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Vacuum Baggage Lifters and Vacuum Baggage-Handling Lifters

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Vaculex is a world-leading manufacturer of vacuum baggage handling lifters and vacuum baggage lifters that facilitate or replace manual lifting. The company develops, manufactures and markets lifting aids for loads up to 200kg.

The principle of baggage handling and lifting using a vacuum baggage tube lift is a Swedish invention, which was introduced at the end of the 1970s. Vaculex’s founder worked closely with the inventor for over ten years on the development of tube vacuum baggage lifting technology.

The company was founded in Gothenburg in 1986. Its main office is in Mölndal outside Gothenburg in Sweden. Vaculex exports to some 30 companies around the world and is represented by local distributors.

Vacuum baggage lifters

Vaculex offers airport baggage handling, using vacuum baggage lifters. The Vaculex BaggageLift is an ergonomic solution to the high injury risks associated with manual baggage handling.

The BaggageLift vacuum baggage lifter is an ergonomic solution to the high injury risks associated with manual baggage handling.
The vacuum baggage lifter is mounted to a light aluminium overhead rail system, allowing it to cover any work area.

The design concept of this vacuum baggage lifter was to create a lifting aid that was operator-friendly and easy to work with, ensuring that operators had a viable alternative to manual handling.

Loading and unloading baggage from a chute, conveyer belt, or baggage loader to carts should be as quick and easy as manual handling. This vacuum baggage lifter is therefore an ergonomic user-friendly unit that weighs only a little over 5kg.

Vacuum baggage lifting technology

The Vaculex BaggageLift uses vacuum to lift and grip the bag. This results in the equipment being very comfortable to use, and the instant-release means that there are no hooks involved, so there are no handles or straps to locate.

The vacuum baggage lifter is mounted to a light aluminium overhead rail system. This enables any work area to be covered and several units to be installed in one work area. This specially designed light rail system is only 1.3kg/m which means only low forces are required to move the bridge.

Eliminate dangerous repetitive lifting with vacuum baggage lifters

Vaculex has worked closely with NIOSH studies, and these have found that the repetitive handling of lighter loads, such as 15kg, can also be as dangerous as lifting heavier loads. When using our vacuum baggage lifters, operators do not have to lift any weight, and therefore do not have to be strong, and do not suffer from fatigue.

Since its launch in 2006, Vaculex BaggageLift has been installed in many leading airports across Europe and the United States.

Vacuum baggage lifters for boxes and packages

To compliment the Vaculex BaggageLift, Vaculex also have the Vaculex TP vacuum baggage lifter, which works with the same technology, but lifts boxes and packages. The Vaculex TP has been a great help within the air cargo sector, with the breakdown and sorting of air cargo pallets.

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