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IT Solutions for Optimising Airport Operations

Damarel provides aviation-focused information technology (IT) solutions to help airlines, airports and ground handlers automate and optimise their business.

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Damarel provides aviation-focused information technology (IT) solutions to help airlines, airports and ground handlers automate and optimise their business.

From airline departure control systems to leading turn management, ramp coordination and airline billing solutions, we help our customers reduce costs and improve their under and over-wing operations.

IT solutions for optimising airport operations

For ground handlers, FiNDnet provides a complete software solution for optimal turn management. It helps to coordinate, monitor and improve all aspects of ground handling and operations. With functions such as schedule management, resource planning, shift optimisation, service capture and airline billing, FiNDnet automates and simplifies to deliver a high-quality service.

Damarel’s comprehensive range of airline passenger processing solutions is designed to reduce costs and keep operations moving. Used worldwide, our departure control, automated boarding and weight and balance systems safely and securely process millions of passengers every year.

FiNDnet Operations delivers a powerful operational database for ground handling agents, helping to manage your operation and coordinate activity.
FiNDnet Mobile is a multi-purpose mobile workforce solution that improves ramp processes, staff performance and resource utilisation through better communication.
FiNDnet Shift Optimiser replaces manually intensive systems used to calculate staffing requirements with a fast, integrated and automated solution.
L-DCS offers integrated productivity features and fast processing time keep passenger services running as smoothly as possible, however busy the operation.
L-DCS Insight gives senior staff real-time access to key operational data using a workstation, smartphone or tablet, even as staff are walking around the airport.
Aura is an affordable common-use platform for small and medium-sized regional airports.

For airports, our solutions will improve passenger service and minimise queue times. Aura replaces dedicated airline check-in and gate facilities with a cost-effective and secure network of airport common-use equipment, which optimises capacity. Vanguard secures entry at the landside / airside boundary for manned positions and automated gates. It rapidly validates airline passenger boarding cards at security control points and provides real-time operational information.

Turnaround management and airline billing for ground handlers

Our FiNDnet suite of fully integrated products is a complete solution for ground handling. It covers all operational and business processes, with a proven track record in reducing costs, improving performance and increasing revenues.

Designed specifically for airport ground handling, FiNDnet offers operational control of processes. Comprehensive schedule management and ‘what-if’ planning for management overview are available, in addition to daily operations and full visibility turnaround management for efficient operations.

The IT system offers shift optimisation for increased staff productivity, assisted resource allocations to meet changing demand, and service level agreement (SLA) monitoring. Other features include automated billing, service recording and comprehensive reporting for pre-operation and post-operation analysis.

Ground handling is a competitive industry. FiNDnet helps you stay in control and provide effective and efficient service delivery to customers. Intuitive and user-friendly, the suite makes it easy to track, monitor and analyse flight services provided. The system removes manual errors, duplication and missed recording and billing of services.

Passenger processing systems for airports

Our Local Departure Control System (L-DCS) provides a cost-efficient solution for passenger check-in and boarding. With installations at more than 50 airports worldwide, L-DCS provides fast, reliable and efficient automated passenger processing to handling operations of all sizes.

Developed for low-cost carriers (LCC) and point-to-point operators, L-DCS helps ground handling agents and airlines reduce passenger processing costs and training overheads, as well as improve on-time performance (OTP). Integrated productivity features and fast processing times keep passenger services operational, delivering advanced features through a modern-day automated check-in and boarding system.

L-DCS is central to ground handling and airline operations. Available as either locally installed or as a fully hosted system, and on all major common-use platforms, L-DCS helps handling agents worldwide deliver optimal passenger processing.

Rapid and secure passenger boarding software

The Embark system is designed to improve gate boarding operations with enhanced security, no manual checks and faster passenger processing. Taking just minutes to learn, Embark not only makes gate operations more efficient but also enables the use of the latest passenger self-service technology. With full support for self-boarding gates (SBG), including unattended modes, airports can expedite boarding and provide passenger flexibility.

Automated boarding pass verification for secure airports

Vanguard immediately validates boarding documents to ensure passengers are allowed to pass through a security point, such as the landside / airside boundary. Automating this process leaves agents free to deal with other more labour-intensive tasks such as image capture and security profiling.

Providing full support for International Air Transport Association (IATA) 2D barcodes and self-service gates, Vanguard helps airports enhance security and develop self-service availability at airports.

Common-use terminal equipment management at regional airports

Aura Common Use system enables regional airports to optimise capacity while keeping control of costs. Replacing the need for costly construction or proprietary common-use terminal equipment (CUTE) or common-use passenger processing system (CUPPS) systems, Aura delivers a powerful, scalable and reliable alternative to traditional systems.

Aircraft loading weight and balance system

Designed for use on commercial passenger flights, LodeStone ensures safe and efficient aircraft loading. Suitable for use in a central load control (CLC) facility and individual stations, the system supports bulk loading for narrow-bodied aircraft and containerised loading for wide-bodied aircraft.

LodeStone is an accurate, easy-to-use load control software to perform automated weight and balance for significant results for all fleet sizes.

About Damarel

Founded in 1988, Damarel specialises in delivering software solutions for airport operations. For more than 30 years, the company has helped clients worldwide automate passenger and ground handling operations, improving performance while reducing costs.

For more information about how we can help improve your passenger and ground handling operations, fill out the enquiry form on this page.

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