Airport Furniture Design and Manufacturing

Parque Tecnológico Actiu,
Autovía CV 80
Salida Onil,
03420 Castalla,

Parque Tecnológico Actiu,
Autovía CV 80
Salida Onil,
03420 Castalla,

Actiu provides airport furniture design and manufacturing services, including seating for terminals and passenger waiting areas, as well as workspaces.

From Actiu Technological Park, the company offers customised solutions for modern airport interiors, drawing on extensive experience, material knowledge, process flexibility and production capacity.

Modular benches for airport terminals

Versatile seats are available for passenger areas within the terminal building, featuring a design that allows for a number of shapes, materials and finishes.

The Passport range features seats with backs that mould to the shape of the body, designed for comfort and good posture. Seats can also be adapted for people with reduced mobility. Passport seats offer high resistance and durability.

Avant benches have an ergonomic design that meet anthropometric needs of all users and offer lumbar support. Seats are designed according to Ecodesign standards, making use of the latest materials and processes during manufacturing. The environmental impact of the benches is significantly reduced due to their long lifespan.

Transit benches have a high-quality finish with a design inspired by modern architecture. The contemporary and original seating solution is available in plywood, padded polyurethane or steel finishes to suit the terminal building.

Check-in and customer service counters

Actiu has a wide production capacity, which allows the company to design and manufacture unique projects that are personalised and completely adapted for each individual installation.

The company has worked on a project at Alicante-Elche Airport in Spain, providing customised check-in and equipment counters at the facility’s new terminal.

Actiu also developed booths and counters for the passport control and boarding area to match the terminal design.

Seating for passenger boarding areas

A wide range of seating solutions is available for transit and waiting areas, including Bend, Shey and WING types.

Bend is suitable for creating comfortable and informal meeting points that allow users to communicate and relax. The range has a simple design that can be customised with different fabrics and models.

Shey is a lightweight, modular seating solution that can be adjusted and configured for any airport terminal space. It features a PUR finish, which makes the seats aseptic, as well as a simple surface that makes cleaning and maintenance easy.

The WING chair has a vintage style that can be used indoors or outdoors. The chair can be customised with unique design, colour, finish and accessories to fit into any environment.

About Actiu

Actiu has been operating as a family business for more than 50 years, specialising in furniture design and manufacturing for workspaces. The company exports products across the world, aiming to guarantee comfort for users, as well as product durability.

All Actiu products and services feature professional, innovative and modern design with high quality throughout.

Actiu is recognised by the US Green Building Council with the LEED® Platinum certification for its commitment to design, sustainability and environmentally friendly construction.

All Actiu products are manufactured in-house and have been designed for long-term use with sustainable materials from processing wood, metal and basic structures to the finishes.

Passenger Terminal Seating

Actiu designs and manufactures a range of seating options designed for airport terminals. 

Tancredo Neves/Confins International Airport

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Australia’s Wellcamp Airport

Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport (WTB) is the first public airport built in Australia for half a century. 

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