Spec-Rite provides innovative software, data management and equipment as part of a comprehensive maintenance service portfolio for the airport industry.

The company enables airport operations, management and maintenance crews to monitor quality assurance, oversee work, identify compliance issues and mitigate real-time risks to improve productivity and performance.

Smart airport maintenance solutions for airports

Contractors and airport maintenance teams around the world perform works on airfields with outdated equipment and expertise. Rubber removal, airfield markings and other new maintenance activities can also be excluded from several safety management system (SMS) operations.

Spec-Rite’s SMART Maintenance offers a higher level of safety and productivity. It features improved maintenance performance and regulatory compliance, as well as provide quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) of the in-house maintenance team and third-party contractors.

Spec-Rite offers handheld reflectometers for airfield line markings.
Spec-Rite provides advanced airfield maintenance products and services.
KAM ensures that airport ground markings are accurate and compliant with the required standards.
Products featured instant data reporting to airport departments.
Spec-Rite’s comprehensive maintenance services aim to increase safety and performance.
Our software and equipment allow airports to monitor quality assurance and oversee operations.

Our maintenance system minimises airfield closures with data-driven decisions and forecasts the work to be performed for workforce planning and budgeting.

Automated airfield maintenance reporting

Our systems report feature direct reporting to all the require departments, whether that is the executive director to oversee all departments, operations for monitoring the conditions or maintenance for real-time awareness.

Reports can also be sent to finance departments for budget planning, as well as inspectors for remote reporting and proof of maintenance plans.

Software and data management plans for airport maintenance

Developed by airfield markings and compliance experts, the Spec-Rite software platform organises, analyses and manages critical information for data-driven decision-making.

The software provides analytical data on marking and friction compliance, cost analysis, work orders, and lifecycle.

Using specialised technology and trained technicians, Spec-Rite designs a data management plan unique to each airfield layout and number of operations.

We continually capture airfield marking and friction data during inspections, assessments, application and quality assurance, as well as bundle it according to your needs.

Equipment for airfield marking maintenance

Spec-Rite’s technology offers comprehensive answers to common airfield maintenance questions. It can tell users what has performed, how much material was used and what were the retroreflectivity levels. Each unit communicates with the software platform, providing critical data in real-time.

Kompletely Accurate Markings (KAM) is designed to eliminate costly layout errors and measure existing placement compliance.

For day or night testing, our Delta Handheld Reflectometer offers highly accurate results with GPS location.

Spec-Rite Airfield Marking Equipment is a monitoring application that sends data directly to the Cloud. It features a walk-behind capability and ride-on equipment with retrofit kits.

About Spec-Rite

Spec-Rite’s patent-pending software is revolutionising the airport industry. It has been developed by a dedicated team with expertise in the airport industry, ensuring that it is effective at making airfields safe and compliant. Our software and services have been deployed at large airports worldwide.

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