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Facial Recognition Solutions for Airport Security

Early detection enables a proactive response to imminent threats. The company's central and mobile alarm solutions combined with face adjudication tools provide for an immediate and effective response.



Face4 provides facial recognition surveillance solutions for identifying persons of interest throughout airports.

The company’s central and mobile alerting combined with face adjudication tools enable early detection and a proactive response to imminent threats at entry or security checkpoints.

Face4 incorporates its face recognition experience and expertise to each deployment to ensure success and high-performance.

Facial recognition surveillance for airport security

Face4’s facial recognition technology enables passive detection of known persons on the move.

Cameras can be located at approaches and entry points to the airport terminal, enabling early and proactive intervention. Use of multiple cameras provides robust performance over a range of environmental conditions and passenger behaviour.

Passive image capture ensures that passenger traffic flow is not affected and no queues are created, thereby mitigating security vulnerabilities. Facial surveillance adds an effective layer of security without incurring additional staffing costs.

Facial recognition for airports using the Face Lookout System (FLS)

Face4 Systems’ proven Face Lookout System (FLS) product delivers face image capture, tracking, matching, alert adjudication and management, and mobile alerts.

The FLS is scalable based on the number of cameras, person traffic, and watchlist size.

Alert adjudication allows surveillance operators to review potential matches and send only confirmed matches to an officer’s mobile device.

The mobile alert includes the necessary images and information for rapid interdiction and enforcement. The FLS is designed to meet demanding data security and privacy requirements, and also includes utilities for biometric and system performance analysis.

Airport camera and system deployment for facial surveillance and identification

Potential areas for face camera deployment include terminal approaches and entry points, escalators and moving sidewalks, security queues and checkpoints, transfer and boarding points, passenger bridges, and employee and delivery entrances.

Specific engineering and performance testing for each face capture zone yields an improved detection rate and reduced costs.

The Face4 system utilises backend servers to host components for camera management, video collection, face detection and tracking, face matching, result notifications, and web applications. When a potential watchlist hit occurs, an alert is sent to a surveillance operations room, where an officer can immediately adjudicate the potential match.

If confirmed, the surveillance officer will forward the match to a mobile device so that a field officer can quickly find the individual of concern. Since only confirmed match alerts go to field officers, they will not be inconvenienced with possible false alerts and can focus exclusively on finding individuals of interest.

The FLS can be easily integrated into an existing security or video management system (VMS). An interface providing an alert notification is available allowing a watchlist hit to be consumed as any other alert in the security system. The FLS’ web applications provide an effective graphical user interface, which can also be integrated into the security system.

Scene cameras are deployed to provide supplementary information useful for adjudication and interdiction. These are configured similar to any CCTV video cameras. The FLS can integrate feeds from existing video to take advantage of existing cameras.

User training, system support and maintenance services

Face4 works with the customer to establish requirements, and set achievable business / security objectives. This includes the concept of operation defining how these goals will be met. Based on the environment, image capture zones are designed to optimise face image quality.

Face4 will install a pilot deployment, including full image quality, biometric, and system analysis to evaluate performance in a client’s environment and allow adjustment of configuration to meet requirements. User training, system support, and maintenance complete the suite of Face4 Systems professional services.

About Face4 Systems

Face4 Systems has been delivering facial recognition solutions to government, systems integrators and private sector customers worldwide since 2002.

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