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Efficiency and Security Products for Airport Terminals

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Zebra Technologies provides products to improve efficiency and security in airport terminals. We offer a broad selection of solutions to help identify, track and manage assets, transactions and people that enables increased productivity, reduced operational costs and strengthened security.

Zebra helps customers to deploy their critical assets more smartly.

Mobile printers for boarding cards and bag tags

Airlines and airport owners are learning lessons from the retail industry in the management and reduction of queues. Mobile computers and printers are being increasingly deployed at airports to reduce wait times and improve passenger flows. Zebra’s mobile printers can be used to print boarding cards and bag tags.

Self-service airport kiosk printers

Kiosks are a common sight in airports these days. Critical to an effective self-service airport kiosk is the reliability of its component parts and Zebra’s self-service airport kiosk printers fit the bill perfectly. With a variety of paper width options available, Zebra’s kiosk printers provide the ideal solution for self-service check-in.

Zebra's rugged mobile printers.
Reliable kiosk printers.
ID card printers.
Managing the ground fleet.

ID card printers

Security has never been higher on the agenda for airport terminals so keeping control of the staff and contractor ID system is a high priority. Zebra’s ZXP Series 8 ID card printers with built-in laminator facilitate the in-house production of vivid photo ID badges with a wide variety of customisable security features including holograms and UV inks.

Wireless tracking and monitoring system for GSE

The global aviation industry is facing increasing costs and changing challenges, ranging from the emergence of low-cost carriers to maintaining, and operating vast amounts of equipment. Although the diverse challenges vary, there is one common factor: the need to optimise GSE to boost fleet effectiveness and achieve cost efficiencies.

Zebra Enterprise Solutions provides a wireless fleet tracking and monitoring system to help optimize GSE maintenance management and, at the same time, increase security, safety, productivity and fleet allocation. Designed to electronically capture real-time data across your entire fleet of GSE, the Airport Visualiser solution enables fleet managers to see – and account for – both the GSE operational status and the people who operate them.

About Zebra Technologies

Zebra Technologies is a global company built on integrity, innovation and delivering valued business benefits to our customers. Zebra serves more than 90% of the Fortune 500 companies worldwide, and has EMEA offices in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Dubai and South Africa.


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    The New Luanda International Airport being constructed in the northern Bengo municipality of the Luanda province, Angola, will serve as an alternative to the existing Quatro de Fevereiro International Airport.

  • Ocala International Airport, Florida

    Ocala International Airport (OCF) is a general aviation airport located four miles west of the City of Ocala in Marion County, Florida. Also known as Ocala International-Jim Taylor Field, the airport is owned and operated by City of Ocala.

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