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Future Fibre Technologies

Fibre-Optic Perimeter Security and Intrusion Detection Systems

Future Fibre Technologies Pty Ltd,
10 Hartnett Close,
3170 Victoria,

Future Fibre Technologies Pty Ltd,
10 Hartnett Close,
3170 Victoria,

Future Fibre Technologies (FFT) manufactures and markets a complete family of fence-mounted fibre-optic perimeter intrusion detection and perimeter security systems, with hundreds of installations in more than 50 countries. FFT security systems protect many commercial and military airport perimeters, as well as aviation equipment facilities.

Future Fibre Technologies’ business is totally focused on the security industry, and FFT is the world leader in the design and development of fibre-optic sensing technologies for security applications. Its advanced security systems detect and locate perimeter intrusions, third-party interference (TPI) on oil and gas pipelines, and also protect sensitive data communications cables.

Airport perimeter protection

FFT has the complete family of advanced fiber-optic intrusion detection systems catering from the smallest simple two-zone site up to the largest and most critical sites, delivering a full range of end-to-end PIDS solutions for all airport perimeter security applications. Each of these high-performance intrusion detection solutions set the industry benchmarks for both detection sensitivity and the advanced control of nuisance alarms.

A single FFT Secure Fence perimeter security system protects perimeter fences up to 80km long, pinpointing the location of intrusions to as close as 10m. Multiple systems can be networked to monitor more complex sites and longer distances. FFT’s artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced signal discrimination prevents nuisance alarms, whilst maintaining maximum sensitivity to intrusion activities. Secure Fence works equally well on chainmesh, chainlink, weldmesh and palisade-style fences and is installed at airports around the world.

Sensitive fiber-optic intrusion detection systems

FFT Aura is a premium, medium range, highly sensitive fiber-optic intrusion detection system that can be applied to both fence-mounted and buried applications. It is designed to detect intrusions on most types of fences and can be covertly buried in the ground across open areas to detect footsteps or a combination of both.

In addition it can cater for critical airport sites demanding hardened solutions that require continuous operation in the event of a damaged or cut sensor cable. FFT Aura sets the standard for detection sensitivity and resilience, delivering both sensitivity and flexibility.

FFT Secure Zone provides either 8 or 16 hardware zones perimeter intrusion detection and protection in a single system. It is simple to install with no power or electronics in the field, and multiple perimeter security systems can be networked for sites requiring more zones. Secure Zone perimeter protection works on chainmesh, chainlink and weldmesh-style fences.

Zoned fibre-optic perimeter intrusion detection system

FFT Secure Point is an entry level dual hardware zoned fibre-optic perimeter intrusion detection system, recalibrating the industry expectations for both sensitivity and the control of nuisance alarms. Powerful yet easy to configure, it is sensitive enough to work on almost all fence types, without the need to house the sensor cable in conduit.

With an FFT Secure Point system, you can detect intrusions on shorter perimeter fences with as few as two zones such as tank farms, without the cost or need for power or electronics to be installed in the field, also making it intrinsically safe. The simple installation, reliability and maintenance-free operation delivers the lowest possible total cost of ownership (TCO).

Central alarm monitoring system

All of these systems interface to the FFT CAMS central alarm monitoring system, which displays, monitors and controls alarm signals through a simple-to-understand GUI (graphical user interface). It provides security staff with a simple to understand multilingual alarm monitoring system that interfaces to and controls a wide variety of devices and software including CCTV cameras, a broad range of security management systems including Lenel, Modbus, Milestone, as well as military systems including JBC2s and TASS to name just a few.

FFT CAMS delivers a seamless solution for controlling cameras when a perimeter intrusion alarm is received, and integrates all of the key elements of your airport security system into a common operating environment.

