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Airfield Lighting Solutions

atg airports is a world renowned manufacturer of airfield lighting solutions, producing a range of products and services designed to maintain safe and efficient airport operations.

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atg airports is a world renowned manufacturer of airfield lighting solutions, producing a range of products and services designed to maintain safe and efficient airport operations.

Airfield lighting

By creating a range of solutions at the forefront of the airfield ground lighting industry, atg airports are able to provide a range of approach, taxiway and runway lighting, utilising LED or tungsten halogen light sources, all of which are designed in compliance with ICAO, FAA, CAP 168 and other relevant international standards.

IRIS, atg’s latest development is the future of airfield lighting. IRIS offers unique technological developments designed to improve airfield lighting performance, including the introduction of dynamic light output (DLO) technology. DLO is the ultimate in back indication of the luminaires performance, providing maintenance staff with the actual light output of the fitting and automatically compensating against LED "fade away" to maintain airfield luminance uniformity.

Airfield installation services

With a highly skilled installation team adept at completing a variety of airside projects, from simple luminaire replacement projects through to complex runway development and refurbishment projects, atg airports have a team able to work in the toughest environments to the tightest of deadlines.

The new IRIS range of runway LED lighting uses intelligent DLO technology to maximise the life cycle of the luminaire.
atg airports’ installation teams provide a total management service for airside installations.
The SmartControl and Sonnis systems are designed specifically for the airport, ensuring potential development plans can be planned and require quick and easy modificiations.
Clearway LED signs provide efficient and virtually maintenance free guidance for aircraft.

atg airports’ project services portfolio includes airfield lighting installation, navigational aids installation and commissioning, bulk fuel electrical systems, apron lighting, fixed ground power systems and docking guidance systems.

Airfield lighting control systems

atg airports provide a range of airfield control solutions, all of which are designed to maximise the efficiency of the available infrastructure. Both the Sonnis and SmartControl systems provide full AGL control and monitoring functionality, including individual lamp control and monitoring, and are suitable for use at international hub airports.

Representing the latest development of the Smart suite of control system products, the SmartMini has been specifically designed for airports with lower traffic volumes that seek a creative yet practical solution to complex airfield challenges.

Airfield guidance signs

The clearway range of airfield guidance signs are based around a well-proven design currently in operation at airports around the world. Incorporating the latest LED guidance sign technology, atg ‘s clearway signs are available as mandatory or information signs, illuminated runway distance markers (IRDM) and illuminated stand number indicator boards (SNIB). RHAG markers are used primarily for military operations and non-illuminated retro-reflective signs.

Constant current regulators for airfield lighting circuits

atg airports design and manufacture a variety of advanced power regulation equipment for airfield lighting circuits. Both the thyristor controlled micro 100 and the sinewave output micro 200 regulators are in operation at airports across the globe, utilising modern electronics and FAA style cubicles to maintain a prominent position in the marketplace.

Portable and temporary airfield lighting

atg offer both temporary and portable lighting solutions in the shape of the PEARL and POLARIS systems. Providing compact LED lighting solutions, PEARL and POLARIS offer the latest technological developments to small airfields and remote locations, allowing for quick and easy deployment or repositioning.

Helipad, shipboard and naval lighting

For helipads, both onshore and offshore, atg airports offers a range of helipad lighting to assist helicopter guidance even in the most hostile environmental conditions. Products include the glide path indicator, horizon lights, stop / go lights and deck lighting. atg airports offers a fully engineered system of helicopter landing and servicing aids for aircraft carriers, frigates, corvettes, OPVs, oil rigs and other naval and commercial vessels.

Obstruction lights

atg airports offers a wide range of obstacle lighting, floodlights, airport location beacons and markers for use within airports and for general obstacles such as chimneys, discharge towers, radio and television towers, bridges, high-rise buildings and offshore oil platforms.

Airfield maintenance and support

Following installation, atg airports can provide the complete support service, offering a comprehensive maintenance package which can include measurement of photometric performance of installed airfield lighting and the provision of routine maintenance and repairs.

Press Releases

  • PEARL Shines Bright in Italy

    atg airports are pleased to announce the successful completion of the contract to supply and install a medium intensity LED lighting system at Bresso Airfield, northern Milan.

  • Experience Proves Crucial in Africa for atg airports

    Confirming its position as a leading provider of airfield lighting solutions around the world, atg airports are a pleased to announce the award of two prestigious contracts in Nigeria. Highlighting the diversity and technical expertise of its current product portfolio, atg will be supplying a wide range of equipment as part of a number of infrastructure developments in the West African country.

