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Advisory, Training and Air Broking Services

Aviation & Consulting (A&C) provides training, advisory and air broking services to airlines, airports, ground service companies, public authorities and international institutions worldwide.

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Aviation & Consulting

Aviation & Consulting (A&C) provides training, advisory and air broking services to airlines, airports, ground service companies, public authorities and international institutions worldwide.

Aviation security training courses

A&C offers security courses for aviation staff. These courses are carried out via traditional and e-learning lectures, in accordance with ICAO, EASTI and Italian Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC).

A&C trains flight personnel in security procedures and countermeasures for illegal acts, such as hijacking, and prospective security officers in protocols and techniques for screening passengers / baggage.

Aviation & Consultancy (A&C) provides advisory and training services for the civil aviation industry.
The company's training courses cover aviation safety and security, ground handling personnel, crisis management, and outdoor activities.
A&C trains staff in handling passengers with reduced mobility (PRM) in conformity with the EC 1107/2006 standard.
The company rents out a range of aircraft including air taxis, and executive, liner and cargo planes.

The company provides courses for the inspection, documentation and security control of cargo and mail.

A&C trains supervisors using group situations and conflict resolution role-plays, as well as managerial courses for aviation security operators. It teaches airport supplier staff to operate in accordance with Italian and European airport regulations, as well as handling, cleaning and catering staff.

A&C also organises socio-criminological courses in collaboration with researchers and social scientists.

Ground handling training services

The company’s ground handling courses cover topics, including aircraft weight and balance, guiding and parking aircraft, headset communication, de-icing procedures, basic fares and ticketing.

It also supplies a course for handling passengers with reduced mobility (PRM) and baggage in conformity with the EC 1107/2006 standard.

Training for crisis management in airports

A&C helps clients to plan an effective response by training staff in emergency, crisis communication and social media management. The company employs a holistic approach to crisis response, handle external communications and protect the reputation of the companies involved.

A&C provides aviation safety courses for staff in any airport category, ranging from airfields to international airports

Its aerodrome courses teach staff about the organisation and operation of airports, including the certification process, infrastructure and risk prevention.

Courses for staff handling dangerous materials

A&C provides training for airport personnel involved with the handling, processing and storage of dangerous materials.

The company also offers to represent the ‘External Consultant for the Safety of Transport of Dangerous Goods’ as provided for by Legislative Decree 35/2010.

Outdoor training services for airport personnel

A&C develops outdoor training courses and trust-building exercises for businesses. The courses are designed to enhance teamwork, organisation and managerial skills.

The company’s consultants are experienced in training personnel and managing group dynamics within international bodies and civil protection organisations.

Web, social media and marketing services for aviation companies

A&C improves clients’ web and social presence, allowing them to communicate with clients, advertise new products, or promote their firm’s achievements online.

The company offers customised service packages meeting clients’ requirements.

It also creates websites, social profiles and wikipedia pages for clients, as well as provides digital press office services, and defines key performance indicators (KPI) to monitor and analyse traffic.

EU project management

A&C can help small and medium-sized (SME) businesses to obtain project funding from organisations such as the European Commission.

The company assists businesses in the implementation of their projects regarding aeronautics, logistics and security.

Aircraft broking and charter flight services

A&C rents out a wide range of aircraft and arranges charter flights. It provides aerotaxis and helitaxis, as well as executive, liner and cargo crafts.

The company’s air broking services also include gourmet catering and facilities, air ambulances, and technical and administrative management for aircraft.


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