Some advantages of FFT’s perimeter security for airports include:

  • Value proposition; all FFT products deliver outstanding price and performance benefits and are simple to install and maintain
  • FFT is the world leader in fibre optic intrusion detection, pioneering the use of Artificial Intelligence, advanced signal processing and intelligent algorithms to eliminate nuisance alarms in perimeter security applications without compromising on its sensitivity to intrusion activities
  • Proven in-field experience with thousands of kilometers of intrusion detection successfully installed and operational at hundreds of sites around the world including military and commercial airports
  • Powerful, yet easy to use and understand FFT CAMS GUI operator interface. It is available in a range of languages and also delivers a seamless solution for controlling cameras and other devices when a perimeter intrusion alarm is received
  • Peace of mind with FFT’s global 24-month warranty, backed up by their global network of offices providing after sales support in more than 50 countries
  • The complete range of end-to-end perimeter security solutions from the smallest to the largest, as well as the most demanding airports across the world, all from FFT’s partners located around the world

FFT’s distinct performance advantage has been clearly recognised, with some of the most security-conscious industrial, military and government organisations in the world installing FFT intrusion detection systems for their protection; these include:

  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
  • General Dynamics
  • US Army
  • US Air Force
  • US Navy
  • Lockheed Martin
  • British Petroleum (BP)
  • Shell
  • Exxon Mobil
  • US Department of Homeland Security
  • US Border Patrol
  • Singapore Ministry of Defence
  • Australian Department of Defence
  • Domestic, international and military airports around the world

As the market leader in the perimeter security industry, FFT has made a detailed report on the global trends in perimeter security available to Airport Technology subscribers. Titled Boundaries of

Enhancing Airport CCTV Security by Incorporating Perimeter Intrusion Detection

CCTV cameras at airports are great for observation, visual verification and for post event forensic evidence of intrusion activities. Despite perimeter and apron CCTV systems always holding great promise as an intrusion detection device when used in conjunction with technologies such as Video Motion Detection (VMD), they have struggled to meet airport expectations and so tend to be used infrequently for actually detecting intrusions, because without regular adjustments they are prone to nuisance alarms.

Hamad International Airport (HIA)

Hamad International Airport (HIA) is Qatar’s brand-new airport to replace Doha International Airport, constructed 4km from the existing facility on a 5,400-acre site and Qatar’s only international airport.

FFT Hosts Five-Day Training Course

Future Fibre Technologies (FFT) held a five-day certification training course this week in Miramar, Florida. It started on Monday 28 October and ran till Friday 1 November.

High-Resilience Protection Technology on Show at ASIS 2013

Future Fibre Technologies (FFT) will showcase its latest FFT Aura™ intrusion detection systems for long range and short range applications at The ASIS International 59th Annual Seminar and Exhibits on 24 to 27 September 2013.

IPSecurityCenter PSIM Integrates With FFT CAMS for Major US Refinery

CNL Software, a leader in physical security information management (PSIM) software, is pleased to announce that it has completed its integration of IPSecurityCenter PSIM with FFT CAMS (Central Alarms Monitoring System) as part of the security program for a major US refinery.

FFT Extends Secure Point Performance

Future Fibre Technologies (FFT) is pleased to announce today further performance improvements to their Secure Point perimeter intrusion detection system released in mid-2012.

FFT Integrates with ONVIF Compliant Security Cameras

Future Fibre Technologies (FFT) announced today that it has released the latest camera integration to its world leading fiber optic perimeter intrusion detection systems. This integration from FFTs PIDS systems to more than 500 different ONVIF compliant security cameras delivers a seamless solution for controlling high quality CCTV images whenever a perimeter intrusion alarm is received.

FFT Integrates with Sony 5th Generation IP Cameras

Future Fibre Technologies announced today that it has released the latest camera integration to its world leading fiber optic perimeter intrusion detection systems. This integration from FFT CAMS to Sony's 5th Generation HD and Full HD cameras delivers a seamless solution for controlling high quality CCTV images when a perimeter intrusion alarm is received.

FFT Integrates with Moxa IP Cameras

Future Fibre Technologies has announced the latest camera integration to its world-leading fiber-optic perimeter intrusion detection systems. This enhanced integration between FFT CAMS and Moxa's IP cameras delivers a seamless solution for controlling cameras when a perimeter intrusion alarm is received in mission-critical applications and in harsh or hostile environments.

Future Fibre Technologies Gains Ownership of ‘736 Patent

Future Fibre Technologies (FFT), the global leader in the development, manufacturing and installation of fibre-optic intrusion detection systems, previously announced that it filed a lawsuit against Optellios on July 25 2008. In the lawsuit, FFT claimed that it is the rightful owner of United States patent no. 7,142,736 ('736 patent).

