AMC offers a comprehensive range of vehicle and personnel access control systems suitable for a wide range of applications, from high-security military and banking installations through to controlling access and security in schools, city centres and parking control at office buildings.

Perimeter fencing security for deterrence, alerting and monitoring

When combined with our vibration detection and CCTV systems perimeter fencing security provides deterrence, alerting and monitoring capabilities to even remote locations.

AMC products include the following:

  • Gates (swing, sliding, telescopic and fast gates)
  • Bollards
  • Barriers
  • Road blockers
  • Tyre killers
  • Turnstiles
  • Speed restrictors
  • Fencing

Combined solar and wind power systems

AMC has been working in conjunction with leading suppliers of low energy lighting and alternative energy equipment. As a result the company is now able to offer combined solar and wind power systems to many of our security products and installations. Additionally our new ballistic resistant LED area lighting units are the first in the world to offer energy saving floodlighting together with the high levels of attack resistance.

AMC Security Systems is a specialist provider of high-security perimeter protection and access control systems for airports.
AMC supply a full range of PAS68 and K12 tested and certified products to protect against VBIED attacks.
We offer a range of products from detection and monitoring systems, automated gates, road blockers and bollards, access controls, ANPR, CCTV to security fencing.
Personnel, visitors and members of the public may be controlled and monitored over large scale facilities by AMC's integrated access controls.
AMC provide full installation and maintenance services throughout the UK and worldwide using fully accredited distributors.
  • Long span gates (up to 90m clear opening)
  • Solar power packs
  • Ballistic resistant LED floodlighting

Number plate recognition and anti-ram systems

Automatic number plate recognition systems can be combined with our anti-ram products to allow authorised traffic-free entry to an airport, whilst maintaining the highest levels of threat defence.

Logging and alert capabilities are standard, so the client is able to monitor vehicle movements and programme different actions in the event of unknown or specific target vehicles attempting entry to the protected area.

The AMC vehicle control includes:

  • Number plate recognition
  • Under vehicle scanning system
  • Car parking control and monitoring

Integrated access control for large-scale facilities

Personnel, visitors and members of the public may be controlled and monitored over large-scale facilities by AMC’s integrated access controls. Access requests are centrally logged for real time monitoring or future interrogation, whilst specific areas may be allowed or denied to individual users and over different timescales. Biometric recognition devices may also be integrated AMC access control systems include:

  • CCTV
  • Control rooms
  • Identification, control and monitoring

Passive and discreet detection systems

Area protection and alarming is provided by a combination of passive and discreet sensor systems feeding a central monitoring station. For example, infra-red detection curtains integrated into discreet street light columns can differentiate between animal and human movement.

Additionally when a threat is detected, software recognition systems automatically follow the threat, and if a secure area is threatened, programmable alarms will be sent to any number of response agencies, with details of the threat and location.
AMC detection systems include:

  • Movement detection, monitoring and alarms
  • Active infra-red barrier protection
  • Vibration detection

About AMC

AMC is based in the UK and provides equipment and services to locations around the world. All products are supported by a skilled installation, maintenance and training capability.