Focusing on integrated system supply, in-house product design and manufacturing, installation and maintenance services, airport design as well as complete project management, Cavotec offers the airport industry a unique package covering most, if not all, industry requirements. With references from airports around the world ranging from commercial and military airports, gate operations, and hangars for maintenance and repair overhaul (MRO), Cavotec has a long history in providing state-of-the-art systems coupled with close service and support to its customers, wherever they are located.

Ground support equipment integrator for the airport sector

Cavotec’s airport market unit is a complete ground support equipment (GSE) integrator for the global airport sector. Several of Cavotec’s centres of excellence are involved with the airport market unit: Cavotec Dabico US and UK, Cavotec Meyerinck and Cavotec Fladung each bring their own area of specialisation and expertise to the market.

Fuel supply and liquid delivery systems

Based in the UK and the US, Cavotec Dabico produces fuel supply systems, primarily in-ground delivery units, for a wide range of commercial applications.

Cavotec Meyerinck is a specialist supplier of fuel and liquid delivery systems and components for airports, the food and beverage sector and the chemical and petro-chemical industries.

Cavotec offers 400Hz fixed or mobile GPUs and cable coilers.
Cavotec's product range includes fuel hydrant pits and valves.
The PCAir handling system can be either fixed or mobile.

Cavotec Fladung designs and manufactures a diverse range of advanced GSE including pop-up pits for fuel, water and power supply, tunnel systems, pre-conditioned air units (PCA/PCAir), aircraft connectors and 400Hz caddies, all to help its clients reduce tarmac congestion, improve efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

The full product range includes:

  • 400Hz (fixed or mobile GPUs, cable coilers, underground pits)
  • PCA system (fixed or mobile air-handling units AHU)
  • Aircraft water treatment system (portable, blue and sewage)
  • Fuel hydrant (fuel hydrant pits and valves)
  • Fuel chambers
  • Access covers
  • Refueling systems (loading and unloading arms, floating suction arms, pantograph, fuel control valves and shock absorbers)
  • Aircraft tow bars
  • 400Hz and 28VDC connectors and cables
  • PCA hoses

Integrated gate concept

The introduction of the integrated gate concept has made it easier for clients to work with Cavotec to produce complete systems, and Cavotec’s continued focus on expansion through acquisitions when deemed appropriate, and organic growth, are combining to build a strong base upon which Cavotec will increasingly become a major supplier in the industry.