Security Remains on Top of FFT’s Agenda

Increasing numbers of attendees at international security trade shows are a sign that the broader security market remains focused on this important issue. Future Fibre Technologies (FFT), a leading provider of perimeter intrusion detection systems, is an active participant in internatio

Cutting-Edge Perimeter Security System Performs Impressively at McAllen Airport

In mid 2009, a fiber optic fence sensor system was installed on McAllen-Miller International Airport’s perimeter fence. The system, known as Secure FenceTM, was developed by Future Fibre Technologies and, one year on, the airport’s security department reports the system has performed impressively

New Issue of Boundaries of Security Report to be Released in Late October

Following exceptional reviews of the inaugural Boundaries of Security Report, its publishers, Future Fibre Technologies, are pleased to announce that the 2011 edition will be released at the 2010 Milipol World Exhibition of Internal State Security on October 25th in Doha, Qatar. The Bou

FFT Earns Tier One Ranking From Industry and Customers

Future Fibre Technologies (FFT) has been recognised as a global tier one supplier of perimeter intrusion equipment by international market research firm, Frost and Sullivan, and named as the leading global supplier of fibre optic intrusion systems by IMS Research. This industry recognit

Perimeter Security, an Essential Component of Airport Security

The recent focus on airport security has undoubtedly been around passenger security. However, this should never be considered the total security picture. Perimeter security is both a fundamental and critical aspect of any airport security strategy. While the need for increased perimete

Artificial Intelligence Brings a New Era in Perimeter Protection Security

Technology incorporating artificial intelligence is revolutionising the way airport perimeter security systems work, preventing vandalism and removing the threat of sabotage, without nuisance alarms! The new perimeter intrusion detection systems which incorporate artificial intelligence

Experts Call for Broader Approach to Airport Security

The Australian Federal Government has announced that it will spend $200 million over four years to boost security at Australian airports. However, industry experts are concerned that physical security of the airport itself is again taking a back seat when compared to passenger security measur

Future Fibre Technologies Launches New Security Management Software

Future Fibre Technologies (FFT) has launched its most recent innovation, FFT CAMS™ Version 3, at the Intersec security show in Dubai. The new security management software, FFT's central alarm monitoring system (FFT CAMS) is the very latest in alarm management technology and can interface wi

Airport Perimeter Security in Need of Renewed Focus

In recent years there have been several breaches of perimeter security, allowing people to gain access to restricted areas of airports across the world. "These security breaches highlight the need for a renewed focus on airport perimeter security," says Alec Owen, international client manager at

Airport Perimeter Security Spending Set to Rise

Research commissioned by Future Fibre Technologies (FFT) has revealed that global spending on airport security is set to increase in an effort to combat increasing threats to security. Global factors including increased threat of terrorism, international travel and infrastructure spend

Future Fibre Technologies – Green Systems in Demand

Future Fibre Technologies (FFT), manufacturers of fibre optic intrusion detection systems, which are used throughout the world to protect the perimeters of airports from theft, sabotage and third party interference, has announced its commitment to sustainable manufacturing practices. CE

Australia’s Major Airport Security Measures Questioned

Future Fibre Technologies Pty. Ltd. (FFT), a world leader in the development, manufacture and installation of fibre-optic intrusion detection systems, is working to solve the security problems at Australian airports with its fence mounted perimeter intrusion detection solutions. However, FFT is c

Future Fibre Technologies Launches New Perimeter Protection System

Future Fibre Technologies (FFT), a leader in the development, manufacturing and installation of fibre-optic intrusion detection systems, is pleased to announce the launch of a new world-class perimeter protection system. Secure Zone™ is a mid-range derivative of FFT's proven flags

FFT Says ‘Airport Security No Light-Hearted Matter’

Between October and November last year, 39 incidences of sabotage, attacks, unruly passengers and incidents occurred in airports and on aircraft across the world and, while the majority of these did not present major threats to the security of the aircraft, some did have the potential to do so.

Future Fibre Technologies Reveals Airport Security’s ‘Poor Cousin’

The increased threat of terrorism has placed a huge impost on travellers. People being forced to purge themselves of problem items such as shoes, keys, laptops, liquids and aerosols, in order to make it through the security checkpoint, has become a familiar scene in airports across the world.

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