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Airport and Air Traffic Consultancy, Management, System Design and Technical Safeguarding

Cyrrus provides specialist aviation consultancy services to airports and developers throughout the world with complex technical requirements associated with both airport operations and development projects.

airport support

Cyrrus provides specialist aviation consultancy services to airports and developers throughout the world with complex technical requirements associated with both airport operations and development projects.

With a strong reputation, Cyrrus’s team use their innovative technical skills to resolve real airport issues. They ensure full understanding of the challenges you may be facing and provide clear advice and guidance to support your requirements to drive success and return on investment.

Cyrrus has a wealth of knowledge and experience in all facets of airport operations, as well as a skilled technical team of people to help deliver successful cost effective projects.

Cyrrus is a recognised leader in consultancy for aviation clients, having established its reputation through effective delivery of practical advice and reliable services. Owning a number of patents for innovative solutions demonstrates not just Cyrrus’s outstanding technical capabilities, but also a strong commitment to solving real-world airport challenges.

Cyrrus provides creative, cost-effective solutions to the challenges facing the aviation industry.
Cyrrus and its partnership companies cover all airport operational processes.
Cyrrus personnel have wide-ranging technical expertise with extensive knowledge of a number of different systems.
The Cyrrus team has extensive experience in ATC system design and engineering management.
Cyrrus supports organisations across the full-range of safety activities, from ad hoc support, to in-house projects, through to full SMS and complex multiple system safety cases.
Cyrrus has extensive knowledge in resolving the management challenges faced by international airports.
Cyrrus is able to apply its engineering knowledge for clients in the offshore windpower industry.
Cyrrus is a globally recognised provider of aviation consultancy solutions.
Cyrrus provides design and engineering services for specialist aviation industry equipment.

Cyrrus is known for providing honest and dependable advice that truly supports airports and developers. When problems occur which may seem unsolvable, Cyrrus is often the organisation called in to find a solution.

Support services for airport management teams

Cyrrus recognises the many issues management face at today’s modern airports and aims to resolve these problems. Challenges include changes in legislation, growing passenger and cargo numbers, updating and installing new infrastructure and buildings. The team aim to help address these issues, minimising stress and disruption, while maximising return on investment.

Supporting airport developers

Cyrrus assists developers within the aviation industry. The team also work closely with organisations that deliver services, technology and construction projects on or around airport operations. Many years of experience enables Cyrrus to understand the impact that new developments may have on the safety or operations nearby airports or aviation.

Cyrrus has supported developers worldwide in solving technical complexities that can make successful delivery to airports so challenging. The team can attend key stakeholder meetings with you to ensure you are well-represented.

Airport development

Cyrrus provides full airport development solutions to maximise potential. It is essential that airports constantly develop and expand in a controlled and sustainable way in order to meet increasing traffic demand. Cyrrus’ expertise plays a vital role in ensuring optimisation of development potential in airports. This can be achieved through increasing efficiency in using existing assets and infrastructure, or by benefitting from new developments and technology through replacement and upgrade.

Cyrrus uses the best industry practices to determine highly accurate safety requirements for operations, users, safety and technical specifications to minimise project risks and optimise benefits. Throughout these processes, full consideration is given to potential commercial impacts.

Through innovation and expertise, Cyrrus has successfully facilitated development at airports that includes maximising airport safety, runway optimisation and capacity, refining the provision of air navigation services and assisted in airport planning, aeronautical ground lighting, procurement and project management.

Airspace design solutions

Cyrrus provides airspace design solutions and air traffic management support.

Despite challenging economic conditions, airports have experienced a significant increase in air transport movements. This requires operational systems, noise compliant routings and navigational technologies, such as the use of global navigation satellite systems, as well as the integration of arrival and departure procedures into air traffic control en-route networks.

Cyrrus is accredited by the UK Civil Aviation Authority and Irish Aviation Authority as a designer of instrument flight procedure. Designs of new instrument flight procedures can be produced that are based on standard and satellite-based navigation, complying with safeguarding requirements under a controlled, quality assured regulatory-approved process. This also involves review and optimisation of existing flight procedures for efficiency and to potentially reduce environmental impact.

Airspace is a finite resource that has to support many different users including commercial, military, general aviation and leisure aircraft. Cyrrus has proven industry experience in researching and developing highly advanced proposals for airspace changes, from the initial idea through to delivery and implementation.

Cyrrus covers a range of areas when undergoing an airspace change proposal project, including procedure design, airspace design, consultation and optimisation.

Safeguarding solutions for airports and developers

Development in the vicinity of airports must be controlled to make sure that the safety and effectiveness of airports is not compromised. It is essential that any proposed developments are assessed to ensure there are no impacts on safety of aircraft or airport activities.

Cyrrus uses sophisticated software to simulate instrument landing systems, very high-frequency omni-directional range installations, measuring equipment for distances and radar performance.

The resulting modelling enables a fully informed assessment to be performed when evaluating potential development. Cyrrus can also propose a range of suitable mitigations to allow maximum development without compromising aviation safety and efficiency.

3D computer modelling of the obstacle environment is used to assess the effect of proposed developments on Obstacle Limitation Services and Instrument Flight Procedures. In addition, Cyrrus develops customised safeguarding criteria, as well as maps for airports and operators. User-friendly and easy-to-understand solutions are provided through advanced graphics.

Having provided safeguarding services to airports, developers and Air Navigation Service Providers within Europe, the Middle East and Asia, Cyrrus offers a complete safeguarding solution, covering obstacle assessment, windfarm assessment, glint and glare, and communications, navigation and surveillance systems.

Technology provider for aviation communications, navigation and surveillance

A critical part of the management air traffic is having effective systems in-place for communications, navigation and surveillance. Cyrrus’s team have many years of experience including civil and military air traffic controllers, air traffic engineers and project managers from domestic and international airports so understand the range of requirements at today’s modern airport.

Across each project, Cyrrus uses industry-recognised systems and engineering processes to deliver optimal results
Fit-for-purpose, safe and cost-effective to ensure they meet the operational requirements in a timely manner.
Cyrrus has patented radar data processing systems to address windfarm interference to Primary Surveillance Radar, radar performance monitoring and Mode-S code conflict detection.

The team has successfully completed major air traffic management and communications, navigation and surveillance projects around the world and concentrate on planning and compliance, system design, training, test and commission, requirements capture and procurement.

All Cyrrus solutions are cost-effective, efficient and future-proof, delivered on time and within budget. Cyrrus strives to advise airports and developers effectively, deliver excellence in results and act as a true partner throughout the process.

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