David Clark Company provides headset communication solutions and hearing protection for a wide variety of ground support and MRO applications. David Clark’s wired and wireless headset systems are presently used worldwide by airlines during pushback, de-icing, maintenance, as well as numerous other ground support operations where communication and safety is critical.

David Clark Company ground support communication systems are made in the US and have a proven track record for durability and reliable performance to protect people and save lives, while helping airlines avoid costly incidents that may run in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Go wireless for ramp operations

The Series 9900 wireless headset communication system provides maximum freedom and mobility as well as clear communication for a variety of ground support applications. Crew members move about freely and easily without being tethered to the aircraft or a headset station; communication is clear and safety is dramatically improved. Series 9900 wireless communication systems are ideal for tug operators, deicing operations, wing walkers, marshalling agents, maintenance mechanics and a host of additional ground support personnel.

A variety of headset styles, including over-the-head, behind-the-head, single-ear and muff-type let users choose the perfect model to fit their application needs and personal comfort preferences. Reliable components, including wireless gateways and belt stations provide rugged durability and ease of motion. Wireless systems are compatible for use with existing David Clark Company wired intercom systems and with most HF, VHF and UHF radios.

The 9900 series wireless communication system includes a variety of headset styles, wireless gateways and belt stations to provide greater mobility without being tethered to vehicles and equipment.
Wireless headset communication systems provide freedom of movement for bucket personnel while communicating clearly with de-icing crews.

Key features of the wireless system include:

  • Noise-attenuating headsets in a variety of styles
  • Hands-free full duplex intercom with DECT-based technology
  • Rugged, durable construction utilizing marine-grade components
  • Secure signaling prevents unwanted interception
  • Interfaces to all existing wired intercom systems
  • Interfaces to most HF, VHF and UHF radios
  • Up to four users per gateway with expanded capability such as tug, marshalling agent and two wing walkers
  • Range up to 300ft (approximately 100m) from gateway
  • 4-bay charger available, rechargeable batteries (24hrs)
  • Warranty: the universal, push-back and 3,800 gateways and battery recharger have a five-year warranty. Wireless headsets, belt stations, connecting cables and spare parts have a one-year warranty

Series 9900 system components: push back gateways

Push back gateways provide a seamless connection to aircraft interphone via an adapter cord included with each gateway. The gateways offer hands-free, full-duplex intercom for up to 4 headsets with belt stations per gateway (range: 300′ line-of-sight).

ateways act as a relay for all audio between belt stations and existing wired intercom. Multiple gateways can work independently within the same RF vicinity with no cross-talk. Gateways come with an orange, rubberized protective skin for high visibility on the tarmac, as well as a “Remove Before Flight” banner, hook / lanyard.

Gateway features include:

  • Link / PTT button for close-proximity link process to belt stations
  • System Gain for mater volume control of wireless system components
  • LED indicator for visual status of comm link and battery charge
  • Marine-grade, water-tight enclosures (IP-67 minimum) for harsh environments
  • EU version is available

Series 9900 system components: belt stations

Series 9900 Belt Stations eliminate extraneous ramp noise from critical communications and connect directly to headsets with an adapter cord provided. Belt stations transmit and receive all system audio to and from the gateway and the user’s headset. Both VOX and Non-VOX models are available.

Belt station features:

  • Marine-grade, water-tight enclosure and components
  • VOX control with proprietary “helper” tone, assists in ideal VOX setting
  • Large PTT for link, radio PTT, VOX override
  • EU version is available

Series 9900 system components: noise-attenuating headsets

David Clark Company headsets are designed to withstand the rigors of the ground support environment, while providing outstanding comfort, reliability and communication clarity.
Models include:

  • H9910- Dual-Ear, Over-The-Head style, with mic-shield (muff type) for use in extreme, high-noise environments
  • H9930 – Dual-Ear, Over-The-Head style, with mic-shield for use in high-noise environments
  • Also available – behind-the-head (for use with protective headgear) and single-ear (allows hearing of ambient sound) models

Wired ground support communication systems

David Clark Company Series wired ground support communication system for pushback and maintenance operations consists of Series 3000 noise attenuating headsets (including the popular H3530 over-the-head model, and muff microphone styles), belt stations in varying lengths with push-to-talk (PTT) switches and a variety of extension cords also in varying lengths.

David Clark Company’s Series 3800 de-icing systems require noise attenuating headsets (single ear style for the cab operator and dual over the headset style for the bucket operator), a 3800 master station and a remote U3801 headset station, along with the necessary power cord and jumper cords in varying lengths. All of the system headsets and components are designed to withstand rugged use in the harshest environments to ensure reliable performance.

Commitment to quality

For many years major airlines have used and relied upon David Clark ground support equipment for their communication needs. David Clark Company has always been and always will be dedicated to the development of products calling for unsurpassed excellence in quality, design and performance. We are dedicated to continuing this tradition with our existing product lines and all future products.