  • atg airports Maintenance and Support Services

    Renowned for providing innovative and practical airfield lighting solutions, atg airports also offer an extensive range of after sales and maintenance support services, enabling airports to increase reliability and availability whilst at the same time improving the efficiency of their maintenance

  • atg airports Shine Down Under

    UK-based airfield-lighting solutions manufacturer, atg airports continues to expand its presence 'down under' with the ongoing supply and installation of airfield ground lighting, signs, CCR's and control systems across several key airports throughout Australia and New Zealand. These latest speci

  • atg airports Create atg España

    atg airports have enhanced their position as a leading figure in the airfield lighting industry with the establishment atg España. Recent success and a continuation of excellent opportunities in the region helped atg airports understand a need to consolidate a position in the mar

  • atg Increases its Global Footprint

    With increasing success in the global aviation market, the continuous development of new products and services, and an ever-increasing global presence, we are delighted to announce the arrival of two new country business development managers, Mr Jose Luis Gordillo and Mr Piotr Jakubik.

  • atg Product News

    atg airports have continued their longstanding relationship with Turkish airport industry with the manufacture and supply of 51 Micro 100 CCR's to DHMI, the State Airport Authority. Impressed by the performance and reliability of the units already in operation at sites across Turkey, D

  • Safety Swipe-Care Takes Off At Manchester Airport

    Yet again, atg airports lives up to its reputation for delivering creative yet practical solutions to complex airport and airfield challenges, with the development of a unique swipe-card system to provide unprecedented levels of aircraft safety management on airside stands throughout Manchester A

  • Safety Swipe-Card System Takes Off at Manchester Airport

    Yet again, atg airports lives up to its reputation for delivering creative yet practical solutions to complex airport and airfield challenges, with the development of a unique swipe-card system to provide unprecedented levels of aircraft safety management on airside stands throughout Manchest

  • atg airports Unveils Extended Calendar of Training Courses

    Demonstrating its continued commitment to the airport and airfield industry, leading international provider atg airports has announced a new and extended 2010 calendar of training courses covering airfield lighting and working practises. Held at the company's state-of-the-art training f

  • ATG Airports Launches Product Enquiries Form

    atg airports has announced the introduction of a new online product enquiries form which is available through its website. This facility can be accessed directly from the site's navigation menus, and will allow customers to place enquiries for new products, after-sales services or a range of spa

  • atg airports Introduce Hi Intensity Runway Guard Light

    atg airports, a global provider of innovative airfield ground lighting products and services, has developed a hi-intensity LED runway guard light capable of a 3000cd light output. The light output fully complies with FAA and ICAO Annex 14 specifications and performance standards. It can

  • atg airports Continues to Work With HIAL

    The importance of building on existing working relationships, especially in the current economic climate, cannot be underestimated, which is why atg airports is delighted to announce the imminent completion of the design, manufacture and testing of a new AGL control system at Sumburgh Airport.

  • atg's Clearway and NATO Join Forces

    NATO is the latest in an ever-more illustrious list of customers who have put their faith in atg and the pioneering Clearway LED taxiway guidance signs. Approached by representatives based in Afghanistan, the organisation requested easily portable airfield guidance signs that could be u

  • atg airports to Appear at Airport Build and Supply 2009

    With development projects continuing throughout the region in Saudi Arabia, Oman and Abu Dhabi, coupled with a continuing increase in passenger traffic, atg airports will be returning to The Airport Show in Dubai, which takes place from 19 May to 21 May. The company is looking forward to benefiti

  • atg airports Introduce Hi-Intensity Runway Guard Light

    atg airports, a global provider of innovative airfield ground lighting products and services, has developed a hi-intensity LED runway guard light capable of a 3000cd light output. The light output fully complies with FAA and ICAO Annex 14 specifications and performance standards. It can

  • Upgrade to Download

    The quest for continuous improvement has led to the latest developments of one of atg’s flagship products, the Micro 100 CCR. Already fully compliant with IEC 61822 and certified to FAA AC 150/5345-10F, significant advances in the operating technology has further improved the usability of the CCR

  • atg airports’ 'Wattless' LED Lighting System

    Since its introduction, LED lighting has presented the airfield ground lighting industry with one of its most significant technological developments. An improvement in service life of up to 700%, a power rating in the region of one-tenth of that of a tungsten halogen (TH) equivalent, and improve

  • atg airports Rise to the Challenge of BSI and FAA

    The recent visit of BSI assessors to atg airports offices as part of the EN ISO 9001:2000 biannual audits, have again been declared an overwhelming success by the atg airports management team. In addition to the ongoing reviews of the quality management system and the quality objectives

  • atg airports Continue Work with Charleroi Airport

    As LED technology becomes more prominent at airports across world, atg airports are pleased to announce that they have received an order from Charleroi Airport, Belgium for the replacement of the inset taxiway edge lights at the airport with LED fittings. The atg airports ZA180(i) and Z

  • The Leading Lights of Change

    The aviation sector is always challenging its carbon footprint and its effect on climate change. Exciting changes are being implemented in airports and airline infrastructures and capital equipment. These include reduced emissions made by modern carrier fleets and the carbon-neutral planning by m

  • Sonnis AGL Control System to be Installed at Stornoway

    Whilst continuing to increase our worldwide presence with projects as far a field as Colombia, Morocco and the Falkland Islands, atg airports are forever strengthening their position in the UK AGL market. As well as providing maintenance support at all of our existing clients, atg have the develo

