New Zealand-based company ATCANZ offers a range of airport and aeronautical consultancy and training services, covering airport operational and compliance/risk management, airport planning and development management services, and aeronautical consultancy, air traffic management training and air navigation services. ATCANZ is based at its training campus on Christchurch International Airport.

Airport operational support, management and consultancy

ATCANZ provides a variety of airport specific management and operational functions covering airport quality assurance auditing; airport Annex 14 (NZCAR Part 139) compliance; airport operational risk profiling; airside driver training programme; airport airspace hazard advice (NZCAR Part 77); airport airspace risk analysis; and airport operational usage strategic planning.

Support, management and consultancy is also offered for airport communications systems; apron management and ground-vehicle control; safety and quality systems development; security operations; emergency planning and control; rescue fire services (including marine rescue and hot fire training); airfield safety inspection and maintenance; strategic planning and airport development; user negotiation; and marketing.

Among the areas we cover for training are airport operations for the New Zealand Qualification’s Authority (NZQA) National Diploma and National Certificate Airport Ops programme.

New Zealand-based company ATCANZ offers a range of aviation training and consultancy services.
Our services include air traffic management training, air navigation services, airport support and management services, and aviation consultancy.
ATCANZ possesses specialist knowledge and experience in ATC training, selection and examining.
We offer specialist knowledge and experience in air traffic support (ATS) operations and management.
ATCANZ provides a full range of airport support and management services.

ATCANZ has ATTTO-registered workplace assessors for the NZQA airport’s domain — all strains.

Aviation operational development, management and task-related consultancy

ATCANZ provides comprehensive operational development, management or selected task-related consultancy. Our services include:

  • Project management and project support services
  • Concept design, development and delivery of information systems
  • Development of operational and non-operational document systems including computer-based document control systems
  • Safety and quality assurance auditing
  • Quality assurance certification
  • Aeronautical studies
  • Occupational health and safety system development, implementation, support and training
  • Training needs analysis
  • CNS/ATM planning
  • Financial advice in civil aviation infrastructure, procurement and provision
  • Institutional strengthening and reform consultancy

Air traffic control (ATC) training

ATCANZ offers specialist knowledge and experience in ATC training, selection and examining.

Our services include ICAO-based ATC/ATS training courses; revalidation training and upgrade training for new equipment, procedures and systems; training system design, development and implementation; ATC/ATS examining services; ATC/ATS ICAO-based courseware; ATS CBT courseware packages design and production; ATC, airports and aviation instructor training for trainers; ICAO aviation English; and ATC simulation training.

Air navigation and air traffic services

ATCANZ offers specialist knowledge and experience in air traffic support (ATS) operations and management, and can also provide ATS support services including:

  • ATC infrastructure design and implementation
  • Strategic human resources planning and management
  • Integration of new technologies into training and licensing systems
  • Pans ops procedure design and review
  • ATS operational assessment systems
  • CNSATM system design and implementation
  • Air traffic controller computerised recruitment selection
  • Airspace design

ATS simulation procurement services

We provide a range of ATS simulation procurement services, including specification requirements, functionality requirements, tender preparation, tender review, delivery and installation, and training cost-benefit analysis.

Aviation security services

Our aviation security services include consultancy, planning, quality assurance and training.