Design and manufacture advanced x-ray and ultrasound equipment for airport security

GILARDONI was established in 1947 with a mission to design and manufacture advanced x-ray and ultrasound equipment for security, non-destructive testing (NDT) and medical applications. Based in Mandello del Lario, Italy, and with products installed and serviced worldwide, GILARDONI is supported by a global network of distributors.

GILARDONI is an R&D-driven company with research laboratories certified as “highly qualified” by Italian ministerial decree. The R&D department works on joint projects with major companies, universities and stakeholders.

X-ray-based luggage screening systems

GILARDONI offers a complete line of X-Ray based luggage screening systems for security applications, ranging from small hand baggage control systems to mobile systems for large objects. GILARDONI multi-energy x-ray technology meets EU scanning and inspection requirements, and is used worldwide in airports, ports, cruise ships, public and private buildings, mail rooms and customs facilities.

Single and multi-view inspection systems for liquid threats (leds) and solid explosives detection

FEP ME 640 AMX is an innovative multi-view system for hand baggage screening. The system displays two orthogonal views for in-depth inspection. With a small footprint and excellent image quality, FEP ME 640 AMX is the ideal checkpoint solution and can be easily upgraded for detection of solid explosives and liquid threats. FEP ME 640 AMX equipped with the Liquid Explosive Detection hardware and software module meets ECAC performance standard as Type C Standard 2 LEDS.

FEP ME 640 AMX innovative multi-view system for carry-on luggage. Two orthogonal views are displayed for in-depth inspection. Upgradeable system for detection of solid and liquid explosive threats. Meets ECAC Type C Standard 2 LEDS performance standard.
FEP ME 536 system for mail and parcel screening. Compact design and stand alone configuration with monitor and console on top.
FEP ME 1000 HC bulky baggage screening system.
FEP ME CARGO for pallet and small container screening.
SCANTRUCK mobile X-Ray inspection system.

FEP ME 640, GILARDONI best-selling single view system, is excellent for cabin baggage and hand luggage inspection and ideal for use in airport screening. It features state-of-the-art technology in detection, acquisition and software management. FEP ME 640 systems, and those already installed which are compatible, can be upgraded to ECAC Type C Standard 2 LEDS.

Mail and parcels

FEP ME 536 is GILARDONI solution to mail and parcel screening. Its compact design with monitor and console on top of the system allows stand-alone installation with minimum footprint.

Bulky baggage screening

For hold baggage screening, GILARDONI offers single-view FEP ME 755, multi-view FEP ME 755 AMX, FEP ME 975 (high or low conveyor configuration) and FEP ME 1000 (high or low conveyor configuration).

Air-cargo screening

FEP ME CARGO is GILARDONI solution for cargo screening needs. Designed to inspect pallets and large packages, it features state-of-the-art detection technology, acquisition electronics and PC data-management software. Its tunnel size makes it ideal for use in airports, ports, customs and forwarders.

Self-contained mobile x-ray systems

For customers who need mobile x-ray systems FEP ME 975 SCANTRUCK has all the features of stationary scanners and is designed for increased durability to dependably perform on the go. Mobile systems help reduce costs by utilizing the same X-ray screening unit at several locations. We increase security with the ability to rapidly deploy screening where needed.

Optional alarm and training software

GILARDONI systems can be upgraded with ADS and TIP software for increased performance. ADS support the operator in the identification of potential suspicious materials, such as plastic explosives and narcotics, through displaying of alarm on the screen.

TIP software displays virtual dangerous objects randomly among real images on the operator’s monitor to ensure full attention and focus at all times according to EU Regulations. Our Linux Based systems can easily be installed in a dedicated LAN network for data sharing, supervisor monitoring and multilevel inspection architecture.

GILARDONI security installations

GILARDONI X-Ray inspection systems are currently installed in airports, seaports customs, post offices, prisons, courts and private companies in Italy and worldwide.