  • Micro 100 CCR now FAA certified

    atg airports' Micro 100 constant current regulator has been certified as compliant with FAA AC 150/5345-10F after undergoing stringent testing by representatives of Intertek, NY. The Micro 100 constant current regulator has been a flagship product for atg airports since its launch in 20

  • atg Airports Expand AGL Spares Service

    Airfield taxiway and runway lighting maintenance is a critical part of any airport/airfield infrastructure and requires substantial planning in order to reduce repair time and prepare better for any unforeseen failures or problems that may occur. It is therefore crucial that the supply chain for

  • ATG Airports Advance with New LED Technology

    Light Emitting Diodes have presented an exciting opportunity to create products that have improvements in life and maintenance and that also present new features that were not possible before ZA163L - HIGH INTENSITY ELEVATED RUNWAY EDGE FIXTURE Advances in white

  • Sonnis Lite Takes Control

    Following the development and launch, earlier this year, of a bespoke airfield lighting control system, who's design is primary for smaller airfields. The Sonnis Lite has received some considerable interest, not just from the UK market place but from areas further a field. This interest

  • AGL Training from ATG Airports

    A steady reduction in the time that maintenance teams are able to spend airside is calling for an even greater understanding of the products around them therefore maintaining a safe and reliable airfield. Another facet of ATG airports' AGL expertise involves providing specialist trainin

  • AGL Isolating Ground Transformers and Mounting Brackets

    As a provider of total solutions for airports, the ATG airports portfolio consists of many AGL products, including clearway taxiway guidance signs, the micro range of CCR's and AGL Sonnis control systems. Nevertheless a considerable part of our work involves AGL installations and maintenance work

  • Clearway Taxiway Guidance Signs Switch to Fluorescent

    An ever-increasing need for efficient and reliable airfield equipment has triggered both airport operators and their maintenance teams to develop their equipment to meet these changing requirements. Constant current regulator technology is gradually moving away from thyrister driven cir

  • Series Circuit Cut-out / Safety Switch Launched

    The earthing of Airfield Ground Lighting (AGL) series circuits for maintenance purposes has always proved a challenge. Even with a circuit isolated, there is still the possibility of having induced voltages on the cables. Present-day safety regulations require a dead circuit as a safe working pla

  • SONNIS Lite AGL Control System Launched.

    Aeronautical Ground Lighting (AGL) systems installed throughout the world's airports vary dramatically from simple systems lighting a single airstrip to the complex lighting and control systems required to maintain operations at a multi-runway / taxiway international airport. The lighti

  • Clearway Taxiway Guidance Signs

    Since the acquisition of Smith Airfield Lighting Equipment AS of Norway in 2002, the manufacturing of the Clearway brand of Taxiway Guidance Signs (TGS) has been integrated into our base workshops located at our head office. The illuminated airfield sign has been further developed, improving reli

  • Alstom - Airports Gains FAA/USA Approval

    Aerospace - Airports, a division of Alstom Power Ltd, has been awarded certificates of conformance against new revised Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) specifications for its taxiway centre line and inset, ZA280L, ZA292L and ZA216L elevated edge LED, and ZL836 power converter. The

  • First Sale of New LED Technology

    ALSTOM Aerospace - Airports has supplied 100 of the ZA216L, a new taxiway-edge light that utilises Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology and will provide a quantum leap in performance. The ALSTOM ZA216L exhibits many new features and concepts when compared to the existing incandescent-

  • LED Stop Bar at Newcastle Airport

    Airports are pleased to announce the first installation of the ZA280 LED Stop Bar at Newcastle International Airport. LED technology has many advantages in this application, which provides a visual barrier between a live runway and the taxiways that support them, and is probably one of

  • Introducing the New LED AGNIS (ZA708) from ALSTOM

    Building on the proven and successful AGNIS system developed by ALSTOM using a 750W filament lamp, we can now offer the latest version utilising LEDs. The new model offers many significant advantages such as: Lower power consumption at 30W max. (typically 10W) 8

  • Next Generation of LED Leads

    Aerospace - Airports are pleased to announce that further developments in LED technology now enable the ICAO CAT III taxiway centreline offset and curved applications to be achieved. A breed of more powerful 3W LED arrays can now be installed in the ZA280 inset taxiway fixture. By incre

  • atg airports Complete Electrical Enabling Works at London Luton Airport

    atg airports have recently been successful in securing the design and build contract for the refurbishment of the airfield ground lighting systems associated with the planned runway resurfacing at London Luton Airport. Having completed the concept and detailed design, the enabling works

  • Clearway Taxiway Guidance Signs Sold to Geneva Airport

    Whilst manufacturing the movement area guidance signs for Sydney International Airport, atg airports were also active in perusing another prestigious contract with Geneva International Airport. Although the clearway sign™ has under gone testing to ICAO, CAP168 and FAA standards at

  • ATG Airports Launch the Micro 200 CCR (Constant Current Regulator)

    Following on from the success of the Micro 100 CCR, atg airports has recently launched their latest product, the Micro 200 CCR. This regulator has been specifically designed for the power supply of airfield lighting circuits containing LED lighting. The Micro 200 employs pulse width mod


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