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Floor and Outdoor Cleaning Equipment

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Nilfisk-Advance provides the broadest range of cleaning equipment for airports. Whatever kind of area you need cleaned – including outdoor areas, terminals, offices, shopping facilities and lounge areas – we have the machine to help you clean efficiently, silently, quickly and easily.

Our product range includes road sweepers, sweepers, scrubber-dryers, carpet extractors, burnishers and single discs, and all kinds of vacuum cleaners.

Floor scrubber-dryers

Years of industry-leading experience have taught us how to make scrubber-dryers that consistently produce excellent cleaning results on floors. Nilfisk-Advance’s scrubber-dryers are simple to operate and consistently produce good cleaning results regardless of operator.

Our products range from small cabled walk-behinds for hard-floor cleaning in small areas, to large battery-powered ride-ons that clean up to 6,200m² per hour.

Nilfisk's BR601/651/751/751C ride-on scrubber-dryers cover all floor-cleaning applications, and are the optimal choice when you are cleaning a large area and also require manoeuvrability.
Sometimes it takes more than water. It takes Ecoflex. Green meets clean with the superior and customisable Ecoflex System.
The new Nilfisk sweeper SW 750 is easy to manoeuvre, sweeps up for two hours on a standard battery and is silent – ideal for daytime cleaning when there are many people around.

All our scrubber-dryers scrub the floor quietly, efficiently and quickly, vacuum-up liquid and leave the floor dry, streak-free and spotlessly clean – all in a single pass.

Sustainable cleaning with Nilfisk scrubber dryers…it is called Ecoflex

Green cleaning is good for business. The green, flexible and economical Ecoflex is scrubber dryer designed to meet the needs of professionals.

Time is money and today’s demand for cost efficiency and high standards requires a solution that is economical and flexible as well as user-friendly. The Ecoflex system combines economical sense with ecological conscience.

Road sweepers and sweepers

Nilfisk-Advance has a model for every conceivable sweeping job – from compact walk-behinds to large, heavy duty ride-on models that sweep up to 16,000m²/h.

For indoor use, Nilfisk sweepers can be battery-powered or LPG driven, and for demanding outdoor tasks they can be petrol or diesel-driven. Some come with versatile dual-power supplies that allow them to be used almost anywhere.

Nilfisk sweepers are designed for simple operation, easy service and maintenance, and dust-free sweeping. Several models also offer a high dump-system for easy emptying.

Commercial vacuum cleaners

Our wide range of commercial vacuum cleaners makes it easy to offer cleaning professionals the exact solutions they need.

We have highly competitive yet powerful vacs for facility cleaning, and silent vacs for daytime cleaning in noise-sensitive areas. We also supply the highly ergonomic backpack-vac, BACKUUM™, for cleaning that is necessary to be completed in a very short space of time (such as on aeroplanes, in heavily-furnished areas or on stairways).

Our wet and dry vacs also meet demanding wet applications, such as picking up fluid spills.

Floor-cleaning equipment service

There is more to a Nilfisk-Advance product than the guarantee that cleaning jobs are performed quickly, effectively and economically. Our high-quality products are supported by an equally high-quality service organisation that works to eliminate downtime and maximise running-time, ensuring productivity savings and extended operating-life for the equipment.

Service packages, customised to meet your specific needs, are available to secure optimal service-support for your machine.

Regional offices

Founded in a small backyard workshop in 1906, Nilfisk-Advance is today one of the leading professional cleaning equipment companies in the world, with a turnover of €780 million and 5,000 employees. Our headquarters is in Denmark and we have sales companies in all major European countries, North America and Asia.

Nilfisk-Advance is dedicated to delivering professional cleaning equipment that meets and exceeds the expectations of our customers. This is based on our tradition for innovation and quality, which has existed for almost a century. Our global presence enables us to support our customers with a comprehensive product range and high-quality services – worldwide.

Nilfisk-Advance is a member of the NKT Group.

