atg airports is a world renowned manufacturer of airfield lighting solutions, producing a range of products and services designed to maintain safe and efficient airport operations.

Airfield lighting

By creating a range of solutions at the forefront of the airfield ground lighting industry, atg airports are able to provide a range of approach, taxiway and runway lighting, utilising LED or tungsten halogen light sources, all of which are designed in compliance with ICAO, FAA, CAP 168 and other relevant international standards.

IRIS, atg’s latest development is the future of airfield lighting. IRIS offers unique technological developments designed to improve airfield lighting performance, including the introduction of dynamic light output (DLO) technology. DLO is the ultimate in back indication of the luminaires performance, providing maintenance staff with the actual light output of the fitting and automatically compensating against LED "fade away" to maintain airfield luminance uniformity.

Airfield installation services

With a highly skilled installation team adept at completing a variety of airside projects, from simple luminaire replacement projects through to complex runway development and refurbishment projects, atg airports have a team able to work in the toughest environments to the tightest of deadlines.

The new IRIS range of runway LED lighting uses intelligent DLO technology to maximise the life cycle of the luminaire.
atg airports’ installation teams provide a total management service for airside installations.
The SmartControl and Sonnis systems are designed specifically for the airport, ensuring potential development plans can be planned and require quick and easy modificiations.
Clearway LED signs provide efficient and virtually maintenance free guidance for aircraft.

atg airports’ project services portfolio includes airfield lighting installation, navigational aids installation and commissioning, bulk fuel electrical systems, apron lighting, fixed ground power systems and docking guidance systems.

Airfield lighting control systems

atg airports provide a range of airfield control solutions, all of which are designed to maximise the efficiency of the available infrastructure. Both the Sonnis and SmartControl systems provide full AGL control and monitoring functionality, including individual lamp control and monitoring, and are suitable for use at international hub airports.

Representing the latest development of the Smart suite of control system products, the SmartMini has been specifically designed for airports with lower traffic volumes that seek a creative yet practical solution to complex airfield challenges.

Airfield guidance signs

The clearway range of airfield guidance signs are based around a well-proven design currently in operation at airports around the world. Incorporating the latest LED guidance sign technology, atg ‘s clearway signs are available as mandatory or information signs, illuminated runway distance markers (IRDM) and illuminated stand number indicator boards (SNIB). RHAG markers are used primarily for military operations and non-illuminated retro-reflective signs.

Constant current regulators for airfield lighting circuits

atg airports design and manufacture a variety of advanced power regulation equipment for airfield lighting circuits. Both the thyristor controlled micro 100 and the sinewave output micro 200 regulators are in operation at airports across the globe, utilising modern electronics and FAA style cubicles to maintain a prominent position in the marketplace.

Portable and temporary airfield lighting

atg offer both temporary and portable lighting solutions in the shape of the PEARL and POLARIS systems. Providing compact LED lighting solutions, PEARL and POLARIS offer the latest technological developments to small airfields and remote locations, allowing for quick and easy deployment or repositioning.

Helipad, shipboard and naval lighting

For helipads, both onshore and offshore, atg airports offers a range of helipad lighting to assist helicopter guidance even in the most hostile environmental conditions. Products include the glide path indicator, horizon lights, stop / go lights and deck lighting. atg airports offers a fully engineered system of helicopter landing and servicing aids for aircraft carriers, frigates, corvettes, OPVs, oil rigs and other naval and commercial vessels.

Obstruction lights

atg airports offers a wide range of obstacle lighting, floodlights, airport location beacons and markers for use within airports and for general obstacles such as chimneys, discharge towers, radio and television towers, bridges, high-rise buildings and offshore oil platforms.

Airfield maintenance and support

Following installation, atg airports can provide the complete support service, offering a comprehensive maintenance package which can include measurement of photometric performance of installed airfield lighting and the provision of routine maintenance and repairs.