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KVM Extenders and Switching Systems



kvm-tec electronic is the Austrian developer and manufacturer for KVM extenders and switching systems for control centres.

The company’s products have a failure rate of less than 0.10%, and its patented technology enables high-resolution video transmission in real-time with standard CAT 5 cables.

kvm-tec’s extenders offer the shortest mouse-to-monitor latency on the market, feature a cost-effective, compact design and transparent USB 2.0 slots, and cover large distances using a single cable.

The MVX from kvm-tec guarantees maximum stability and reliability. It offers data transmission in full high-definition (HD) via a single CAT X cable.
The company's extenders are designed to minimise the delay from PC to monitor and achieve 5ms latency, enabling perfect audio-visual synchronisation and no noticeable delay.
The company's KVM extenders can be used with the majority of USB devices. A standard high-speed USB hub built in to the remote extender, and up to three further hubs can be connected.
From the development phase, kvm-tec's products are intended for 24/7 service in industry. The devices are designed to meet European standards and produced in Austria.
The LVDS option is suitable for integrating extenders into monitors. This allows the extender to replace the electronics of the monitor and directly control the TFT panel over an LVDS interface.

KVM extenders for air traffic control centres

The kvm-tec MASTERLINE extender from kvm-tec guarantees stability and reliability for air traffic controllers’ workstations.

The system is compatible with modern signals, such as digital visual interface (DVI) and USB, and offers complete lossless transmission over 500m. Memory sticks and USB hard drives can be installed by the customer, as well as be deactivated for security reasons.

kvm-tec’s SMARTLINE extender runs on USB and DVI signals, as well as offers 150m coverage and plug-and-play installation. The cost-efficient system only requires a CAT 5 / 6 / 7 cable.

The company’s PROFILINE extender provides digital sound and an internal power supply.

Systems transmit data in high-definition (HD) via a single CAT X cable to enhance ergonomics and display clarity for workstations. The extenders feature transparent USB 2.0 slots, and are also quiet, making them suitable for traffic control centres with a large number of PCs and monitors.

High-quality video transmission

kvm-tec’s extenders reconstruct 24-bit images on monitors, and feature a specially developed lossless video codec that enables HD videos to play in real-time.

The systems minimise delays from PC to monitor, achieving a latency of 5ms in order to provide audio-visual synchronisation and no noticeable pauses when using a mouse.

The extenders allow users to watch full HD videos while copying data to and from a USB stick, without affecting performance.

Long-distance extender with USB compatibility

kvm-tec has decades of experience designing devices for consistent 24/7 operation, driving explosion prevention, and applications in operating theatres and intensive care stations.

The company’s KVM extenders feature a high-speed USB hub that is compatible with a variety of devices, including tablets, touchscreens, sound modules, printers, smartcard readers and serial adaptors. Up to three further hubs may be connected to the system.

USB and video data are transmitted over a single CAT 5 / 6 / 7 cable, which can cover a distance of 150m.

The company also offers a fibre-optic cable with a range of 500m, and interchangeable small form-factor pluggable (SFP) modules that increase this distance to 100km. Bi-directional modules can also be used so only a single fibre-optic cable is required.

Cost-efficient, robust extenders

kvm-tec’s products feature a compact and cost-efficient multi-layer printed circuit board (PCB). The affordable systems can be used to replace analogue extenders, which may not be compatible with current technology.

Matrix switching systems for extenders

Extenders can be placed in the kvm-tec MATRIX SWITCH, a switching matrix with up to 24 monitors and 24 PCs, using standard over-the-counter network switches.

Switching from one PC to another occurs instantly with the press of a button. The matrix is also easy to set-up.

The solution can be configured with a user / password system, controlled via external access to ensure security, and accommodates workstations with multiple monitors.

If your computer setup includes a PC in reserve, the extender can switch to it automatically if the primary PC goes down.

Low-voltage differential signalling systems

Low-voltage differential signalling systems (LVDS) allow extenders to integrate with monitors and directly control the thin-film-transistor (TFT) panel over an LVDS interface, enabling the construction of compact devices.

The cost-efficient LVDS is used for a range of digital signage applications in airports, shops and point-of-sale (POS) systems.

Manufacturers of POS terminals can incorporate LVDS components into their products, creating a universal, compact, and reliable terminal.

The integrated LVDS option enables improved access protection using radio frequency identification (RIFD) for closed-off security zones. The system enables the use of a contactless chip card for employee identification, and a camera to allow secure communication.

About kvm-tec Electronic

Founded in 1978 by Dietmar Pfurtscheller in Austria, kvm-tec has become a market leader in the electronics sector and focuses on creating highly refined electronic designs at unbeatable prices.

The dedicated team at kvm-tec focuses on training, support and personal contact with its distributors, which market the company’s extenders worldwide.

kvm-tec has partnered with companies with the highest quality standards in a range of industries, including air traffic, automations and medical engineering.

In 2016, kvm-tec founded kvm-tec Inc in California to support US customers directly.

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