As one of the leading manufacturers of de-icing vehicles worldwide, Kiitokori can offer an extensive range of aircraft de-icers. Over the past 25 years, Kiitokori has delivered over 100 units to various European and Asian airports. Our customer-focused and flexible service has given us a group of loyal and satisfied customers.

Kiitokori produces the EFI series of aircraft de-icing vehicles. The model range includes the EFI 500, EFI 1000, EFI 1500, EFI 2000 and EFI 3000 CB. The new EFI 4000 is tailor-made for every ground handling (GH) company and airport.

Customised aircraft de-icing vehicles

Our goal is to design and manufacture the most suitable configurations to meet the specific requirements of each and every customer. ADF volumes from 2,500l up to 9,300l, and spraying heights from 10.5m to 20.2m, satisfy most requirements at apron areas.

Safety de-icing management systems

Every Kiitokori model is delivered with a state-of-art safety de-icing management system (SDMS). This programmable logic control (PLC) controls the spraying system, reducing environmental impact and decreasing the amount of anti de-icing fluids (ADF) required. This ensures a safe and cost-effective de-icing operation.

The EFI 500 includes all SDMS technical features, such as Omron PLC.
The EFI 1500, with a capacity of either 6,800l or 9,300l, is most suitable for busy regional airports.
The most popular model, EFI 2000, can serve aircraft up to the A340 and B747.
Every Kiitokori de-icer model is delivered with a safety de-icing management system (SDMS).
The EFI 4000 is ideal for remote de-icing areas and at gates due to its easy manoeuvrability.

The spraying system interface will always be customised to ensure that we meet the specific needs of every customer. We offer the safest and easiest methods of operation as a result of our modern Omron PLC technology, the characteristics of the latest ADF fluids and our 25 years of experience.

A380-compatible aircraft de-icer

The new EFI 4000 can serve the A380 and other larger aircraft. Its +/-80° rotating, enclosed cabin, which has a telescopic spraying arm that can spray up to 20.4m, enables the operator to de-ice large aircraft safely and quickly at centralized de-icing areas.

Regional and international airport de-icers

Our most popular model of de-icer, the EFI 2000, can be equipped with two or three tanks as well as a proportional mixing system for Type I and / or Type II / IV fluids. An operational height of 14.5m and a maximum tank volume of 9,300l make this model suitable for regional and international airports.

De-icer service and maintenance

We provide programme updates and modification services on-site and refurbishment services at our factory in Finland. An annual check-up provided by our field engineers minimises equipment downtime. A comprehensive course for operation and maintenance will be provided with every new unit.

ISO 9001:2000-certified de-icers

Every de-icer is designed with maximum-quality components tested and approved for reliable functioning. Each Kiitokori vehicle meets ISO 9001:2000 standards in design, engineering and manufacturing, ensuring an easy set-up and many years of trouble-free usage. Some of our de-icers have served for over 20 years at busy airports like Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport.