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Ground Support Equipment Rental and Maintenance Solutions

Founded in 1999, TCR is today a major business-to-business service provider in the GSE sector. TCR implements the rental, repair and maintenance of Ground Support Equipment (GSE) and owns over 14,000 units.

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TCR is an established supplier of ground support equipment (GSE) for airports, with services that include fleet sale and rental, maintenance and repair, as well as ramp assistance, and sale of previously owned GSE.

As well as airports, clients include airlines, handling companies and handlers of cargo. TCR’s workforce comprises more than 1,200 employees and operates in more than 130 airports worldwide.

Ground support equipment for airport operations

With hundreds of pieces of GSE at its disposal across a vast range of types and brands, TCR Remarketing is a one-stop shop to purchase and hire GSE fleets.

Motorised GSE equipment available includes:

Engineers from TCR help ensure that all ground support equipment is functioning correctly at all times.
TCR is the 'GSE Integrator' specialised in renting GSE and providing innovative turnkey solutions in the field of GSE management.
TCR's GSE repair and maintenance skills encompass all equipment used to operate an airport such as aircraft tractors, loaders, conveyor belts, passenger stairs, baggage carts, and ground power units.
Highly skilled technicians from TCR take care of all the maintenance and repair work on GSE.
A comprehensive range of ground support equipment is available for rental and purchase.
All GSE provided by TCR arrives optimised and ready-to-use.
TCR provides complete GSE fleets for airports to meet specific demands.
Engineers from TCR help to ensure that all ground support equipment is functioning correctly at all times.
TCR implements the rental, repair, and maintenance of ground support equipment (GSE).
  • Air-conditioning units (ACU)
  • Air support units (ASU)
  • Beltloaders
  • Cabin heaters
  • Deicers
  • Ground power unit (GPU)
  • Lavatory trucks
  • Loaders
  • Passenger buses
  • Pushback tractors
  • Towbarless tractors
  • Tractors
  • Truck-mounted stairs

TCR offers non-motorised GSE such as:

  • GSE carts
  • Dollies
  • Crew or engineering stairs
  • Towable passenger stairs
  • Towbars

GSE rental and operating leases

We can meet short-term requirements through our rental services and longer requirements through an operating lease from individual motorised and non-motorised GSE, to an entire fleet. Renting equipment can be more cost-effective for customers if required for short periods and cut investment risks.

Sale of used GSE and associated services for airports

Once the initial period of rental has ended, clients have an option to buy motorised and non-motorised GSE from TCR. TCR’s highly qualified technicians and mechanics ensure that GSE is able to meet specific industrial demands.

Refurbishment services are available depending on requirements, including routine maintenance and restoring equipment to factory condition. All equipment has been maintained in accordance with OEM standards and is thoroughly inspected for safety before delivery. All units will arrive ready for service.

Fleet management solutions for airports

TCR provides cost-effective solutions to increase, replace, back-up or build a new GSE fleet. Equipment is safe and reliable, with a long service-life and quick delivery times.

In order to provide a service that is both economical and high-quality, it is vital to have a cost-effective fleet.

It is vital to have substantial experience in GSE and comprehensive information of how all equipment is used. For this reason, TCR ensure it invests in the most advanced technologies for data collection and management.

Data gathered includes maintenance and service history, safety accreditation, and usage hours. All information collated is then used by customers to optimise the performance of their fleets.

Maintenance and ramp assistance services for commercial airfields

TCR ensures that GSE is always ready-to-use and in optimum condition, which is vital for ramp operators. We offer preventive maintenance services, fleet monitoring, and prompt intervention in the event of any ramp problems.

Maintenance facilities offer:

  • Well-equipped airside workshops
  • Qualified technicians
  • Efficient spare-parts policy
  • Advanced technical know-how
  • Awareness of local security and environmental regulations
  • Online technical data management

Ramp assistance services include:

  • Airside workshops
  • Fast response times to ramp emergencies
  • Online and telecommunications devices

Press Releases

  • TCR Acquires Emerge Engineering & Maintenance

    TCR is pleased to announce the acquisition of Emerge Engineering & Maintenance, an Australia-based airport ground support equipment (GSE) services company. Emerge is the Australian market leader in GSE services, with an operation spanning across 36 airports including six workshops at major airports and staffing over 60 employees' countrywide.

  • TCR International and Aeroservicios Establish Joint Venture Company

    On 2 February 2016, TCR International USA and Aeroservicios USA established a joint venture company called TCR Americas that will act on behalf of both parent companies to develop the ground service equipment (GSE) full service rental market in North, South and Central America (the Americas). TCR International USA and Aeroservicios USA will each own 50% of TCR Americas.

  • TCR International Signs Contract with Scandinavian Airlines

    TCR International, a Belgian group specialised in the leasing of ground support equipment (GSE), announces the signing of a major contract through its subsidiary TCR Denmark with SAS for the purchase and leaseback of all vehicles, motorised or not, providing ground services to the airline on Copenhagen Airport.

  • TCR in Germany

    In March 2012 TCR did a sale and rent-back operation with Aviapartner's GSE in Dusseldorf Airport. Since then, TCR has also been supporting Aviapartner with additional equipment to help its strong growth in the airport.

  • TCR in Scandinavia

    The sale and rent-back of all Menzies' GSE in Oslo Airport took place in October 2010. For, the next step TCR started looking at additional customers in the Scandinavian region; the main players being SGS and Aviator (Röros, Nordic Aero, Northport, Novia).

  • TCR Workshop at the International Airport Expo

    TCR has made a strategic decision to expand its successful products and services to the US and has established its first operation at IAH, providing one customer with its full fleet conversion and maintenance service through an operational lease. To learn more about TCR, and how TCR can


  • Gothenburg Landvetter Airport Expansion

    Gothenburg Landvetter airport, the second biggest airport in Sweden, is currently undergoing a major expansion to meet the increasing number of passengers and tourists.

  • Jersey International Airport

    Jersey International Airport, located in the parish of Saint Peter Jersey, is the only airport and gateway to Channel Islands.

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