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Real-time integration of airport systems

Invensys, through Wonderware software, offers an open control platform for airports and ATC facilities.

An airport is a complex structure that requires multiple systems from multiple suppliers to be integrated together in order to operate smoothly. Without proper secured access to real-time information for all airport employees, according to their role and tasks, managing daily issues becomes arduous, leading to delays, over-costs and possible incidents.

Without real-time information sharing between computer-based systems, from runway beacon control systems or energy consumption monitoring system to ERP and enterprise asset management system, it is difficult to properly plan and optimise operations and quickly and efficiently react to unplanned events like a jetway breakdown. Another key aspect is to be able to optimise operations in a continuous improvement programme by getting access to KPIs and data analysis tools.

Building management system for terminals including lighting, air conditioning, fire safety, passenger transport, low voltage, pneumatic waste collection.
Real-time information is key. Full visibility of each operation and of all of them together, making it possible to see what is happening at any time in the terminal.
Supervision of all equipment, keeping track of all baggage information and handle abnormal situations easily with Wonderware System Platform data acquisition and information analysis.
Control and monitoring of beacon lights, configuration and design of different lighting combinations and runway visualisation through GIS thanks to Wonderware System Platform.
Our platform guarantees systems security and offers high availability to ensure real-time monitoring of operations and optimum user service, with the possibility of system virtualisation.
Flight operations support including metering of utilities delivery at jetways and billing to airlines.
Take control of your airport: our platform helps you to improve planning of the technical and human resources available for maintenance tasks, reducing the costs associated with these operations.
Wonderware System Platform provides integration of all systems in real-time, delivering information as needed and populating a database to support KPIs monitoring as well as operations performance analysis.

Enhance the integration of your systems

A lot of airports suffer today from a set of inherited black box control systems difficult to maintain and to integrate in a larger system without implying heavy costs. Those proprietary systems deliver proper functionalities, but keep the airport from evolutions for better performance and imply high costs of ownership.

A common approach is the ‘single stop shop’ where the airport system design is allocated to one company, responsible for integration. Even if this solution brings better integration, it causes extra costs of maintenance. An airport lasts several decades and the IT and hardware technology evolves quickly over the years, bringing useful new capabilities to users and systems to improve operations.

What if you could use the best of the bread suppliers for your airport systems, being building management, jetways, power generation, luggage handling, security, etc. with all systems sharing the same IT technology? This would drastically enhance integration of those systems in real-time, providing information as needed and populating a database to support KPIs monitoring and operation performance analysis.

Wonderware ArchestrA System Platform: the open and flexible architecture

Wonderware is a unique open system platform implemented by our airport systems provider eco-system and system integrators, worldwide. This platform provides a set of capabilities such as communication with equipment (acquisition and control), common human-machine interface, common alarm management, real-time and historical database, workflow management, mobile workers management, data analysis, energy consumption monitoring and much more.

Thanks to its open and flexible architecture, you can easily integrate your sub-systems and operate them as one. This platform also provides standard capabilities for high availability and disaster recovery implementations.

With the Wonderware System Platform, we can manage large amounts of information and signals from different systems in large European airports. The unique approach has led to reduction of training costs for individual HMI of each system. It also brought a higher level of confidence to the users and led to quicker answers to incidents.

Take profit of new capabilities without redesign application

The object approach of our platform has allowed our customers to highly reduce their deployment costs over multiple projects and systems providers to use a library of airports standard templates. This reduces the cost of design, implementation, testing, commissioning and maintenance. The platform is also the data dispatcher of real-time information to all planning and management systems, leading to smoother operations and better reactivity.

Invensys is committed to add regular new functionalities and capabilities to the Wonderware System Platform based on demand and technology maturity. This helps our customers take profit of those news capabilities without having to redesign their applications.

We have recently added a workflow engine, in order to manage the business processes, which take place on an airport and require the coordination of multiple systems and users. We also added a real-time dashboard to monitor KPIs on PCs or tablets and perform analysis of performances. This can be applied to detailed energy monitoring or equipment performance analysis. We also released a new module to provide KPIs in real-time on mobile phones.

Multiple transport-related systems worldwide use Wonderware ArchestrA System Platform

Wonderware System Platform is the only open solution on the market with the ability to efficiently integrate your systems, using the best market airport solution providers based on up-to-date technology while protecting your operating and maintenance costs.

Wonderware System Platform has been successfully used in multiple transport-related systems worldwide, some of them handling multi-million I/O points in airports. Those systems include but are not limited to:

  • Building management system for terminals including lighting, air conditioning, fire safety, passenger transport, low voltage, pneumatic waste collection
  • Flight operations support including metering of utilities delivery at jet ways and billing to airlines
  • Water and waste water management, police station and fire brigade management
  • Power plant management including cooling and heating systems
  • Luggage handling
  • Beacon presentation command systems
  • Car parking management
  • Air navigation systems’ remote monitoring and maintenance
  • Energy consumption monitoring and optimisation
  • Environment monitoring (air, noise, water)

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