Press Releases

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    Nilfisk-Advance, the global leader in professional cleaning equipment, has introduced a walk-behind carpet cleaner that can be quickly converted into a scrubber/dryer for hard floor surfaces. Designated the AX 651 multi EDS, this unit is designed to save investment costs and to increase

  • Two Metre-Wide Sweeping Path! (SR 1900)

    Nilfisk-Advance introduces new industrial class ride-on sweeper. The newly introduced Nilfisk SR 1900 ride-on sweeper is an industrial-class ride-on sweeper intended for fast and productive cleaning. Large and heavily soiled areas such as parking lots, warehouses, factory floors

  • High Quality Ride-On Sweeper (SR1100S)

    Nilfisk-Advance has listened to its customers' requirements and is introducing a no-frills compact, ride-on sweeper built to provide reliable, high-quality sweeping efficiency. The SR 1100S is available in both petrol and battery-driven versions, making it suitable for indoor or outdoor

  • Nilfisk Industrial Vacuums for Hazardous Dust Collection (IVB 3/5/7)

    Nilfisk-Advance, the global leader in professional cleaning equipment, has announced the introduction of its IVB series of vacuum cleaners for hazardous and nuisance dust collection. The IVB series is fully approved to handle both M and H classes of dust. M relates to dust that has a

  • Extremely Maneuverable Ride-On Scrubber/Dryer (BR 601)

    Nilfisk-Advance Introduces a New Range of Scrubber / Dryers The new BR 601 series of ride-on scrubber / dryers from Nilfisk-Advance is designed to be both ultra-compact and extremely manoeuvrable. With all the feel of a walk-behind unit combined with the convenience and speed of

  • Commercial Vacuum Cleaner at a Lower Price (GD 910)

    Nilfisk-Advance has raised the standard for commercial vacuum cleaners with the introduction of the GD 910. Practical, simple and designed for everyday cleaning, the GD 910 is built to the exacting quality standards the company is known for, yet offered at a lower price. The GD 910 has

  • Compact Road Sweeper (RS 501)

    Nilfisk-Advance, the global leading supplier of professional cleaning equipment, has announced the introduction of its latest road sweeper, the RS 501. The RS 501 is an updated version of the RS 500, which it replaces in the Nilfisk range. Like its predecessor, the RS 501 features an amazing t

  • Precise Detergent Metering on Scrubber/Dryers and Carpet Extractors (EDS)

    EDS - ECO Dosage Solution is designed to provide a modern and highly efficient means of mixing water and detergents in cleaning applications. In tests performed, Nilfisk-Advance has been able to prove that EDS - ECO Dosage Solution offers significant cost and time savings as well as more reliable

  • 12,500m² on One Battery Charge - Ride-On Burnisher (UHR 70-1700)

    Nilfisk-Advance has introduced a new addition to its range of ultra high-speed floor machines. The UHR 70-1700 is a ride-on burnisher with a pad diameter of 70cm and pad speed of 1,700rpm. It is intended to offer high productivity polishing of airport terminal, shopping centre, hospital, and ot

  • Super-Quiet Walk-Behind Sweeper (SW 750)

    Nilfisk-Advance has announced the introduction of its new walk-behind sweeper. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, the Nilfisk SW 750 features an extremely low noise level of just 59dbA, allowing it to be used for daytime cleaning even in noise-sensitive areas. This battery-powere

  • Low Noise Scrubber/Dryer Series (BA/CA 451/531/551/611)

    Nilfisk's new low-noise scrubber / dryer series, designated the CA/BA 451/531/551/611, replace the company's existing range and feature an exceptionally low noise level. This allows the units to be used for daytime cleaning, even in noise-sensitive areas. The new machines can also be supplied wi

  • Heavy-Duty Range of Commercial Scrubber/Dryers (BA625/725/825)

    Nilfisk-Advance, the global leader in professional cleaning equipment, has announced the introduction of a new range of heavy-duty commercial scrubber / dryers. The BA 625/725/725C/825 series of walk-behind machines offers a choice of three different brush deck sizes (61cm, 71cm and 81c

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