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Online Training and Learning Management for the Aviation Industry

Motive Learning provides customised learning software and services for airports, FBOs, and other aviation service providers.

927 E New Haven Ave, Suite 208,
Melbourne, Florida 32901,
United States of America

Motive Learning provides customised learning software and services for airports, fixed-base operators (FBOs), and other aviation service suppliers.

These organisations require employees with specialised skills due to complex and continually changing equipment and procedures. Training programmes need to be flexible and convenient. Our software and services help them develop and deliver custom interactive e-learning solutions.

We are best known for our software solutions, which include:

  • MotiveLMS Silver, Gold and Platinum: an array of learning management system (LMS) platforms. Each product is appropriately sized to the organisation to efficiently deliver training. The LMS includes a Qualification Management feature that tracks and reports training and compliance for safety standards and other requirements
  • MotiveCAT, our content authoring tool (CAT): this is suitable for clients wishing to create their own training programmes. Built for non-programmers, subject matter experts have the ability to create interactive eLearning courses
  • Motive API Key Generator: provides access to all the data points in the MotiveLMS to enable seamless integration with other systems. This tool provides data integration into various customer relationship management (CRM) systems, human resource information systems (HRIS), safety management systems (SMS), and other third-party LMS

Our team includes experienced instructional designers, developers, and video professionals. This team of experts collaborate with clients to build engaging training programs on technical tasks, equipment use, and complex processes. Our goal is always to help our clients deliver safe, flawless service.

On the Home Page, learners have access to all of their training enrollments, including courses coming soon.
Is this employee qualified to perform this task on a client’s aircraft? See an immediate Yes or No with the MotiveLMS’s Qualification Management tool.
Perform OJT Evaluations on the ramp using your smartphone with the MotiveLMS checklist course type.
Use the MotiveLMS Content Authoring Tool to rapidly build effective, aviation-specific e-learning courses.
Our video professionals capture your processes with your staff and equipment, anywhere in the world.
The Matrix Enrollments Report shows employee’s enrolment status, even if they are not enroled.

Learning management system for aviation services

Our MotiveLMS is a cost-effective solution for hosting, delivering, and tracking online training. Each employee’s qualifications are monitored and clearly reported.

The MotiveLMS is designed to fit the needs of the aviation industry. Many LMS systems only provide ready-made software that requires you to adapt your processes to fit. MotiveLMS software includes exclusive customisation to fit your processes.

The qualification management feature of the MotiveLMS tracks the employees that have completed required training for a specific role. Managers can easily see which employees are qualified to use a piece of equipment or to perform a procedure on an aircraft.

The MotiveLMS is offered in a Silver, Gold, or Platinum product, each of which includes software and services that are designed for a specific company size and requirements. Compare products on the Products and Services tab to find the solution that works best for you.

We developed the MotiveLMS because we saw the need for a comprehensive and customisable training system. We have also found that small, medium and large organisations appreciate the adaptability of the MotiveLMS.

Content authoring tools for custom-designed training schemes

Not all circumstances warrant a high-end interactive course. We have developed this rapid method to get your information to the end-user, quickly and inexpensively.

Our MotiveLMS features an integrated CAT, which is used to develop courses easily without a programming background. Courses developed by Motive Learning utilising the MotiveCAT can be customised and maintained by your subject matter experts when or as needed.

As an example of how this can be deployed in a large organisation, MotiveLMS 5.x Platinum product includes a content development organization. This is a workflow tool for stakeholders to easily create and review courseware.

The organisation can share these courses to several business units. Each business unit can then use the MotiveCAT system to make its own specific customisation and updates to these courses.

Custom courseware development for airport staff training

At Motive Learning, we believe all great courses start with a creative vision and strategy. We collaborate with clients using our proven approach to ensure the course meets your goals and objectives.

Courses are only effective if they capture the attention of the learner. Learners have become very adept at avoiding, ignoring or only minimally participating in courses with little interesting content, making even mandatory courses ineffective.

Together we analyse your organisation’s culture and learner dynamics. These factors determine the appropriate e-learning format, tone, level of interactivity, and use of humour. These factors enhance the learning experience.

Motive Learning continues to integrate fresh approaches to our product suite. We incorporate pervasive storylines, plots, and use of rich media, to breathe vibrancy and life into courses. Our instructional designers are familiar in design theory and educational content writing. They also have the production expertise to design interactive courseware. Courseware may include knowledge checks, job-aids, instructional videos, or blended combinations of instructional products.

Our development team is on the cutting edge of new learning technologies and platforms. We are specialists in graphic design, video production, audio editing, accessibility, and interactive media. In collaboration with our clients, we use a variety of methods, production software, and course authoring tools, to create rich-media e-learning courses that fit within your timeframe and budget.

Once your course is developed, we perform thorough SCORM testing with industry standard platforms before it is delivered. We provide any necessary technical support to ensure our products function as expected in your environment. At Motive Learning, we do whatever it takes to deliver complete customer satisfaction.

About Motive Learning

Founded in 1999, Motive Learning is a woman-owned small business registered in the System for Award Management (SAM) in the US. We use and provide the most innovative and adaptive training tools, as well as aim to provide the best customer service in our industry.

We advance the knowledge and skills of our clients, helping them achieve and retain qualifications and operate more efficiently. We have an international reputation for providing superior products, programmes and customer service.

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Products & services

  • Custom Courseware Development

    Motive Learning can help your organization develop new courses. We can assist you to modify and update your existing training materials to meet your current online training needs.

  • Customizable Aviation Safety Course Offerings

    Motive Learning provides basic aviation safety courses. These courses can be customized with the MotiveLMS CAT to include policies, procedures, photos, and videos from your locations.

  • MotiveLMS Packages

    We offer three MotiveLMS products; each is a SaaS (software as a service) package. All packages include the learning management system and an integrated content authoring application.

Motive Learning
927 E New Haven Ave, Suite 208
Melbourne, Florida 32901
United States of America

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