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Net Display Systems supplies reliable, high-end flight information display system (FIDS) software to airports all around the world. Whether you have a small or large airport, with the FIDS software from Net Display Systems you get a first class solution to display your flight information against a competitive price.

As a specialist in digital signage software, we also provide various other airport solutions. Increase your airport revenues or enhance the passenger experience with digital advertising, dynamic airport wayfinding, queue management, or one of our many other smart airport digital signage solutions.

Reduce your operational costs. Bring the digital screens at your airport together into one airport-wide signage solution, and optimally exploit the possibilities of airport digital signage.

The ANA Group uses the award-winning FIDS software of Net Display Systems as a multi-airport FIDS solution to serve 35 million passengers a year at ten Portuguese airports.
At Stuttgart Airport, approximately ten million passengers a year are informed by 750 displays with up-to-date flight information in combination with advertising.
Eindhoven Airport uses the flight information display software of Net Display Systems to improve passenger communication across the entire terminal building.
Rotterdam The Hague Airport has increased airport revenues with an airport wide signage solution that combines flight information with targeted, relevant content.
At London City Airport the award-winning PADS4 digital signage software of Net Display Systems shows dynamic airport advertising at the duty free area.

Flight Information Display System software

Our FIDS software can handle every display situation at your airport you can possibly think of, including targeted advertising, social media posts or even live TV, and that’s just the beginning!

Make your FIDS system really smart by defining business rules. Have your screens automatically respond to situation changes such as a gate change, a significant delay, or even an emergency situation.

Simply connect our flight information display software with your existing FIDS database or airport operational database (AODB) and optimally exploit the possibilities to display your real-time information. As an alternative use our flight information management software to manage your timetable and operational flights.

Airport Digital Signage software

Think about using visual communication to optimise the passenger flows through your terminal building, or increasing revenues of your tax-free shops with personalised advertising.

If you combine your FIDS screens with the other displays at your airport you can even do cross-optimisation, showing public announcements on the digital menu boards in your restaurants, or a special offer of the coffee bar on the FIDS screens in case of a delay. There are countless opportunities.

FIDS and Airport Digital Signage references

Every day worldwide millions of people watch the displays running our digital signage software. Over 80 airports globally use our software to guide airport passengers with up-to-date flight information.

Our references are not limited to the airport industry. Globally more than a quarter of the 100 worlds most recognised brands have already chosen our PADS software as their digital signage platform.

About Net Display Systems

Since 1994 Net Display Systems has been one of the world’s top manufacturers of digital signage software. During all these years airports and FIDS software have been our specialty.

New technologies play an important role in our daily activities. We closely follow the newest developments and always looks for opportunities to transform the latest technologies into useful new product features.

With Net Display Systems your get:

  • Over 20 years of FIDS and digital signage experience
  • High-end, stable and proven software
  • Installations varying from one to 10,000+ screens
  • Experts in real-time data connectivity

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