GSE by 247GT

247GT delivers cost-efficient aircraft ground support equipment (GSE) and services for international airports and aviation GSE markets.

Ground support equipment for the aviation industry

247GT supplies a wide range of ground support equipment for aircrafts such as de-icers, loaders, wheel chocks and connection products.

The company provides additional tools to support aviation operations, including:

247GT supplies aircraft ground support equipment (GSE) for the aviation industry.
The company delivers cost-effective baggage and freight loading solutions.
247GT offers foreign object damage (FOD) razor sweepers and marshalling wands for runway operations.
The company resells and repairs tow bars for a wide range of aircraft.
247GT is an authorised supplier of Global de-icers.
  • Trepel tugs and loaders
  • The FOD control company
  • Nordic aircraft heaters
  • Globalsys headsets
  • Global de-icing equipment
  • Foreign object damage (FOD) razor runway sweepers
  • Fire knock out (FKO) automatic fire extinguisher
  • Marshalling wands
  • Steering bypass pins
  • Passenger management systems and cones
  • GSE parts support

247GT also provides towable or powered toilet servicing units (TSUs) and water servicing units (WSUs), pushback tugs / tractors, cargo unit load device (ULD) trailers, flat beds, vans for aircraft maintenance crews and catering loading vehicles. Bespoke equipment is also available in either large fleets or single units.

The company manufactures a range of components in-house, such as airport baggage handling equipment and passenger guides, and is an authorised reseller of Trepel airport equipment, Global de-icers and Globalsys ground crew headsets.

Tow bar management and supply

247GT checks, helps and supplies a wide variety of tow bar maintenance services such as:

  • Condition identification
  • Component supply for repair
  • New towbars for all types of aircraft

Airport fleet management support services

247GT provides a range of specialist services to help clients make decisions on fleet requirements.

The company can assess the value for money, safety and operating efficiency of equipment, and perform inspections to determine repair costs, safety issues and environmental performance.

247GT assists clients by measuring the condition of equipment in order to determine whether it should be scrapped, sold or repaired, as well as helping reduce early return costs on equipment leases.