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Husqvarna Construction Products

Power Cutting Tools

SE-433 81 Gothenburg,

Husqvarna Construction Products is part of Husqvarna and is a market leader within machinery and diamond tools for the construction and stone industries. The product range includes power cutters, floor saws, tile and masonry saws, wall and wire saws, core drilling machines and diamond tools for these and other applications.

Gas-powered cutters

K 960 Rescue – the Husqvarna K 960 Rescue is ideal for rescue work because the entire filter system is well protected from water inside the tool cowling. The chromium-plated blade guard makes it easier to see exactly where you are cutting even in smoke, steam or water spray. The machine has the motortechnology DualCharge, which provides more power, lower fuel consumption and greatly reduced emissions.

K 760 Rescue – the Husqvarna K 760 Rescue is an easy to handle and extremely effective version of our popular K 750 model. The cutter is ideal for rescue work, as the entire filter system is splash-protected under the cowling. The handle system is developed for easy operation and the bright blade guard, which can be seen even in smoke, steam and jets of water, makes it easier to keep your work under control.

K760 – the K760 is developed with X-Torq technology, which provides an extremely powerful motor producing 3.7kW with low emissions and impressive fuel economy. The K760 is also fitted with a large muffler and a newly-developed vibration dampening system that provides an extremely quiet and easy-to-use machine.

K 1260 – Husqvarna K 1260 is the world’s largest and mightiest power cutter. It is a real power package for those who need maximum power to run 16in blades.

Hydraulic-powered cutters

K 2500 – hydraulic pressure is an excellent option for a smooth and efficient source of power. Not surprisingly, our hydraulic-powered cutters are remarkably light and easy to handle, while being robust and powerful. The Husqvarna K 2500 is equipped with a 16in (400mm) blade. The cutter is often used in succession, with a K 3600.

K 2500 Rail – the Husqvarna K 2500 hydraulically powered rail cutter offers an excellent power to weight ratio with the benefit of an extra depth of cut.

K 3600 – the Husqvarna K 3600 is a power cutter with truly unique characteristics and performance. Because its blade is driven from its periphery not its centre, it can cut 10in deep (260mm) with just a 14in blade.

Diamond blades

Husqvarna Construction Products develops diamond-cutting blades for all types of cutting work and machinery. In order to cover all the variations and types of work, we have a comprehensive range of blades to suit all applications.

Wet cutting blades, rescue blades and abrasive discs

Wet cutting blades – Husqvarna also offers different wet cutting blades designed for use on a variety of equipment.

Rescue blades – the rescue blade is intended for rescue services and should only be used by trained personnel. The cutting blade is intended to be used with hand-held cutting machines with belt transmission.

Abrasive discs – abrasive discs cut practically all masonry materials and are the only alternative for cutting steel and other metals.


Our range of accessories includes the following:

  • RA 10
  • HP 40
  • FC 40
  • KV 03
  • KV 04
  • Wet cutting kit
  • Protective equipment

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Swedish Robotic Technology Used to Clean Fukushima Nuclear Plant

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K750 Oilguard

Husqvarna Construction Products is the only manufacturer in the world to launch Oilguard, a unique safety system for engine function. The system was developed for Husqvarna's K750 power cutter. Oilguard is an optical indication system that prevents Husqvarna's K750 power cutter from ope

Husqvarna Construction Products

SE-433 81 Gothenburg