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Airport Operational Management Systems

Veovo’s Predictive Collaboration Platform combines software for guest predictability, operations management, and revenue maximisation to enhance airport operations and the passenger experience.

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Veovo’s Predictive Collaboration Platform combines software for guest predictability, operations management, and revenue maximisation to enhance airport operations and the passenger experience.

Veovo’s systems deliver insight across the airport’s ecosystem, removing data and operational silos to connect stakeholders. With data driven forecasting, decisioning and intelligent automation, airports can now proactively manage their resources, service partners and passengers,  increasing capacity and boosting revenue.

Veovo software, including the Airport 202/20, BlipTrack and Concessionaire Analyzer + brands,  is used at more than 110 airports across the world to plan, predict and perfect airport operations. Veovo customers include JFK T1, Newark International, CVC, Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, Hong Kong, Birmingham, Helsinki, Dublin and Copenhagen International Airports.

Outstanding Operations

Predictive analytics and optimisation software can help airports identify issues and amend action plans to maintain throughput and guest satisfaction. Veovo’s Airport Management System (AMS), includes:

Auckland Airport ACDM
Bliptrack helps Geneva Airport slash wait times in half.
Bristol Airport Passenger Experience
London City Airport uses CA+ to collect and analyse concessionaire revenue.
Veovo Airport 2020 Greenland, Finland, Iceland
  • Airport Operational Database
  • Resource Management System
  • Collaborative Decision Making
  • Guest Engagement

Operational data collection and flight management software

Veovo’s Airport Operational Database collates highly accurate flight, airline and operational data, as well as allowing operators to access new data sources, expanding the data network.

The personalised UX along with status alerts anticipates and flags operational issues in the hours and days ahead and can proactively address unexpected events with a one-touch resolution.

Resource planning software

The Resource Management System provides smart resourcing plans that adapt to unplanned events, helping to smooth operations and get schedules back on track as soon as possible. The system can balance costs, constraints and service level agreements automatically as a time-effective alternative to manual data analysis.

Collaborative decision-making

Veovo’s Collaborative Decision Making portal connects all airport service providers to deliver real-time insight and the most effective recommendations to manage operations.

With Veovo CDM, airports can forecast accurate target on / off block times to the minute, tackle sustainability and fuel consumption targets, and improve overall network performance.

Fight information display system (FIDS)

Guest Engagement software can personalise passenger communication, content and language with an omnichannel flight information display system that quickly creates contextual, engaging content. It encourages airports to self-serve by simplifying screen design with easy visual editing.

Guest Predictability Software

Veovo’s BlipTrack passenger measurement and flow optimisation software, provides airports with passenger location analysis and predictive planning to streamline passenger flow throughout the airport. Optimised queue management and real time wait time communications helps to reduce passenger stress, while better predictability of passenger movement through the airport improves operational and commercial planning decisions.

Revenue maximisation and concessionaire data analytics

Veovo unlocks concessionaire performance insight to give airports complete control over their contract management and billing processes, for both commercial and aeronautical customers, resulting in higher income and profitability, as well as accelerated growth.

This allows airports to increase revenue and profitability, better plan future growth, modernise guest experiences and deliver increased returns to stakeholders.

Aero Billing

Aero Billing allows airports to seal new carrier deals by creating contracts using an unlimited number of fees and charges, flexible discounting and rebates. With Veovo, airports can reduce disputes and accelerate payment with more accurate, timely bills using automated, real-time feeds from data across the airport.

Concessionaire Analytics

Veovo’s retail analytics, powered by Concessionaire Analyser+ technology, allows airports to automatically collect, analyse and present key retail sales data, improve real estate planning and simplify commercial management and billing to boost revenue from concessions.

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