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Self-Service Information and Security Solutions

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Parabit Systems

Parabit Systems is a full-service, engineering, design, integration and manufacturing company that provides high-quality security products and innovative self-service solutions.

Innovative solutions for the transit and airport industries

Parabit’s aviation and transit solutions can be found in major international and regional airports, transportation hubs and military bases worldwide.

The company’s product range includes:

The animated virtual assistant (AVA) is a self-service solution that is customisable to the client's requirements.
Parabit’s Aveta kiosk incorporates interactive digital signage with the company’s eTract software.
The company’s drive-up cameras are suitable for parking lots and warehouses.
Parabit’s light monitors provide an alert when lighting conditions, in elevators, stairwells, restrooms and other locations that rely on proper lighting.
The firm’s transaction cameras process operations in ticketing, concession and customs.
Parabit’s range of mobile device charging stations are available as poles, stanchions and counters.
Flight information displays (FIDs) are included with mobile integration.
Parabit’s courtesy / emergency telephones are available with optional directories.
The company’s welcome centres incorporate its various technologies to enhance the customer experience.
Electronic brochure kiosks are designed to provide clients and end-users with easily accessible information.
Parabit supplies a wide range of surveillance cameras.
  • Animated virtual assistants (AVAs) / avatars
  • Courtesy / emergency telephones
  • Digital signage, flight information displays (FIDs) and kiosks
  • Mobile device charging stations
  • Speciality cameras
  • Surveillance technology
  • Visitor / welcome centres
  • Digital signage software

Animated virtual assistant kiosks for airports

Parabit’s animated virtual assistant kiosk is a self-service solution that combines innovative hologram technology and progressive design for a 3D, virtual experience.

AVAs are customisable to reflect the unique requirements of the deployment environment, including race, gender, language and attire options. For example, international airport terminals may want to implement a virtual hologram with the look of a specific nationality, with messages in that specific language.

In addition, animated virtual assistant kiosk graphics are adaptable to reflect specific branding requirements.

Mobile device charging stations

Parabit’s mobile device charging stations provide an opportunity to recharge gadgets while enhancing customer service perceptions, by accomodating tablets, laptops and cell phones via USB drives or power outlets.

The company’s mobile device charging stations are made out of metal, offering durability and vandal resistance; perfect for public environment deployments. They cover a small footprint, and have often been placed side-by-side to serve as an electronics charging area.

Parabit manufactures and designs various cost-effective mobile device charging station models, so that you may choose the right configuration for the facility and budget requirements. The company’s current products include power stanchions, counters, poles and customised options.

Airport digital signage solutions

Parabit provides a wide range of digital signage from displays, to enclosures, to content management, and easy installation, in order to enhance customer relations, the omnichannel experience and brand loyalty for its clients.

The company’s solutions are suitable for airport displays, advertising, brochures, TV networks, bulletin boards, directional maps, electronic banners emergency broadcast systems, FIDs, featured retail items, hotel schedules for business meetings, menus, omnichannel retail, school news, weather reports, and emergencies.

Digital displays and self-service enclosures

By integrating digital signage with kiosk manufacturing, Parabit has created a digital signage solution that elevates communication with clients, provides brand recognition, increases company visibility and maximises return-on-investment.

The company’s kiosks and displays are built using state-of-the-art equipment and high-quality materials, integrated with its user-friendly digital software solution to allow clients to get their network up and running quickly.

Parabit designs and manufactures the kiosks in-house, it can integrate peripherals for various functions, such as ticket and coupon printing. The company’s self-service kiosk solution combines cutting-edge LCD technology, progressive design and proprietary software.

Passenger software and data reporting services

Parabit’s various digital signage software solutions allow clients to incorporate active insights and data.

The company’s products include:

  • eTract: turn a digital signage display into an interactive kiosk. It is suitable for display advertising, play videos, link digital signage images / videos to additional content or a website. Upon detection of a user between 2ft and 15ft, the kiosk changes the content and loads a restricted web browser. With the courtesy phone option, display telephone directories are available by removing the handset from its hook-switch. Clients can remotely change content and configuration via Parabit’s eTract Remote Content / Configuration Application
  • eBrochure: clients can review content or brochures, and forward a digital copy to their email address or smartphone via QR Code as an alternative to printed materials. Remote brochure / content update services are available. A large-format digital display presence enhances the brand and customer experience
  • FIDs: customised information displays are available for airports, and bus and train stations. Parabit can support updates 24/7/365, as well as design and manufacture displays
  • WayFinding: Parabit’s WayFinding software is designed to let visitors know exactly where they are and where they are headed. It provides navigation in complex corridors at the airport, transportation hubs, hospitals and museums. Clients can also scan a QR code or get secure SMS alerts and navigate from mobile phones

Cameras and surveillance

The Parabit Light Sensor interfaces to any alarm panel and if the lighting falls below the pre-programmed setting of foot candle illumination, the light monitor sends a warning to the monitoring station alerting people of the poor light condition.

Speciality security cameras

Security cameras can provide valuable benefits by maintaining records of visitors and their activities at public, unsupervised places such as parking lots.

Parabit makes a variety of surveillance products for the airport industry such as drive-up cameras, which perform the following.

  • Prevent hold ups and violent confrontations
  • Prevent hidden camera use and other suspicious activity such as attempts to place skimming devices on ATMs
  • Provide valuable visual evidence of crimes at unsupervised areas

Welcome centres

Parabit welcome centres incorporate digital signage, kiosks, telephones and directories, and other technology within a custom enclosure. Create an icon of safety and security while providing visitors with an easily identifiable service location. Engage and attract users with Parabit’s eTract software; owners can track usage and ROI.

The company assists clients throughout the project, from design, to site surveys and installation. Parabit’s mechanical designers are skilled at solving, correcting and preventing structural problems with use of proven, cutting-edge manufacturing techniques. They work in accordance with strict compliance under current codes and standards such as ADA.

Parabit’s experience and full manufacturing capabilities allow the design of efficient and budget-friendly products.

About Parabit

Parabit’s mission is to enhance self-service and improve security for existing and potential clients. The company aims to continue growth through the development of innovative, turn-key solutions for existing clients and for new markets that support this mission.

Parabit has 20 years of experience serving a wide range of industries, including aviation, banking and transit. The company’s expert designers and engineering team seamlessly integrate new technology with the client’s existing infrastructure, ranging from surveys, to installation planning and drawings, can execute the most challenging of client requests, whether it is interactive digital media or building access control.

White Papers

  • Digital Directions

    Visitors to New York area airports - JFK, LaGuardia and Newark International - are booking hotels faster, finding transportation into the city easier and not experiencing the typical headaches involved in travelling to the USA's busiest city.

Press Releases

  • Visitor Welcome Centers from Parabit

    Parabit Systems, designer and manufacturer of premium, embedded security and self-service technologies, announced that the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey has again chosen the Parabit team to design, manufacture, install, and to provide monitoring and content updating services for the new Welcome Center within JFK International Airport's Terminal 5i, opened 23 December 2014.


Parabit Systems
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