signage, and branded signage toppers, as well as a number of innovative safety products to ensure the efficient flow of passengers throughout the terminal area.

Furthermore, we stock a line of conventional posts and ropes, post-mounted writing tables and post transporter carts, in addition to rapid-deployment Retracta-Cade barriers and hard-wearing steel barricades for critical environments. Accessories such as bulletin holders, baggage and gauge sizers, and logo mats / carpets are also available upon request.

Visiontron’s innovative products are used extensively in a range of locations worldwide, including airports, light-rail cars, casinos, hotels, museums, hospitals, theme parks, and stadiums.

Queue lane panels for airport sites

Visiontron supplies effective crowd control products for use in a wide range of airport vicinities, including check-in and gate areas, Transport Security Authority (TSA) and customs and border protection (CBP) zones, restrooms and outdoor tarmacs.

We offer a line of Retracta-Belt stanchions and ‘Post-N-Panel’ rigid barrier systems to efficiently organise queue lanes, while our robust, premium-grade posts are able to efficiently manage heavy airport traffic and come with a ten-year warranty.

We provide heavy-duty panel units to create perimeters and organise traffic lanes, which can be manufactured from a variety of different materials depending on customers’ preferences, including glass, acrylic and komatex PVC.

In addition, Visiontron’s catalogue includes a number of semi-permanent base mounting options such as magnetic and mini-socket systems. These solutions ensure the posts remain in-place throughout the day and that queue lines do not shift.  Barriers can be installed quickly and cleanly, and the products can be easily removed if required, allowing for maximum operational flexibility.

Visiontron has recently collaborated with various major airports to ensure their international terminals are ready for CBP’s ‘modified egress’ programme via the installation of customised access control doors and panels in their respective federal inspection station (FIS) areas.

Our stock and custom solutions have been developed with input from CBP and terminal executives.

Customisable barrier systems for airline terminals

Visiontron’s R&D team conducts a wide range of in-house engineering and product development works using powerful 3D CAD software.

Our manufacturing facility is equipped with complete machine and woodworking shops, as well as dedicated electrical and assembly departments.

We also possess a full art department with the following capabilities:

  • Artwork layout and creation
  • Silk-screening department with colour matching capability
  • Ability to print directly on nearly any surface, including cardboard, metal, wood, plastic, and glass
  • Single or double sided printing
  • Digital and dye-sub printing
  • Eco-friendly printing solutions
  • Engraving and routing
  • Hot and cold UV lamination
  • Computer-controlled routing and cutting capable of cutting out complex shapes ranging from one to 1,000 pieces

Visiontron also offers various other printing methods such as UV, ‘ecofriendly’ latex, solvent and aqueous, in addition to state-of-the-art digital die-cutting.

We are able to control, schedule and expedite any job to meet the most demanding schedules and project deadlines.

About Visiontron

Visiontron is a US-based company that was originally established in 1964.

We manufacture 90% of our product line from our energy-efficient, 40,000ft2 facility situated in Long Island, New York, and have more than 50 years’ experience in providing high-quality products that address the real-world needs of the airline and airport markets.

Our solutions are highly customisable and can be delivered with short lead-times and flexible scheduling due to the fact that the vast majority of operations are conducted in-house and under our direct control.

Our extensive industry experience also helps us reduce costs and offer outstanding customer service.

Visiontron Corp.

720 Old Willets Path



New York

United States of America