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High-Quality Jet-Blast Deflector Fences for Airports

Jet-blast Deflector Fences

Blast-Ex jet-blast deflector fences provide safety for vehicles, pedestrians, airport facilities, buildings, and nearby public roads subjected to jet-blast from aircraft manoeuvring on runways, taxiways, and tarmac.

Jet-blast and foreign object damage barriers for the aviation industry

Prop and jet-blasts from manoeuvring aircraft create high-velocity winds, and can also cause foreign object damage (FOD).

Blast-Ex jet-blast deflectors feature blades, that prevent FOD by redirecting airflows to create a chimney effect, and eliminate horizontal jet-blasts. Gaps can be left between blades to allow for a lighter construction.

Portable Blast-Ex jet-blast deflector fences are suitable for airports.
Hot-dip galvanised Blast-Ex jet-blast deflectors feature a long-lasting finish.
Airport facilities are protected by Blast-Ex jet-blast deflector fences.
Powder-coated Blast-Ex jet-blast deflectors protect facilities from foreign object debris.

The deflector’s discrete metal elements are adjustable to deflect air streams by up to 90°. This breaks up wind flow directly behind the fence, and alleviates potential high-impact hazards.

Blast-Ex deflectors can simultaneously withstand jet-blasts at speeds up to 200m/s, and temperatures up to 500°C.

Durable, heat-resistant design

Blast-Ex jet-blast deflectors are manufactured using construction, stainless, and heat-resistant steels. Glass fibre-reinforced plastics are also used in special cases, such as to protect instrument landing system (ILS) / localiser antennas, and other NAV / COM equipment.

Customisable jet-blast deflectors for airport specification

Blast-Ex deflectors are bipartite, and come in transportable or fixed-mounted versions. In addition to standard deflector types, deflectors can be customised to ensure correct height, strength and blast deflection for individual airport specifications.

Corrosion protection and coating

Blast-Ex jet-blast deflectors are hot-dip galvanised during the production process. Powder coating is applied directly after galvanising. The usual need for sweeping (roughing up the surface of the steel) is thus not necessary. The duplex-coating process also produces an excellent and durable colour finish.

Worldwide shipping and installation

Blast-Ex jet-blast deflectors are manufactured in Germany, but the company also provides shipping and installation services for the international airport market.

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