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Waste Movement, Passenger Carriers, Baggage Management and Bulk Liquid Bowsers

Bradshaw Electric Vehicles offers an extensive product range including tow tractors for airport baggage management, waste movement and recycling, passenger carriers for persons of reduced mobility (PRM) and people movement, together with various load carriers, bulk liquid bowsers, utility vehicles and a pedestrian controlled range of vehicles.


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A6 tow vehicle

Bradshaw Electric Vehicles is one of the UK’s largest manufacturers of industrial electric vehicles, providing an extensive product range that includes tow tractors for airport baggage management, waste movement and recycling, and passenger carriers for persons of reduced mobility (PRM), and general people movement.

Also included are various load carriers, bulk liquid bowsers, utility vehicles and a pedestrian controlled range of vehicles.

Many of Bradshaw’s electric vehicles are already in-use at international airports.

T800 tow tractor for baggage movement is a four wheel electric vehicle towing up to 8,000kg. Several options are available, including a cab with lockable slam metal doors. Maximum speed is pre-set between 8kph and 14kph.
The T800 tow tractor is for baggage movement:and baggage trolleys or a trailer.
Bradshaw’s AV6 model is ideal for transporting people around the airport and assisting PRM.
The T80 tow tractor for reduced width access is just 450mm wide and has a tow-load capacity of 800kg.
The T1200 tow tractor has a tow load capacity of up to 12,000kg, ideal for towing heavier loads.
The T1200 has a low flat deck for carrying loads.
The AV6 can transport up to six passengers.
The Pedestrian-controlled PT300 for transporting goods or equipment.
The Pedestrian-controlled PT300 can be used for transporting waste in busy areas.

Heavy duty tow tractors for ground support at airports

Bradshaw supplies a range of tow tractors with varying tow capacities. A popular choice, the Bradshaw T1200 is one of the larger tow tractors on offer, with a tow load capacity of up to 12t, but is still very competitively priced.

The T1200 tow tractor comes with five individual braking systems, including drum brakes on steer and drive axles, electronic regenerative braking under deceleration, dynamic speed sensing to prevent over-speeding in all driving conditions, automatic hill hold and automatically applied transmission parking brake.

Safety features of the T1200 tow tractor include an emergency stop button and a safety seat cut out.

Bradshaw currently has a new heavy-duty tow tractor in pre-production stages, which will be capable of towing up to 25t. With all the necessary features of the T1200, the new tow tractor is being designed specifically with airport duties in mind. The tow tractor will feature a lower, flat deck for load carrying, together with visible tow hitch, as well as full suspension in the driver’s seat.

Tow tractor for airport baggage handling

Bradshaw has a range of tow tractors suited for airport baggage handling, including the T800 tow tractor. Built to a very high standard, the T800 tow tractor is a sturdy, four-wheel electric vehicle that can tow up to 8t.

The tow tractor comes with five individual braking systems and safety features, including an emergency stop button and safety seat cut-out.

It makes baggage movement more efficient. The T800 from Bradshaw has great manoeuvrability and comes in several options, including a cab with lockable slam metal doors.

If you are looking for a tow tractor to move baggage, then the T800 tow tractor from Bradshaw is ideal, it is also suitable for leading a train of baggage trollies or a baggage trailer.

Electric vehicles for waste collection

Bradshaw supplies a number of ride on and pedestrian controlled tow tractors for waste collection.

The tow tractor range can shift up to 30,000kg, and there are various options to choose from. The pedestrian-controlled range can tow up to 500kg and carry up to 1,500kg.

The pedestrian-controlled vehicles are easy-to-operate and come with several safety features. These include an emergency stop button, safety cut-out and body-protection switch, which automatically stops the vehicle if it comes in to contact with the operator.

Passenger carriers for people movement at airports

Bradshaw offers a number of passenger carrier and PRM vehicles, able to transport up to eight passengers.

The most popular passenger carrier for people movement in the airport is the AV6, a six-seater vehicle where both safety and comfort are key.

The AV6 includes a number of safety features, such as low access step height, a padded seat base and back, and soft-coated door extrusions to prevent trap-point injuries. The AV6 people carrier can be seen at international airports, such as London Heathrow and Gatwick.

High-capacity load-carriers for transporting goods or persons

If you need to carry a load, Bradshaw can help with a range of load-carriers, with a payload capacity of up to 3,000kg. Load carriers include the FB3000, a four-wheel vehicle with a payload of 3,000kg, and a tow load capacity of 6,000kg.

The FB3000 comes in a number of options, including standard flatbed, lockable slam door cab, aluminium-hinged sides, and aluminium van body.

Also in the range are the club car utility vehicles, ideal for maintenance jobs and general daily tasks. Included in the options is the Transporter 4, a four-seater passenger / load carrier, flexible for transporting staff and their equipment.

Bespoke manufacturing for versatile, cost-effective vehicles

If you need something more specific, Bradshaw can offer a bespoke service to meet your needs.

Not only has the list of Bradshaw electric vehicles available for the airport sector grown, but the company’s design team is always looking at ways to maximise vehicle versatility.

Minor modifications, such as a tow facility, or covered cab, mean one vehicle can be used for a number of tasks, making your budget go further.

Bradshaw’s sales team is more than happy to discuss your requirements with you, and advise the most suitable vehicle types. The company ethos is that a complete package is offered to ensure the customer is always happy.

Bradshaw also offers operator training and has a dedicated support team to answer all after-sales queries.

About Bradshaw

Bradshaw Electric Vehicles started trading in 1973 as a plant hire company, and has been supplying industrial electric vehicles to both the UK and world market since 1975. It has evolved over the years to become one of the UK’s leading suppliers of specialist materials handling equipment.

Continuing to develop a showcase of products, Bradshaw is the preferred supplier for a growing number of global customers looking for electric tow tractors, electric tow trucks and electric utility vehicles, with many long standing customers such as OCS, Ford Motor Company, Network Rail, and the NHS.

A family run business, Bradshaw is very proud to be one of the largest UK-based manufacturers of electric vehicles, growing a loyal customer base across an ever-increasing range of industry sectors.

Bradshaw’s whole company ethos is that a complete package is offered to ensure the customer is always happy. The service provided doesn’t just end once a vehicle leaves the factory, the aftercare and support teams work with the customer to ensure the most is gained from their vehicle. A dedicated support team is there to answer all aftersales queries. All members of the team have many years’ experience with Bradshaw’s products and have been fully trained on them as well.

With a full time City & Guilds 7307 trainer, with over 30 years experience of dealing with our products, Bradshaw ensure all customers’ training requirements are met, providing anything from driver training to engineer training, as well as train the trainer training. Tailored for the specific type of vehicle to be used, training covers all aspects of its use, and is delivered with emphasis upon health and safety matters.

Not only does Bradshaw sell vehicles, but it also runs a large fleet of electric vehicles, which are available for short and long-term hire, as well as events.

At Bradshaw Electric Vehicles, customer satisfaction will always remain the primary goal, it is this and the commitment to its ISO:9001 accreditation that drive continued product development, lean production processing, and the manufacture of some of the safest, robust, and most versatile equipment available in this sector.


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